PsiPog's Last Chat

This is the actual log from the last chat activity at PsiPog. This is the final "PK Party". Many of the most prominent figures in the Online Energy Community were there. To many, espesially old timers, PsiPog was like another home, and another family. Here's its its last bit of glory.

Session Start: Sat Jan 27 00:56:23 2007
Session Ident: #psipog
[00:56] * Now talking in #psipog
[00:56] * Topic is ' - Tonight at 9pm EST - Final PK Party - More information here:'
[00:56] * Set by peebrain on Fri Jan 26 06:51:50
[00:56] * ika has joined #psipog
[00:56] * Goober has joined #psipog
[00:56] Francis_59: btw, i'm Nightstrike
[00:56] psi_lizard: hey goober
[00:56] * binary has joined #psipog
[00:57] Francis_59: i was logged off because of a bloody power shortage......
[00:57] Goober: hey
[00:57] binary: hi to all
[00:57] binary: :D
[00:57] binary: what time is it?
[00:57] Francis_59: hey
[00:57] binary: when is the party?
[00:57] Jspapp: 1 hour to go
[00:57] Daniel: 1 hour
[00:57] * neveza has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[00:57] shinjikun34: yay
[00:57] binary: so it's like 8 pm by your time?
[00:57] Daniel: How many of us are bending and how many watching?
[00:57] shinjikun34: i am still getting people who are stuck in the lobby
[00:57] ika: 8pm here
[00:58] Vulcanis: [19:54] shinjikun34: i broke a cellphone while attempting pk -- I'm at two alarm clocks (well, the same one twice), a handfull of lightbulbs, my mp3 player (twice, maybe more) and an old laptop harddrive.
[00:58] shinjikun34: i am going to try and bend
[00:58] Ratlord: Hahaha, really shinjikun?
[00:58] * peebrain has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[00:58] shinjikun34: yeah
[00:58] Jspapp: Ill probably try to bend, but I might just watch
[00:58] Daniel: I'm bending
[00:58] shinjikun34: it was really really weird
[00:58] Daniel: I hope mine works
[00:58] * peebrain has joined #psipog
[00:58] * ChanServ sets mode: +o peebrain
[00:58] TelekinesisBoy: ill give it a shot
[00:58] ika: watch ?
[00:59] Ratlord: Welcome back peebrain
[00:59] Someone45: I'll try too
[00:59] ika: what am i missing
[00:59] Daniel: Some astral ice-cream?
[00:59] peebrain: thanks
[00:59] Vulcanis: do it. Dont not do it, if you dont try, you wont. Think positive, in this sense, it usually gets better results
[00:59] * Tankdown has joined #psipog
[00:59] Ratlord: Hey Tankdown
[00:59] * Rodrigosduval has joined #psipog
[00:59] shenlon2-away: hey tankdown
[00:59] Tankdown: I"M SO HAPPY...
[00:59] Ratlord: Hurray!
[00:59] Zyrisk: Huzzah!
[00:59] EvilLaughKid: My spoon smells bad because I forgot to brush today and I scraped my tongue with it, like those crazy new toothbrushes do.
[00:59] Tankdown: ;)
[00:59] Ratlord: Welcome back Rodrigos
[00:59] * shenlon2-away is now known as shenlon2
[01:00] shinjikun34: okay then
[01:00] Rodrigosduval: David?
[01:00] * amyg_away is now known as amygdala
[01:00] Ratlord: Welcome back amygdala
[01:00] Rodrigosduval: Genemi?
[01:00] Tankdown: that names sound familer...
[01:00] ika: Rodrigo . who are you calling ?
[01:00] KatyKaty: david is afk (i guess)
[01:00] amygdala: Ah, my materials are ready to go; now it is time to adjust the mind
[01:00] Tankdown: like I'm surpose to know it from some where
[01:00] ika: okok
[01:01] Rodrigosduval: aah ok thx
[01:01] KatyKaty: i'm trying to talk with him on msn
[01:01] Rodrigosduval: katy
[01:01] KatyKaty: hi
[01:01] Francis_59: Hey Vulc - you seem quite familiar with the spoon bending - its my first time that i'll try bending something so, do you have any particlar advise? :)
[01:01] Psi_Ninja_: 49 people here
[01:01] Psi_Ninja_: wowza
[01:01] Rodrigosduval: tell me your msn
[01:02] shenlon2: you made it then tankdown
[01:02] Vulcanis: Francis: Uh, do it? theres not much I can give, although the whole "Whoa, shit." thing after you do it is kinda fun.
[01:02] Francis_59: yeah, i heard of it
[01:02] shinjikun34: lol
[01:02] Vulcanis: the best advice is keep trying...
[01:02] Francis_59: the hard thing is getting to the "whoa shit" thing.... :P
[01:02] Francis_59: but thanks anyway
[01:02] Vulcanis: Not really...
[01:02] ErikJDurwoodII: awwwwwwww yeaaaahhhhh
[01:02] * jakedahn has joined #psipog
[01:02] Ratlord: Hey jakedahn
[01:03] jakedahn: hola
[01:03] Tankdown: hello
[01:03] shinjikun34: hey
[01:03] Rodrigosduval: spanish?
[01:03] Daniel: Who actually says "bend"? It is better to say it?
[01:03] Tankdown: twist?
[01:03] Ratlord: I don't say it, Daniel
[01:03] Vulcanis: Silverware bending, atleast the fork-you way, doesnt really require any PK practice.
[01:03] Daniel: You just think it?
[01:03] jakedahn: Rodrigosduval: it's the only spanish word I know, heh
[01:03] Vulcanis: Dan, I subvocalize at the fork, but thats kinda different
[01:03] TelekinesisBoy: brb
[01:03] Daniel: Subvocalise?
[01:04] Tankdown: Wait do I get a fork or a spoon?
[01:04] Vulcanis: "Think"
[01:04] Tankdown: I'm confused..
[01:04] Vulcanis: Tank, either works
[01:04] EvilLaughKid: Well, saying bend could helpif you think it will. You could get your subconscious to believe it will help, then it probably will, like a placebo.
[01:04] Francis_59: i think its a way of thinking AT the spoon
[01:04] Ratlord: You can probably do more things with a fork though
[01:04] binary: `access *
[01:04] Tankdown: but I don't want to make the fork jeslous
[01:04] Francis_59: mentally telling it what you want it to this case, bend
[01:04] Daniel: Well, I'll have to see how it goes...
[01:04] Daniel: 56 min to go
[01:04] shinjikun34: lol
[01:04] Daniel: YAY! ;)
[01:04] Daniel: :)*
[01:04] shinjikun34: my clock shows 54
[01:04] shenlon2:
[01:05] * Oliveman has joined #psipog
[01:05] Tankdown: 6:05
[01:05] shinjikun34: it shows 5 mins left
[01:05] Vulcanis: Eh, I subvocalize at most of my stuff for programming, among other methods
[01:05] Someone45: mine 52 :)
[01:05] Ratlord: Hey Oliveman
[01:05] Oliveman: Hola
[01:05] shinjikun34: hey
[01:05] Daniel: I have been waiting for this for 10 days
[01:05] shinjikun34: bout time you joined
[01:05] amygdala: Peebs, is there anything we can do to make this go smoother? Is there anything we can do to help?
[01:05] Tankdown: If you need to cover up a crime I'm your guy! really
[01:05] Oliveman: *Eyes pop open* Man, so many people
[01:05] JoeT: Yeah, if there's anything you need, let me know as well.
[01:05] shinjikun34: lol
[01:05] * shenlon2 slaps Tankdown around a bit with a large trout
[01:05] shinjikun34: told ya olive
[01:05] JoeT: I can always start enertaining these people now.
[01:05] Tankdown: OW
[01:06] peebrain: amygdala - na, just sit back and enjoy, and have fun, thanks though :-)
[01:06] * gobdrat has joined #psipog
[01:06] * shinjikun34 eats the trout
[01:06] Tankdown: how you do that..
[01:06] Ratlord: Hey gobdrat
[01:06] Tankdown: purple words..
[01:06] Oliveman: Well, we're going to have an easy time getting distracted. XD
[01:06] amygdala: Anytime peebs. I'm looking forward to learning about your new site.
[01:06] gobdrat: hey everyone
[01:06] Ratlord: Tankdown /me action here
[01:06] MadHatter: I think these people are plenty entertained as it is...
[01:06] ika: is the site down ?
[01:06] * Olesia has joined #psipog
[01:06] * Tankdown grabs a iron bar and hits shenlon2 with it
[01:06] Ratlord: Hey Olesia
[01:06] Jspapp: is anyone going to be making a video of spoon/fork bending?
[01:06] Olesia: hey :)
[01:06] shenlon2: or right click on a name and click slap!
[01:06] TelekinesisBoy: what is peebs new site address?
[01:06] amygdala: Hello Olesia.
[01:06] shinjikun34: i am directing people showing up from the lobby
[01:06] Olesia: hi :D
[01:06] Vulcanis: peebs, change the topic in the lobby, please
[01:06] Oliveman: Well, it is where the party was said it was gonna be held
[01:07] * Tankdown contuines to beat shenlon2 with the iron bar
[01:07] shenlon2: owch
[01:07] peebrain: it IS changed
[01:07] Vulcanis: ah, ok
[01:07] * shenlon2 slaps Tankdown around a bit with a large trout
[01:07] MadHatter: hey olesia!
[01:07] * shenlon2 again
[01:07] Daniel: Anyone got any pictures of bent spoons/forks to "Psyche" me up?
[01:07] Olesia: MadHatter!!
[01:07] Olesia: You made it! :D :D
[01:07] shinjikun34: ....
[01:07] * ircleuser has joined #psipog
[01:07] MadHatter: glad to see you did too!
[01:07] Zyrisk: there are tons on fork-you
[01:07] * Tankdown duels shenlon2 mightly trout sword
[01:07] * ircleuser is now known as Niushirra
[01:07] * Vulcanis makes constructs to pass the time
[01:07] Jspapp: Well, Ill be back when the party starts!
[01:07] Francis_59: god, this place has turned into a jungle :P
[01:07] * Jspapp has quit IRC (Exit: )
[01:07] Niushirra: this party is gonna be insane
[01:07] Olesia: Yeah! With the help of coffee... ;)
[01:07] Oliveman: Hmm, I should see if there's anyone on my buddy list who might be interested
[01:07] peebrain: here is a directory of old PK Party pics:
[01:08] Niushirra: were gonna die
[01:08] MadHatter: lol
[01:08] Oliveman: Or blow up the world with our combined power
[01:08] jakedahn: heh
[01:08] peebrain: everyone dies eventually
[01:08] shinjikun34: i have read that you can give a psiball a specific programming
[01:08] Tankdown: your power in the pis is strong Shenlon one...but mine is stronger!
[01:08] shinjikun34: how does that work?
[01:08] * Tankdown hits the trout of his hands
[01:08] Niushirra: ive been in like aim chats with 5 people
[01:08] Francis_59: .......omg....
[01:08] Oliveman: Something that popped in my head
[01:08] Niushirra: and thats crazy
[01:08] Niushirra: this is gonna kill all of us
[01:08] * powdered_water stares
[01:08] Niushirra: i swear to god
[01:08] Oliveman: Then leave man XD
[01:08] Tankdown: I WIN!
[01:08] * shinjikun34 falls sleep
[01:08] * shenlon2 finds a bigger trout
[01:08] Niushirra: no
[01:08] Niushirra: i cant miss this
[01:08] * Tankdown rod gets hit by lightning
[01:08] Oliveman: Same here
[01:09] * Tankdown burns to a crisp and dies
[01:09] Niushirra: even if my face implodes
[01:09] Oliveman: I've already got my spoons and everything ^^
[01:09] digitalninja: hmmm
[01:09] Olesia: wow, if it's like this at 8 pm ETS, what's it gonna be like in an hour? :S
[01:09] shinjikun34: i have a knife
[01:09] * shenlon2 eats tankdowns remains
[01:09] Vulcanis: Oh god, no
[01:09] Vulcanis: dont use a knife
[01:09] digitalninja: ahaha
[01:09] Vulcanis: Knives like to shatter
[01:09] Niushirra: sharper!
[01:09] shinjikun34: awwww
[01:09] Niushirra: make it sharper
[01:09] shinjikun34: lol
[01:09] Olesia: I stole forks from school :D
[01:09] Oliveman: Yeah... Specially steak knives
[01:09] Oliveman: Nice
[01:09] JoeT: You know what would be interesting!
[01:09] shinjikun34: i have razorblades
[01:09] shinjikun34: ^__^
[01:09] digitalninja: use a butter knife
[01:09] Vulcanis: Dont bend razorblades, either
[01:09] shinjikun34: that is what i have
[01:09] Ratlord: What, Joe!?
[01:09] shinjikun34: butter knife
[01:10] Vulcanis: Butter knives, again, tend to shatter
[01:10] Oliveman: I stole a spoon from an airplane
[01:10] Ratlord: Watching you dance drunk wearing that bra?
[01:10] Oliveman: *Silence*
[01:10] JoeT: If I bended a plastic spoon, knife or whatever along with regular metal.
[01:10] Francis_59: arent airplane spoons plastic tho?
[01:10] digitalninja: lol ill bend my sword
[01:10] Oliveman: Not continental's
[01:10] Vulcanis: guys
[01:10] Oliveman: They're metal
[01:10] Vulcanis: SWORDS ARE TEMPERED
[01:10] digitalninja: ahaha
[01:10] Vulcanis: same with most steak knives
[01:10] Francis_59: :P
[01:10] Vulcanis: and some, if not all, butter knives
[01:10] Oliveman: Especially those cheap ones in chinatown...
[01:10] shinjikun34: lol
[01:11] Daniel: 50 min to go
[01:11] shinjikun34: i got a spoon
[01:11] shinjikun34: :P
[01:11] Oliveman: I'm going to find that box of junk silverware lying around...
[01:11] Vulcanis: when I yell, its for your safety, mmkay?
[01:11] shinjikun34: alright
[01:11] TelekinesisBoy: is it bad to use stainless steel forks?
[01:11] TelekinesisBoy: or will it work?
[01:11] Vulcanis: No, I'm using one m'self
[01:11] shinjikun34: i will try it with the razorblade leter
[01:11] Oliveman: I hear stainless just breaks
[01:11] Tankdown: I GOT MY SPOON!
[01:11] shinjikun34: later*
[01:11] JoeT: Anyone want to see my test fork? I wanted to prepare for the party so I used one for practice.
[01:11] Daniel: Who want's to chronokinesis the time for us?
[01:11] Ratlord: I do, Joe
[01:11] Daniel: just kidding :0
[01:11] Daniel: :)* lol
[01:11] peebrain: sure Joe
[01:11] Oliveman: Why not?
[01:11] Vulcanis: stainless ones tend to break more than tin
[01:11] amygdala: As would I Joe.
[01:11] Vulcanis: but its still alright
[01:12] shenlon2: hell yeh jo
[01:12] Tankdown: this spoon is so pretty I'm not sure If I want to hurt it..
[01:12] MadHatter: yeah, let's see it
[01:12] Oliveman: I've got a pair of silver plated ones from a thrift store
[01:12] JoeT: - I just wanted to get one bending. I'll make more dynamic ones for the party.
[01:12] Vulcanis: DONT bend silver spoons, because you kinda want to keep those
[01:12] Ratlord: Cool, Joe
[01:12] shinjikun34: yeah....
[01:12] Oliveman: I'm not quite sure if they're silver
[01:12] shinjikun34: i will trade silver for steel
[01:12] Vulcanis: If you have a spoon/fork made of real silver, you'd know
[01:12] shinjikun34: lol
[01:12] Tankdown: I'll trade this stick I made look a spoon for silver?
[01:13] digitalninja: omg fork bend
[01:13] MadHatter: sweet
[01:13] * etree8 has joined #psipog
[01:13] shenlon2: nice
[01:13] JoeT: :-)
[01:13] Tankdown: hello stree8
[01:13] Oliveman: They were 25 cents each, i doubt it
[01:13] digitalninja: with pliers
[01:13] etree8: hey
[01:13] JoeT: Tonight shall be fun.
[01:13] digitalninja: lol kidding
[01:13] Francis_59: cool job Joe
[01:13] Daniel: Is it any easier to bend plastic forks than metal ones/
[01:13] Vulcanis: Guys, pliers leave marks
[01:13] JoeT: I'm going to setup my webcam and do some macro for everyone. If it's wanted.
[01:13] Daniel: ?*
[01:13] Vulcanis: Dan, its... kinda
[01:13] Francis_59: yeah
[01:13] Vulcanis: I havent tried plastic, its kinda iffy
[01:13] Ratlord: Do it, Joe!
[01:13] amygdala: I see no lack of desire in this room JoeT.
[01:14] Daniel: Should I go get a plastic one?
[01:14] MadHatter: sure, never gonna turn down that kinda chance
[01:14] MadHatter: lol
[01:14] PHP_blows_playing_OoT: Wow, this laptop is more sturdy than I thought.
[01:14] Tankdown: I am one with the with the spoon...of what a spoon I am....oo what a spoon I am
[01:14] Vulcanis: Daniel, no
[01:14] digitalninja: macro
[01:14] JoeT: Heh, alrighty.
[01:14] digitalninja: webcam macro whats that meant to be
[01:14] Vulcanis: MacroTK
[01:14] PHP_blows_playing_OoT: I just dropped it on the floor, knocked the battery out, with no problems.
[01:14] Daniel: I'll stick with stainless steel
[01:14] Francis_59: JoeT,JoeT,JoeT
[01:14] digitalninja: thats physical?
[01:14] Francis_59: :P! go for the macro!
[01:14] * metalforever_ has joined #psipog
[01:14] Vulcanis: I may switch computers when the time comes
[01:14] Ratlord: Hey metalforever_
[01:14] metalforever_: hello
[01:14] Tankdown: stop saying marco! makes me want to say polo
[01:14] metalforever_: :)
[01:15] * PHP_blows_playing_OoT is now known as Eldibs_PHP_blos_playing_Oot
[01:15] metalforever_: holy shit
[01:15] Daniel: 45 min to go
[01:15] Oliveman: There is no spoon....
[01:15] metalforever_: there are a lot of people in here
[01:15] amygdala: Hello metalforever.
[01:15] Niushirra: ewie
[01:15] ika: 45 min to go to what ??
[01:15] Daniel: the party
[01:15] ika: to whhatattt
[01:15] ika: party ?
[01:15] Tankdown: arch foe..
[01:15] Oliveman: And armageddon
[01:15] Ratlord: yes, the party
[01:15] ika: hee
[01:15] Francis_59: i'm so sleepy i think i'm going to leave.......
[01:15] Francis_59: :P
[01:15] metalforever_: yes, and armeggedon.
[01:15] ika: ave i been sleeping ?
[01:15] Oliveman: Indeed.
[01:15] Olesia: I know, imagine the amount of people in 45 mins
[01:15] ika: online party :...?
[01:15] Francis_59: its really late here :P
[01:15] metalforever_: psipogs last pk partyu
[01:15] Tankdown: PARTY
[01:15] ika: party cos of what ?
[01:15] * Psillama has quit IRC (Exit: Trillian (
[01:15] metalforever_: psipogs ending.
[01:15] Vulcanis: last day the chats open
[01:16] ika: awwww
[01:16] * Tankdown puts metalforever in a cannon
[01:16] ika: how come :(
[01:16] shenlon2: coz psipog is ending
[01:16] Oliveman: Man, I love Psipog, first place I've learned about psionics
[01:16] Tankdown: FIREWORKS!
[01:16] * Tankdown fires
[01:16] shinjikun34: ditto olive
[01:16] ika: shouldn t we like..
[01:16] ika: cry
[01:16] Olesia: me too :)
[01:16] Daniel: When is the chat going to be closed?
[01:16] metalforever_: fuck got to find an unbent fork
[01:16] Oliveman: The funeral's tomorow
[01:16] Oliveman: XD
[01:16] Daniel: After the party
[01:16] Vulcanis: I loved psipog, but no offence to peebs, its almost good to see it go. Some of the articles taught bad habits... esp sensitivity wise
[01:16] Daniel: ?
[01:16] ika: but will it open under a new name ???
[01:16] Francis_59: Oliveman - thats i what i said too when i first found out about the archiving.......
[01:16] Olesia: it got me started on a lot of things that I now consider interests/hobbies... 3
[01:16] jakedahn: I'm surprised that there's this many people in here, thought there'd be a smaller turnout :)
[01:16] Tankdown: No one liked my Why topic...
[01:16] metalforever_: lol
[01:16] Tankdown: they sort of like the Wise man quote thing
[01:16] MadHatter: Vulcanis, the site isn't going away, it's just being archived
[01:16] Vulcanis: Mad, I know
[01:17] shenlon2: I liked your Why topic tankdown
[01:17] shinjikun34: it is sad
[01:17] Oliveman: For future generations to look upon!
[01:17] MadHatter: the articles will still be there
[01:17] ika: archived ??
[01:17] Daniel: Will the newsletter stop aswell?
[01:17] ika: yea but..
[01:17] Genemi-Kun: i'm back again \o\
[01:17] Genemi-Kun: omgf
[01:17] Oliveman: There was a newsletter?
[01:17] ika: whyyy
[01:17] metalforever_: welcome back
[01:17] Genemi-Kun: there's a lot of people here o_o"
[01:17] Rodrigosduval: hi!
[01:17] shinjikun34: lol
[01:17] ika: someone can explain to me in PM ?
[01:17] Rodrigosduval: GENEMI KUN
[01:17] Rodrigosduval: ITS ME
[01:17] Genemi-Kun: hi there, are u...
[01:17] Genemi-Kun: og
[01:17] Genemi-Kun: ohhh
[01:17] Tankdown: NO WAY
[01:17] Oliveman: Ta-kun....
[01:17] ErikJDurwoodII: heh 54 folks
[01:17] Tankdown: oohhhh
[01:17] MadHatter: Rodrigo?
[01:17] MadHatter: hey Erik
[01:17] Rodrigosduval: YOUR IDEIA WORKED
[01:17] Olesia: e_e
[01:17] Oliveman: ?
[01:18] ErikJDurwoodII: hello MadHatter
[01:18] Genemi-Kun: wich one of then? oO
[01:18] MadHatter: Olesia, is that the Rodrigo we know?
[01:18] Olesia: I doubt it's "our" Rodrigo...
[01:18] Oliveman: Alright, Must not get distracted, must find junky silverware!
[01:18] MadHatter: yeah, lol
[01:18] Rodrigosduval: sua ideia deu certo pow
[01:18] Olesia: haha :D
[01:18] Rodrigosduval: David
[01:18] * Ally has joined #psipog
[01:18] MadHatter: oh whoa
[01:18] Ally: Oh Jesus
[01:18] Francis_59: lol, the newspaper had stopped going around for a LONG LONG time if i'm right......
[01:18] metalforever_: lol
[01:18] Rodrigosduval: david
[01:18] Tankdown: HI ALLY
[01:18] Genemi-Kun: do not speak portuguese here ~~@.@~~
[01:18] Tankdown: ONE OF US
[01:18] Tankdown: ONE OF US
[01:18] Ally: HI TANKDOWN
[01:18] shinjikun34: more people are going to join
[01:18] Genemi-Kun: say ^^
[01:18] Rodrigosduval: ok
[01:18] shinjikun34: 2 more
[01:18] ika: why is the irc gonna close if the site is archived ??
[01:18] metalforever_: wow, i didnt know there were so many psions
[01:18] Tankdown: join can not resist
[01:18] * Tankdown walks toward Ally like a zombie
[01:18] Niushirra: im not a psion
[01:18] Daniel: I'll be back in about 20 - 30 min
[01:19] * thefantom has joined #psipog
[01:19] * shinjikun34 chews off tankdown's arm
[01:19] Daniel: brb
[01:19] shinjikun34: yum
[01:19] * Ally huggles Tankdown
[01:19] * Tankdown blows up
[01:19] Niushirra: this is gettin pretty fucked up yo
[01:19] metalforever_: yeah
[01:19] shinjikun34: it has always been
[01:19] metalforever_: its sad
[01:19] shinjikun34: people have personality
[01:19] thefantom: yup
[01:19] shinjikun34: this is the face of psionics
[01:19] Oliveman: It's gonna be fun
[01:19] Tankdown: Niushirra...there is something I always wanted to tell you...for a long long time
[01:19] shinjikun34: people
[01:19] gobdrat: to anyone who has done this before, got any tips??
[01:19] Tankdown: about your name......
[01:19] * ika wonders why the irc s gonna close
[01:19] Tankdown: its very importent
[01:19] metalforever_: peebs said so
[01:20] metalforever_: .
[01:20] * shinjikun34 answers because you keep asking
[01:20] Oliveman: Well, we're just super awesome, we're basicly representing psionists as we know it ^^
[01:20] vivi342: there is another website where most ppl r going to
[01:20] JoeT: Sean, mind if I borrow you in PM for a second?
[01:20] metalforever_: y'all
[01:20] metalforever_: lol
[01:20] metalforever_: :)
[01:20] peebrain: sure
[01:20] metalforever_: (shamless advertising)
[01:20] Roy: Please don't type like an idiot, vivi.
[01:20] * Brento has joined #psipog
[01:20] Brento: wTF
[01:20] ika: but like.. it s darkmyst irc.. i ll be back 2morow and i m sure everyone s gonna be here.
[01:20] Tankdown: Niushirra....your name.....I can't pronounce your name
[01:20] Daniel: I'm getting of psi[og chat, be back in 30 min hopefully
[01:20] Genemi-Kun: *go-down-to-the-floor*
[01:20] MadHatter: heya roy
[01:20] Niushirra: its not my real name
[01:20] * Daniel has quit IRC (Exit: )
[01:20] metalforever_: lol
[01:20] Niushirra: and im not japanese
[01:20] peebrain: ika - not if I +i the channel
[01:20] Tankdown: well I can pronouce it
[01:20] Roy: Yo Mad.
[01:20] Brento: It's like triple the people that was here yesterday..
[01:20] Tankdown: how do you say it..
[01:21] ika: peebrain why would you do that ???
[01:21] Tankdown: seriously...
[01:21] peebrain: because I'm closing it down
[01:21] ika: heee..
[01:21] shinjikun34: lol
[01:21] shinjikun34: but peebrain
[01:21] ika: can t you just leav e it openned ?
[01:21] Niushirra: Nigh oooo shear ahhhh
[01:21] metalforever_: its his discision
[01:21] shinjikun34: you started something to potent here
[01:21] metalforever_: this was discussed many times
[01:21] metalforever_: lol
[01:21] ika: yea okay..
[01:21] shinjikun34: why not let it grow on its own
[01:21] Oliveman: Just no worries
[01:21] Tankdown: Oooo
[01:21] ika: gawd..
[01:21] Oliveman: Enjoy the ride now
[01:21] Niushirra: its from a story
[01:21] ika: what s left of it
[01:21] Niushirra: i want to make into a book
[01:21] * Jude has joined #psipog
[01:21] Niushirra: or movie
[01:21] Tankdown: my sounded mor elike Niiiieeeuuuu sshhhhhh maaaa
[01:21] Oliveman: What?
[01:21] Niushirra: 6 pasrts to it
[01:22] Niushirra: niushirra is the evil guy
[01:22] Niushirra: like hitler
[01:22] Niushirra: except worse
[01:22] shinjikun34: lol
[01:22] Tankdown: what does it mean?
[01:22] Niushirra: uhh
[01:22] Niushirra: i dunno
[01:22] ika: so heum since this is closing.. should n t we like build something else ?
[01:22] shinjikun34: lol
[01:22] Niushirra: i made it
[01:22] Francis_59: so guys, how much time's left? please
[01:22] shinjikun34: half an hour
[01:22] Niushirra: but theres major ethnic cleansing
[01:22] Francis_59: thanks
[01:23] shinjikun34: no prob
[01:23] Francis_59: :)
[01:23] Niushirra: and some themese about freedom
[01:23] Niushirra: extreme freedom
[01:23] Brento: Guys, there's other places to discuss Psi and other stuff.
[01:23] Niushirra: from everything
[01:23] Jude: May i scan someone, Im learning?
[01:23] Niushirra: insanity
[01:23] Niushirra: masters
[01:23] Tankdown: My name stands for Tank-"Dangerous" "Ominious" "Weaponize" Negotiater"
[01:23] Niushirra: gods
[01:23] Niushirra: ideas
[01:23] * Float has joined #psipog
[01:23] shinjikun34: you can scan me
[01:23] metalforever_: welcome.
[01:23] peebrain: yo Float
[01:23] Roy: Oh noes, it's Float.
[01:23] Jude: Pm me please
[01:23] * Ally glomps Float
[01:23] metalforever_: lol
[01:23] Float: Sup Sean, LONG time no talk
[01:23] shinjikun34: i forgot how
[01:23] amygdala: Hello Float.
[01:23] Tankdown: HUUUGG!
[01:24] Float: 'ello
[01:24] * Kochou has joined #psipog
[01:24] * Tankdown Hugs amygadala
[01:24] Francis_59: hey there
[01:24] Oliveman: Hola float
[01:24] Float: Hey
[01:24] * Brett_eating is now known as Bladeslinger
[01:24] Niushirra: im being hiatused
[01:24] Bladeslinger: Woo 59
[01:24] * Tankdown hugs Float
[01:24] Oliveman: Ist that even a word?
[01:24] metalforever_: hello bladeslinger
[01:24] Bladeslinger: Hey
[01:24] * Bladeslinger runs
[01:24] metalforever_: haha.
[01:24] * Tankdown grabs a butcher knife
[01:24] metalforever_: :)
[01:24] * shenlon2 slaps Tankdown around a bit with a large trout
[01:24] * Bladeslinger grabs 50" knight sword
[01:24] * Tankdown chases Bladeslinger
[01:24] Bladeslinger: ......
[01:24] * shenlon2 once again
[01:25] * Tankdown runs away
[01:25] * Oliveman This how you do it?
[01:25] shinjikun34: wow
[01:25] * Oliveman has an anime sweatdrop
[01:25] * Tankdown drive from around the coner in his tank
[01:25] ika: i m gonna stop eating if this irc stops existing
[01:25] Tankdown: HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW!
[01:25] * shortpower24 has joined #psipog
[01:25] shinjikun34: haha
[01:25] gobdrat: hey so nobody got any tips?...maybe a certain feeling..or state of mind..anything?
[01:25] * Tankdown runs over bladeslinger and shenlon
[01:25] Oliveman: Nah
[01:25] Oliveman: Just flow with it man
[01:26] Tankdown: be the spoon
[01:26] * Bladeslinger gets flattened cartoon style
[01:26] TelekinesisBoy: nope...nada
[01:26] metalforever_: lol
[01:26] Tankdown: ok listen to me...I'm serious right now
[01:26] Tankdown: imagine yourself as the it feels...the shape
[01:26] * shenlon2 phases through the tank
[01:26] Tankdown: the texture...
[01:26] ErikJDurwoodII: feel spoony
[01:26] Francis_59: :P
[01:26] Oliveman: That's a good term.
[01:27] gobdrat: thnx
[01:27] shenlon2: my friends call me spoony legd
[01:27] Francis_59: Indeed
[01:27] shenlon2: legs+
[01:27] Brento: Gah, Psi balls suck! d:
[01:27] shenlon2: why?
[01:27] ika: why?
[01:28] Oliveman: Why?!
[01:28] shinjikun34: why
[01:28] StuartR: why?
[01:28] * ika laughs
[01:28] shenlon2: WHY!?
[01:28] TelekinesisBoy: would it be a good idea to imagine melted metal???
[01:28] Francis_59: does anyone have any idea how long the party's gonna last? cause i can bearly keep my eyes open.....
[01:28] Brento: hands don't
[01:28] Someone45: why?
[01:28] Oliveman: Man, *Sniff* Now I remember my first psi ball
[01:28] Oliveman: *Cry*
[01:28] * Solet has joined #psipog
[01:28] etree8: that's why I have energy drinks :)
[01:28] ika: it s only 8:20 here..
[01:28] Rodrigosduval: man
[01:28] Brento: So I really have no means in telling if I made one or not.
[01:28] Ally: Bonjour, Solet
[01:28] * Tankdown has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[01:28] Rodrigosduval: the frist psiball is ridiculus
[01:28] Francis_59: its ONLY 3:30 here.....
[01:29] ika: francais :D
[01:29] metalforever_: 8 30 here
[01:29] ErikJDurwoodII: about a half hour more untill we start
[01:29] vivi342: its morning here
[01:29] vivi342: lol
[01:29] Solet: bon soir mon soeur
[01:29] Oliveman: Yeah.
[01:29] ErikJDurwoodII: until*
[01:29] * Vemorox has joined #psipog
[01:29] * Tankdown has joined #psipog
[01:29] shenlon2: its 01.30am here
[01:29] vivi342: well noon
[01:29] Someone45: here is only 2:30 am :P
[01:29] Oliveman: 8 23 here
[01:29] Tankdown: setupid cheap internet
[01:29] etree8: 5:30 where I am
[01:29] Tankdown: stupid*
[01:29] Rodrigosduval: 12:45 here
[01:29] TelekinesisBoy: would it be a good idea to imagine melted metal???
[01:29] Tankdown: I lost my place...where was I in that talking
[01:29] Solet: 62 people eh? bet we bust a hundred easy
[01:29] ErikJDurwoodII: 5:30 PM here in Seattle
[01:29] digitalninja: 12.29 pm here in sydney
[01:29] ErikJDurwoodII: blimey
[01:29] vivi342: wooo australian
[01:29] thefantom: 8:29 here
[01:30] shenlon2: tkboy: that sounds like a good idea
[01:30] ika: 20:29pm here in Montreal
[01:30] Oliveman: Woo, easterner
[01:30] shinjikun34: 7:30 in normal, IL
[01:30] Francis_59: its 3:30 here in Greece
[01:30] KatyKaty: 12:30 here in brazil
[01:30] KatyKaty: 12:30 pm
[01:30] Olesia: 2:30 am here
[01:30] metalforever_: you know, its hard to imagine melted metal if it is 40 degrees in this room
[01:30] Oliveman: 8:30 in New York
[01:30] Vemorox: 8:30 here in new jersey
[01:30] Rodrigosduval: 12:30 here in brazil
[01:30] shenlon2: as, olesia, its only 01:03 here
[01:30] TelekinesisBoy: lol
[01:30] metalforever_: :)
[01:30] shenlon2: 01:30+
[01:30] Oliveman: Jersey! *Point*
[01:31] Ally: HOLY SHIT
[01:31] TelekinesisBoy: its 7:30 PM here
[01:31] digitalninja: wow sydney time and brazil time is the same
[01:31] * Ally hugs Vemorox
[01:31] Solet: hahaha
[01:31] Oliveman: Am I the only one from New York?
[01:31] vivi342: yeah
[01:31] * Bobrobyn has joined #psipog
[01:31] metalforever_: i am from pennsylvania
[01:31] vivi342: how does that work
[01:31] Solet: jersey people :P
[01:31] Solet: hey bob
[01:31] Ratlord: Hey Bob
[01:31] shinjikun34: hey telekinesis boy
[01:31] metalforever_: hello
[01:31] Brento: I'm from PA
[01:31] shortpower24: I'm in PA too
[01:31] shinjikun34: where you at?
[01:31] Ally: Boob!
[01:31] TelekinesisBoy: i bet im the only one from Minnesota
[01:31] Ratlord: Woooooooo PA!
[01:31] Oliveman: I am the only New Yorker, aren't I?
[01:31] Brento: AHAHA PA rules!
[01:31] * Jude has quit IRC (Exit: DarkMyst WebChat)
[01:31] psi_lizard: bob, glad to see you
[01:31] Roy: IF YOU'RE FROM NEW YORK, TYPE 456 !
[01:31] metalforever_: haha
[01:31] Ratlord: Hellz yes, Brento!
[01:31] Oliveman: 456?
[01:31] metalforever_: lol
[01:31] amygdala: Anyone else from Louisiana?
[01:31] metalforever_: suuure
[01:31] Brento: O.o
[01:31] TelekinesisBoy: yes...shinjikun
[01:31] metalforever_: no
[01:31] Vemorox: lol
[01:31] metalforever_: there is only weirdos
[01:31] Roy: Pfft, so much for NY pride.
[01:31] metalforever_: and stoners
[01:32] * Ratlord sucks Rodrigosduval's blood
[01:32] Oliveman: Yeah
[01:32] Rodrigosduval: ISNT IT?
[01:32] TelekinesisBoy: Im from Minnesota
[01:32] JoeT: 456
[01:32] JoeT: :-P
[01:32] Oliveman: w00!
[01:32] Rodrigosduval: NOOOOOOOO
[01:32] metalforever_: lol
[01:32] Roy: Haha.
[01:32] * Dayana has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[01:32] Rodrigosduval: DON DO IT!
[01:32] ika: damn i m the only one from Canada..
[01:32] Ratlord: Hush Joe! You're in amish territory now!
[01:32] metalforever_: roy, you are still in new york?
[01:32] metalforever_: lol
[01:32] * Tankdown has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[01:32] Roy: You betcha.
[01:32] Oliveman: Same here
[01:32] * psi_lizard is from canada too
[01:32] * Tankdown has joined #psipog
[01:32] metalforever_: i thought you would've moved by now
[01:32] ika: &_&
[01:32] * Solet wonders if any of the OLD old school people will wanderin tonight
[01:32] * Bobrobyn is from Canada as well
[01:32] Tankdown: I need a new rounter..
[01:32] * shinjikun34 is from IL
[01:32] ika: cheers psi-liz
[01:32] Roy: Same here. Life is funny like that.
[01:32] * TelekinesisBoy is from minnesota
[01:32] * Psi_Ninja_ is from NY, is anyone else
[01:32] * Kochou is also from Canada
[01:32] shenlon2: connection problems tank?
[01:32] Oliveman: We've got the whole northeastern U.S over here!
[01:32] Tankdown: Well...yes
[01:32] ika: woohooo !
[01:32] Psi_Ninja_: TANK!
[01:32] metalforever_: lol
[01:32] * powdered_water feels like the lonely little Iowa kid
[01:33] Tankdown: I seem to be saying words that no one is hearing
[01:33] metalforever_: this pk party is at a very bad time concerning parents
[01:33] Oliveman: What was that Tank?
[01:33] * Ally tackles PW!
[01:33] Psi_Ninja_: i havent talked to you in a chat
[01:33] Tankdown: Infact I type 5 long messages about feeling the texture pf the spoon and I don't think anyone heard it
[01:33] Rodrigosduval: i'm fixin my old computer with a psiball
[01:33] metalforever_: hello psi ninja
[01:33] * peebrain sets mode: +m
[01:33] peebrain: muahaha
[01:33] peebrain: hi everyone, thanks for coming
[01:33] peebrain: ETA 27 minutes it looks like
[01:33] peebrain: feel free to do annoying shit because I won't ban anyone for anything
[01:33] * peebrain sets mode: -m
[01:33] Roy: (Roy rules)
[01:33] Roy: damn\
[01:33] peebrain: maybe I shouldn't have said that though
[01:33] Oliveman: WOOHOOO!
[01:33] ika: wow..
[01:33] Bobrobyn: Hey peebs.
[01:33] Brento: :.,
[01:33] * etree8 does annoying shit.
[01:33] peebrain: ;-P
[01:33] Rodrigosduval: *pain atetion*
[01:33] Ratlord: Lol peebrain
[01:33] Tankdown: anything.........
[01:33] Vulcanis: chi
[01:33] Tankdown: :)
[01:33] Vulcanis: Wheee!
[01:34] metalforever_: haha
[01:34] JoeT: Let the headaches begin.
[01:34] * shenlon2 slaps peebrain around a bit with a large trout
[01:34] JoeT: Lawl
[01:34] Oliveman: Well, children friendly
[01:34] metalforever_: yes
[01:34] Oliveman: I hope
[01:34] Ratlord: Lawl
[01:34] * Tankdown slowly aims his anti matter cannon at peebrain head
[01:34] * amygdala takes away the trout and places it back in the stream. Trout saved = 43.
[01:34] ika: we should meet i another chanel from now on :p
[01:34] * peebrain sets mode: +m
[01:34] peebrain: sorry one more thing
[01:34] Roy: I will ban your face!
[01:34] peebrain: get all the annoying shit out of your system now because I really really really do not want to kick/ban anyone during the party
[01:34] peebrain: because I think that would be lame to ban someone during the final thing
[01:34] peebrain: but if that's my only option then I will
[01:34] Roy: I agree.
[01:35] * peebrain sets mode: -m
[01:35] JoeT: I'm waiting for the first douche bag to say "Wow, it's loud in here, be quiet!" blah blah YOUR A LIAR!
[01:35] Brento: Wait! What happens to the articles on the site?
[01:35] Solet: peebs: pm?
[01:35] Bobrobyn: Well, because it's pog, I will abandon my social life to come...just because. I'll brb...I should be here before it starts...but I gotta get back to my room. *waves* bbiab.
[01:35] ErikJDurwoodII: this log file will be useless...
[01:35] peebrain: sure Solet
[01:35] metalforever_: the articles stay.
[01:35] MadHatter: lol
[01:35] Oliveman: So
[01:35] ika: fuck i dont like your attitude peebrain :'(
[01:35] Tankdown: so I should get everything out of my system now?
[01:35] MadHatter: quite true Erik
[01:35] Brento: Cool...
[01:35] Tankdown: then be serious!?
[01:35] Oliveman: It's good for laughs
[01:35] Rodrigosduval: this is a mess
[01:35] Roy: What's wrong with Peebrain's attitude, Ika ?
[01:35] Oliveman: It'll pull together
[01:35] * Bobrobyn has quit IRC (Exit: DarkMyst WebChat)
[01:35] Francis_59: hey guys, i need to go - its a pity i wont get participate but nevermind - Peebrain, we've never really talked, but i wish you all the best in your new site - i'm sure you've got a pretty good reason you're having it archived :). All the best in your reasearch and tries. Goodnight everyone - i hope everyone of you succeeds tonight :).
[01:35] Tankdown: So,,.,,I need to get all the silly out of my system
[01:35] peebrain: cya Francis, thanks
[01:35] etree8: goodnight
[01:35] * Daniel has joined #psipog
[01:35] ika: is peebraint he webmaster ?
[01:35] Tankdown: won't be easy...
[01:35] Rodrigosduval: thx
[01:35] Roy: Take care, Francis.
[01:35] metalforever_: yes
[01:35] Ratlord: Yes, ika
[01:35] Roy: yes, Ika.
[01:35] ika: mhmm..
[01:36] amygdala: Bye Francis.
[01:36] * Tankdown goes into his cloest
[01:36] Daniel: I'm back
[01:36] cliffbizquit: Did the part start yet? (i jsut got back)
[01:36] Francis_59: goodbye, and thanks for making psipog
[01:36] vivi342: wb
[01:36] * TelekinesisBoy comes out of the cloest
[01:36] Tankdown: BYE
[01:36] TelekinesisBoy: lol
[01:36] Francis_59: it has taught me everything i know :)
[01:36] * Ratlord shoves TelekinesisBoy back in the closet
[01:36] * peebrain sets mode: +m
[01:36] peebrain: ok I had a request
[01:36] peebrain: everyone who is cool and won't ban people can be an op
[01:36] peebrain: who wants to be one?
[01:36] * peebrain sets mode: -m
[01:36] Oliveman: I do!
[01:36] Ally: Me!
[01:36] Ratlord: ME!
[01:36] Roy: This will end in tragedy.
[01:36] * shinjikun34 has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[01:36] Brento: You do!
[01:36] amygdala: I would enjoy it.
[01:36] peebrain: bahahaha
[01:36] * ika shakes head
[01:36] etree8: me
[01:36] Vemorox: op?
[01:36] Oliveman: I call it first!
[01:36] metalforever_: i do.
[01:37] Ratlord: I want a snail!
[01:37] * peebrain sets mode: +o AFX_Out
[01:37] metalforever_: pick me.
[01:37] peebrain: you're cool
[01:37] Brento: Peebrain wants to be an OP!
[01:37] * Tankdown jumps out of his cloest
[01:37] * peebrain sets mode: +o amygdala
[01:37] TelekinesisBoy: id love too!
[01:37] Oliveman: Me please?
[01:37] peebrain: you're cool
[01:37] * peebrain sets mode: +o ErikJDurwoodII
[01:37] psi_lizard: i haven't been in here for a year of so but i'm still cool
[01:37] amygdala: Thankou Sean.
[01:37] * powdered_water hugs ally
[01:37] peebrain: you're cool
[01:37] * peebrain sets mode: +o Float
[01:37] ErikJDurwoodII: woot'ness
[01:37] peebrain: you're cool
[01:37] Brento: Lol
[01:37] * shenlon2 thinks this is a bad idea
[01:37] * Eldibs_PHP_blos_playing_Oot does not wish to be an op, just to be different.
[01:37] metalforever_: can i be op'ed
[01:37] * Roy sets mode: +o JoeT
[01:37] * peebrain sets mode: +o JoeT
[01:37] Brento: What if everyone was OP
[01:37] Brento: xD
[01:37] peebrain: hey
[01:37] Ratlord: Lol
[01:37] JoeT: Thanka :-)
[01:37] peebrain: you're cool
[01:37] Roy: lol
[01:37] powdered_water: I dunno peebs, that Float guy.... dear oh dear
[01:37] Tankdown: arch evil genius foe....
[01:37] Oliveman: That would suck.
[01:37] powdered_water: : P
[01:37] Tankdown: DIE!!
[01:37] ErikJDurwoodII: double-op
[01:37] Daniel: Hello Erik
[01:37] * Tankdown aims a laser rifle at him
[01:37] * peebrain sets mode: +o MadHatter
[01:37] Oliveman: Noone would feel special
[01:37] peebrain: you're cool
[01:38] * shinjikun34 has joined #psipog
[01:38] Brento: True...
[01:38] * peebrain sets mode: +o s0N|0f|r463
[01:38] Float: rawr
[01:38] shinjikun34: i am back
[01:38] peebrain: you're cool
[01:38] * etree8 wants to be an op, but can't ban people for lack of knowing how.
[01:38] ErikJDurwoodII: hello Daniel
[01:38] * Roy sets mode: +o Oneta
[01:38] ika: now even if you put +i everyone will still be able to talk..
[01:38] * peebrain sets mode: +o The_True_Apollo
[01:38] peebrain: you're cool
[01:38] Brento: I'm special in my own way.
[01:38] metalforever_: lol
[01:38] amygdala: Hmm, I seem to recognize all of these people as long timers...
[01:38] peebrain: everyone else is cool, just not cool enough to be an op
[01:38] Oliveman: I'm special because I'm NOT cool
[01:38] metalforever_: ^^
[01:38] Ally: Poo. :P
[01:38] * Solet waits for sheep to get online (crosses fingers)
[01:38] TelekinesisBoy: im a long timer...just not a well known
[01:38] Daniel: 61 people and 20 min to go
[01:38] Rodrigosduval: im back
[01:38] Tankdown: I recongnize amygdala as being part of my brain........
[01:38] Ratlord: Solet, Sheep can't make it
[01:38] Brento: I'm special cause I'm training to see auras!
[01:38] JoeT: You see, we're special. But everyon else is Special ED.
[01:38] Francis_59: one last thing - will this log be in the psipog archived version tommorow?
[01:38] thefantom: me
[01:38] Ratlord: At least, he said he might not be able to :(
[01:38] metalforever_: lol
[01:39] MadHatter: I'd like to avoid special ed...
[01:39] Float: lol
[01:39] peebrain: Francis - it will be on the forums, yes
[01:39] * JoeT snickers
[01:39] Oliveman: I'm special because I distracted my whole English class with a TK demo
[01:39] Oliveman: XD
[01:39] Francis_59: ok, thank you
[01:39] * peebrain sets mode: +m
[01:39] MadHatter: thanks peebs
[01:39] ErikJDurwoodII: much obliged
[01:39] peebrain: just for the record, I was only opping people who I've seen for like the past couple years, and have always been cool... so don't feel bad if you didn't get opped
[01:39] * Francis_59 has left #psipog
[01:39] * peebrain sets mode: -m
[01:39] JoeT: Yes, greatly appreciated.
[01:39] ika: "Think about it. Why do we keep psionics a secret? Why do we feel the need to shut up and not tell others about it? Because when we say it, we feel like fools. It's not because people think we're crazy... it's because we fear that they're right. We fear that the mechanical world is correct. And we fear that if we become outspoken about psionics, then the mechnical world will bitch-slap us back to the cold reality."
[01:39] Tankdown: can anyone hear me?
[01:39] ika: i love that
[01:40] Ratlord: I can see what you type, Tankdown
[01:40] Brento: I Wanna make a Psiball dammit! :.
[01:40] Oliveman: ika: Heck with it, I still make people go "OMG!"
[01:40] metalforever_: you sound like ikaika
[01:40] metalforever_: .
[01:40] JoeT: I'm going to get my webcam ready :-)
[01:40] shenlon2: no, i cant hear you tankdown
[01:40] Ratlord: Finally!
[01:40] MadHatter: cool
[01:40] Tankdown: People just think I'm crazy
[01:40] Oliveman: I should get my camera as well.
[01:40] metalforever_: ill get the webcam ready as well
[01:40] Oliveman: People know I'm crazy.
[01:40] Brento: What's the cams for?
[01:40] Ally: I wish I had a webcam. I'm playing with a frickin' wrapper for the time being :.
[01:40] Brento: I got one!
[01:40] ika: haha
[01:40] Tankdown: I'm keep getting this message under my typing
[01:40] ErikJDurwoodII: I'm going to get my Standing Wave generator primed
[01:40] metalforever_: no
[01:40] Tankdown: *can't be send to channel*
[01:40] * Rodrigosduval has left #psipog
[01:40] powdered_water: Silly Ally.
[01:40] metalforever_: forget it
[01:41] Ratlord: Tank, that's because it was +m
[01:41] metalforever_: ill scan it because a webcam isnt safe right now
[01:41] Tankdown: ooooo
[01:41] * Solet wonders how long the party plans on lasting
[01:41] * ika is listening to Nasse Wände (original version) by Xotox from the album Unruhe at 267 Kbps
[01:41] Ratlord: Only people with @ and + next to their names can talk when it's +m
[01:41] metalforever_: i dont ned to be questioned.
[01:41] * Mellvarr has joined #psipog
[01:41] Daniel: Will anyone be taking pictures of their bent cutlery?
[01:41] shortpower24: I used to keep it a secret, but now that I'm at school I tell people about it, and they don't think I'm crazy, just a little weird
[01:41] Brento: What's the Webcams for?
[01:41] MadHatter: I will if succes is had
[01:41] amygdala: Hello Mellvarr.
[01:41] shortpower24: If I bend, I will deff take pics!!
[01:41] metalforever_: to record the fork bending
[01:41] shinjikun34: hey mellvarr\
[01:41] shinjikun34: it is the biter
[01:41] vivi342: who will win, federer or gonzalez
[01:41] Brento: Ahhh...
[01:41] Vemorox: im not good enough yet to be open about it
[01:41] shinjikun34: brittany says you are a dumbass
[01:41] * Mellvarr has quit IRC (Exit: )
[01:41] Brento: Can someone scan through webcam? I'd like to have a scan..x.x
[01:41] Tankdown: I feel like I need to share something...
[01:41] Tankdown: but no idea what
[01:42] Oliveman: How about a story?
[01:42] Tankdown: Okay!
[01:42] shinjikun34: NOOO MELLVARR
[01:42] Vemorox: great
[01:42] * Mellvarr has joined #psipog
[01:42] Solet: brento: why navigate through a webcam? usb is sooo slow :P
[01:42] Tankdown: I'll tell you the time of this "blander" problem I had in the 7th grade
[01:42] digitalninja: usb 2.0
[01:42] Tankdown: that I was able to get out of trouble for
[01:42] digitalninja: O.o
[01:42] Mellvarr: wow, lot of people
[01:42] Brento: I don't know. I'm just bored...
[01:42] * Oliveman Breaks out the psiwheel
[01:42] Brento: So, will these be live feeds or recordings?
[01:42] * Mellvarr gets fork
[01:43] Tankdown: There I the middle of a bunch of people before the school bell...I was happy because I just ate some breafeat
[01:43] metalforever_: i changed my mind
[01:43] Tankdown: Then I felt a movement in my lower stomach....I thought it was gas...
[01:43] metalforever_: if the webcam wants to work, i will do a recording
[01:43] Tankdown: oooo...but I was wrong.....
[01:43] * shinjikun34 mellvarr
[01:43] * Mellvarr charges video camera
[01:43] * shinjikun34 this is andrew speaking
[01:43] Tankdown: It was indeed by far not gas....but liquid moving down my butt cheeks
[01:43] Mellvarr: ANDREW!!!!
[01:43] * Oliveman Wants to be in the "In" crowd
[01:43] Vemorox: eww
[01:43] Tankdown: It move so hit my foot in a instant
[01:44] TelekinesisBoy: gross
[01:44] Tankdown: and it was coming and coming...
[01:44] metalforever_: ew
[01:44] * shenlon2 slaps Tankdown around a bit with a large trout
[01:44] Tankdown: THE STORY MUST GO ON
[01:44] Tankdown: being that boy I did what everyone else would have
[01:44] Tankdown: for the bathroom
[01:44] Vemorox: i cant look away
[01:44] * JoeRoger has joined #psipog
[01:44] Tankdown: but as I move my still came through
[01:44] Ratlord: Hey Joe
[01:44] Tankdown: getting even my socks..
[01:44] * Entih has joined #psipog
[01:44] JoeRoger: hey
[01:44] metalforever_: welcome
[01:44] Ratlord: Hey Entih
[01:44] TelekinesisBoy: hello
[01:44] Entih: howdy
[01:45] etree8: Enith!
[01:45] Entih: thought i'd stop in for the last time
[01:45] etree8: .....*Entih
[01:45] Entih: on this most epic of nights
[01:45] Mellvarr: is it possible to use microphones? the silence lets the voices talk to me...
[01:45] Tankdown: I ran into the bathroom...and look for the first toliet that didn't have a floaster in it
[01:45] Goober: damnit...what time is it?
[01:45] * Goober needs a watch
[01:45] Entih: 8:45
[01:45] shinjikun34: mellvar
[01:45] Ratlord: 8:45 PM EST
[01:45] Oliveman: Yep.
[01:45] psi_lizard: 8:45
[01:45] Eldibs_PHP_blos_playing_Oot: 15 minutes to go
[01:45] Goober: ...
[01:45] Entih: heh
[01:45] Goober: oh well
[01:45] shenlon2: 01:45 gmt
[01:45] * Mellvarr slaps shinjikun34 around a bit with a large trout
[01:45] * Goober is now known as Goobs_store
[01:45] Tankdown: finding a useble toliet...I flush out the rest of my system...
[01:45] * Eldibs_PHP_blos_playing_Oot is now known as Eldibs
[01:45] shinjikun34: god damnnit brittany is talking me into leaving
[01:45] Goobs_store: I've got a log
[01:45] Goobs_store: :-P
[01:45] Tankdown: but it wasn't much...because it was all on my legs and pants
[01:46] Ratlord: Lol Goober
[01:46] Entih: i also am currently logging my chat
[01:46] Mellvarr: DON"T LISTEN TO HER!!!!
[01:46] Entih: and have to use toilet
[01:46] Entih: thus, i win
[01:46] * shenlon2 begs tankdown to stop
[01:46] Entih: on both accounts
[01:46] Tankdown: The smell of the poo was terrirble...
[01:46] thefantom: why tankdon why
[01:46] * deny_tk has joined #psipog
[01:46] Entih: off to the toilet for my moment of brown
[01:46] * Oliveman regrets nothing
[01:46] Tankdown: When people ether the room they would say "O MY *$$5" and say some other words...
[01:46] Ratlord: Hey deny_tk
[01:46] deny_tk: hello
[01:46] Tankdown: someone ask me to say a story
[01:47] Tankdown: so I pick the first one that pop in my head
[01:47] Oliveman: Now I'm asking to stop
[01:47] Oliveman: Plz
[01:47] Tankdown: no...
[01:47] ika: ratlord. is this a greeting script you r using or you just very polite :) ?
[01:47] Tankdown: you bro9ugh this pain onto your self
[01:47] metalforever_: brb
[01:47] Ratlord: Very polite :)
[01:47] ika: :D
[01:47] ika: nice
[01:47] shenlon2: tank, stop or i break out the trout
[01:47] Ratlord: Hehe
[01:47] * Inky has joined #psipog
[01:47] thefantom: lol
[01:47] Ratlord: Hey Inky
[01:47] ika: hey inky
[01:47] ika: LOL
[01:47] Inky: hi
[01:47] amygdala: Hello Inky.
[01:47] TelekinesisBoy: hi inky
[01:47] * Daniel has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[01:47] Tankdown: so....after the first bell rang...I tried useing the toliet paper to clean my legs
[01:47] Tankdown: but then I ran out...
[01:47] ika: see ratlord you ve started a trend
[01:47] * Daniel1 has joined #psipog
[01:47] Ratlord: If it was a greeting script, i'd probably be saying it in the same second they joined
[01:47] Ratlord: Hey Daniel
[01:48] Ratlord: Welcome back Daniel*
[01:48] TelekinesisBoy: TANK SHUT UP id dont wanna know
[01:48] Daniel1: Hi
[01:48] Tankdown: Seeing I ran out of toliet paper, I grab it from one of the "floater" toliets
[01:48] * Daniel1 is now known as Danial
[01:48] * Oliveman plays around with the psiwheel
[01:48] * Danial is now known as Daniel
[01:48] * neveza has joined #psipog
[01:48] Ratlord: Welcome back neveza
[01:48] Daniel: 10 min to go
[01:48] * artace has joined #psipog
[01:48] neveza: Hey.
[01:48] Daniel: approx
[01:48] Tankdown: but I knew the smell wouldnt come out...
[01:48] * Zectra has joined #psipog
[01:48] TelekinesisBoy: hey neveza
[01:48] Ratlord: Hey artace
[01:48] Oliveman: We've got like 10 ops here
[01:48] Ratlord: Hey Zectra
[01:48] TelekinesisBoy: hey artace
[01:48] Zectra: Hey
[01:48] * AFX_Out is now known as AFX
[01:48] TelekinesisBoy: hey zectra
[01:48] artace: hey all
[01:48] amygdala: Hello Zectra.
[01:48] AFX: This party is ON!!!
[01:48] Ratlord: Welcome back AFX
[01:48] Tankdown: So....I grab some hand soap
[01:48] AFX: Thank you
[01:48] Tankdown: and rube it into the fiber of the pants
[01:49] Inky: eww
[01:49] Tankdown: I work well into the 3rd period
[01:49] ika: tank ..
[01:49] shinjikun34: is mellvarr still here
[01:49] * Elija has joined #psipog
[01:49] Mellvarr: yes, I am still here
[01:49] Ratlord: Hey Elija
[01:49] * Bloodbath has joined #psipog
[01:49] Daniel: 70 people and 10 min
[01:49] Tankdown: But I knew I had to go back to class....but I had cloths during gym
[01:49] shinjikun34: it won't start the PM
[01:49] Ratlord: Hey Bloodbath
[01:49] Vemorox: still cant look away
[01:49] * Mellvarr is an attention whore
[01:49] * Kiter`an has joined #psipog
[01:49] Zectra: xD
[01:49] Tankdown: So I had no choice...but to wear...and sit in them pants for that hour
[01:49] * shinjikun34 asks everyone how to send a pm
[01:49] Ratlord: Hey Kiter`an
[01:49] Tankdown: while in class
[01:49] * ika is pissed at server cos mysql is down agani
[01:49] * TelekinesisBoy is not an attention whore
[01:49] Tankdown: and one have notice
[01:49] Kiter`an: Yo
[01:49] digitalninja: Hmm Almost Time.....
[01:50] Ratlord: shinjikun34, double click on their name in the nicklist to the side
[01:50] ika: party = ?
[01:50] Entih: annnd back
[01:50] * terepashi has joined #psipog
[01:50] Ratlord: Or do /query namehere
[01:50] shinjikun34: oh ok
[01:50] * MadHatter is now known as MadHatter[Away]
[01:50] Ratlord: Hey terepashi
[01:50] Tankdown: and when I got to gym...I change out of my cloths no one would see my pants full of poo
[01:50] Psi_Ninja_: omg, this was during school
[01:50] * Eldibs would not use MySQL if there was any other way to store data effectively.
[01:50] TelekinesisBoy: now i feel nervous about the PK party thing....odd
[01:50] ika: yea me neighter
[01:50] Tankdown: and that is how I got that smelly horrorble event in my life!
[01:50] Tankdown: any questions!?
[01:50] Entih: phew, never been in a channel with 30 people or more
[01:50] Brento: Anyone here do pyrokinesis.
[01:50] Oliveman: No
[01:50] Daniel: 72 people and 9 min
[01:50] Inky: i cant even bend the fork =/
[01:50] terepashi: hi ratlord
[01:50] * Psillama has joined #psipog
[01:50] Tankdown: Do you want to know how I got the smell of the poo out?
[01:50] Ratlord: Hey Psillama
[01:51] Oliveman: NO!
[01:51] Entih: i anticipate 100 people
[01:51] shenlon2: GOD NO
[01:51] Psillama: hey
[01:51] neveza: My sister put be in a bad mood...seeing all these potential noobies might make me go crazy.
[01:51] metalforever_: im back
[01:51] Tankdown: I used a combinded form of toliet paper and the soap
[01:51] Daniel: The best day ever is today because I feel like i'm going to bend a fork
[01:51] shortpower24: yeah, this is a good turn out
[01:51] * Kurisa has joined #psipog
[01:51] powdered_water: Hi Psillama.
[01:51] powdered_water: Hi Kurisa
[01:51] Ratlord: Hey Kurisa
[01:51] Entih: yes neveza, but withstand it
[01:51] Tankdown: Now I'm bored again...
[01:51] Kurisa: oi
[01:51] Solet: sup Kurisa
[01:51] Entih: WITHSTAND
[01:51] Tankdown: maybe I should tell a another story
[01:51] Kurisa: sup Solet
[01:51] * ika has a hard to following
[01:51] Kurisa: also, brb
[01:51] shenlon2: please no more stories
[01:51] thefantom: yes
[01:51] Tankdown: I GOT IT
[01:51] neveza: Entih, I will embrace my rage!
[01:51] Kurisa: i require apples
[01:51] Vemorox: maybe sombody else
[01:51] * Genemi-Kun a
[01:51] * neveza removes Entih's spine.
[01:51] Entih: so be it neveza, so be it
[01:51] Tankdown: I'll tell you the story how I got into psiniocs..
[01:51] Entih: ... ow
[01:51] Entih: bastard
[01:51] * Oliveman Sighs
[01:51] Tankdown: its a wonderful tale of dreams and imagintation
[01:51] shortpower24: uhh, someone help me out, how do you change your nick name?
[01:52] Daniel: 75 people 8 min
[01:52] Vemorox: hopefully a better tale
[01:52] shenlon2: that story cant be to bad
[01:52] Oliveman: And everyone's gonna ignore you man
[01:52] Oliveman: XD
[01:52] Ratlord: short, /nick newnickhere
[01:52] Zanarias_Battlefield2142: im here
[01:52] * Genemi-Kun Is drinking a lot of green tea right now, he'll be back later ;D~
[01:52] Zanarias_Battlefield2142: Zana is ONLINE
[01:52] * Draco_Platina has joined #psipog
[01:52] * Zanarias_Battlefield2142 is now known as Zanarias
[01:52] Ratlord: Hey Draco
[01:52] Zanarias: brb actually
[01:52] Tankdown: So there I was in the 7th grade...
[01:52] Solet: hey draco
[01:52] Draco_Platina: Suddenly, a huge lumbering ball of nightmares appears!
[01:52] shortpower24: uh, I typed that and it didn't work, I don't know why
[01:52] metalforever_: lol
[01:52] AFX: The energy in here is explosive.
[01:52] Tankdown: lol
[01:52] Tankdown: jk
[01:52] Kiter`an: Wow, I hope this is gonna be moderated 'cause, damn.
[01:52] Tankdown: I was in the 6th grade
[01:52] Bloodbath: shields up :.:
[01:52] Inky: u were still talking about 7th?
[01:52] * terepashi is now known as Fakiti
[01:52] * ika explodes
[01:52] JoeT: Three forks ready to bend :-)
[01:53] Fakiti: there we go
[01:53] Kurisa: mm
[01:53] Oliveman: 8:53 mates
[01:53] ika: what is this party everyone talks about
[01:53] Tankdown: It was a dream.....
[01:53] Entih: 7 minutes
[01:53] metalforever_: i only have a spoon here
[01:53] Vemorox: 2 forks a spoon and a knife
[01:53] amygdala: Two spoons and a fork for me, JoeT.
[01:53] shortpower24: 1 spoon, 1 fork
[01:53] ika: can someone link me me ?
[01:53] etree8: Fakiti!
[01:53] MadHatter[Away]: the time fast approaches
[01:53] metalforever_: we need more dishes
[01:53] shenlon2: its nearly time....and im so tired
[01:53] Inky: do we really need shields on an online chatting source?
[01:53] Psillama: 5:53 over here
[01:53] Kurisa: ambrosia apples == 3
[01:53] Oliveman: yes.
[01:53] Fakiti: hi etree
[01:53] * RodrigoHarrtman has joined #psipog
[01:53] Tankdown: I remember this what made me to start thinking
[01:53] peebrain: whoa crap
[01:53] Oliveman: yes we do.
[01:53] * MadHatter[Away] is now known as MadHatter
[01:53] Bloodbath: i'll be different and bend something that is not silverware O.o
[01:53] AFX: Inky:yes.
[01:53] * peebrain didn't realize what time it was
[01:53] Ratlord: Hey RodrigoHarrtman
[01:53] MadHatter: lol
[01:53] AFX: When there are this many people, definitly.
[01:53] Tankdown: I was on a above a snowy mountain....
[01:53] neveza: peebrain, yeah, it's noob smashin time. :P
[01:53] Kurisa: speedchat D:
[01:53] metalforever_: lol
[01:53] * Oliveman realizes this is going to be a bloodbath at the end
[01:53] Ratlord: Lol nev
[01:53] RodrigoHarrtman: hi
[01:54] digitalninja: great... my parents are back
[01:54] Brento: Oh yeah. JoeT, I've seen your videos. How the heck you move that Ipod?!
[01:54] Entih: i concur with neveza
[01:54] digitalninja: dam
[01:54] * Bloodbath agrees with Oliveman.
[01:54] Daniel: 5 min to go
[01:54] Tankdown: in my armor core 2 gaint robot who I name "solar knight"
[01:54] metalforever_: haha
[01:54] * Bobrobyn has joined #psipog
[01:54] Ratlord: Welcome back Bob
[01:54] psi_lizard: wb bob
[01:54] JoeT: Brento, practice ;-)
[01:54] * shenlon2 asks has everyone read fork-you?
[01:54] neveza: Brento, it's this thing called psychokinesis, he used.
[01:54] RodrigoHarrtman: just to see if my friend is here
[01:54] Tankdown: But then a rocket hit me out of the air
[01:54] * gravy has joined #psipog
[01:54] TelekinesisBoy: hi fella
[01:54] Oliveman: Yep
[01:54] Fakiti: *fakiti wants to start early
[01:54] Inky: yes
[01:54] Ratlord: Hey gravy
[01:54] Oliveman: Millions of times
[01:54] Bobrobyn: ty
[01:54] Brento: So TK and Pk are kind of the same?
[01:54] digitalninja: no dont start early
[01:54] Tankdown: I crashed into the snow...and came out not injured...
[01:54] * Jspapp has joined #psipog
[01:54] TelekinesisBoy: hi fella
[01:54] neveza: Brento, duh.
[01:54] * Archaic has joined #psipog
[01:54] Bloodbath: TK = PK, different terms
[01:54] TelekinesisBoy: hi fella
[01:54] Ratlord: Fakiti, if you want to know how to do the purple words, do /me action here
[01:54] JoeT: Psychokinesis, yes.
[01:54] Tankdown: I was in baggy cloths...
[01:54] Ratlord: Hey Arch and Jspapp
[01:54] Jspapp: hey
[01:54] * Melia42 has joined #psipog
[01:54] Tankdown: I look across of me and saw the girl who shot me down...
[01:54] TelekinesisBoy: hi fella
[01:54] Ratlord: Hey Melia42
[01:54] Brento: Oh, figures
[01:55] * Fakiti cool
[01:55] JoeT: yo Mel
[01:55] Melia42: m00f
[01:55] Tankdown: She grin at me...and jump on me..
[01:55] Kurisa: this apple is really good
[01:55] AFX: MELIA!!
[01:55] metalforever_: hello melia
[01:55] Kurisa: i feel like Ryuk
[01:55] Daniel: 77 people and 4 min
[01:55] amygdala: Hello Mel.
[01:55] gravy: yoz~
[01:55] Tankdown: I close my eyes...of fear
[01:55] Oliveman: 5 minutes
[01:55] Tankdown: She kiss my lips..
[01:55] Entih: 5 minutes and we are at critical mass
[01:55] * Oipo has joined #psipog
[01:55] TelekinesisBoy: hi fella
[01:55] * Fakiti is tired of listening to tankdown
[01:55] Ratlord: Hey Oipo
[01:55] MadHatter: how many people now peebs?
[01:55] * Vulcanis starts trancing
[01:55] Oipo: omg omg omg
[01:55] gravy: gtg get my fork
[01:55] Kurisa: haha
[01:55] * Oipo galls into the party
[01:55] TelekinesisBoy: hi fella
[01:55] neveza: I bet 9:00 PM will be the end of the world.
[01:55] Oipo: falls*
[01:55] Oipo: Hello.
[01:55] shinjikun34: hey i need advice
[01:55] shinjikun34: should i be here
[01:55] Tankdown: I felt that was then brain started to said
[01:55] Oliveman: Yes.
[01:55] shinjikun34: or comforting a friend
[01:55] Kurisa: 5:55 here
[01:55] Oliveman: Yes you should.
[01:55] Oliveman: wait
[01:55] * Dilando has joined #psipog
[01:55] TelekinesisBoy: hi fella
[01:55] Tankdown: "I felt that Kiss..........I FELT THAT KISS"
[01:55] Oliveman: Nevermind
[01:55] Ratlord: Welcome back Dilando
[01:56] Oipo: Most. People. Ever. in this channel.
[01:56] Dilando: hi everybody
[01:56] Daniel: 3 min
[01:56] Zanarias: Its time ^_^
[01:56] Oliveman: Shin, You should do what you think is best
[01:56] Zanarias: almost
[01:56] RodrigoHarrtman: this is a mess
[01:56] Zanarias: lol
[01:56] shinjikun34: i want both
[01:56] Tankdown: There I stand in the snow...and it occured to me in that dream.....that what If the brain can control feeling
[01:56] Psillama: I have a nice old sppon that nobody likes because it has all sorts of little sharp edge thingies
[01:56] * shinjikun34 cries
[01:56] Zanarias: Hey tank
[01:56] Solet: hey... anyone interested in chat video of tonight?
[01:56] Oliveman: It's not my place to say about this kind of stuff
[01:56] * GroovyGnome has joined #psipog
[01:56] RodrigoHarrtman: *cry*
[01:56] TelekinesisBoy: hi fella
[01:56] Oliveman: Sure
[01:56] Oipo: Hey.
[01:56] Ratlord: Hey GroovyGnome
[01:56] Zanarias: Ill miss all of ya although not many of you knew me :(
[01:56] Tankdown: It gets better!
[01:56] shinjikun34: peebs
[01:56] Zanarias: YO YA
[01:56] shinjikun34: what do you think
[01:56] Zanarias: LOL
[01:56] Draco_Platina: NO ONE IS LISTENING
[01:56] Kurisa: MAYBE
[01:56] Float: It's actually not as active as you'd assume for this amount of people
[01:56] RodrigoHarrtman: *Go go emorangers*
[01:56] metalforever_: lol
[01:56] Kurisa: HAHA
[01:56] Oipo: Hmm. Does seem quite lively.
[01:56] Kurisa: sweet
[01:56] neveza: Too many people...My head feels crowded.
[01:57] Tankdown: Fine.....I won't finish my story
[01:57] GroovyGnome: whoooooooo
[01:57] Kiter`an: Alot of us are just waiting
[01:57] Mance: The suspence is killing me... :)
[01:57] Kiter`an: Without it moderated it'll be crazy
[01:57] * peebrain sets mode: +m
[01:57] peebrain: hey
[01:57] peebrain: Erik made this sweet ass image
[01:57] peebrain:
[01:57] * shenlon2 has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[01:57] * peebrain sets mode: -m
[01:57] Daniel: 83 people and 2 min
[01:57] * Solet_mod has joined #psipog
[01:57] Oipo: Woo.
[01:57] Ratlord: Cool image
[01:57] Entih: nice
[01:57] Zanarias: Lol awesome
[01:57] metalforever_: welcome
[01:57] Draco_Platina: neveza: Shielding is delicious. It keeps you contained, and keeps others out.
[01:57] Zanarias: Peebrain, ill miss this site
[01:57] Oipo: Oh man, so here I am, being a 3 AM in the morning.
[01:57] amygdala: Well done.
[01:57] etree8: Very nice :)
[01:57] vivi342: nice image
[01:57] * jav has joined #psipog
[01:57] jakedahn: ErikJDurwoodII: what'd you use to make it?
[01:57] Tankdown: my internet not working..
[01:57] Ratlord: Hey jav
[01:57] Oipo: Picture looks class.
[01:58] Vulcanis: Peebs, are we going to walk people through the bending of the silverware?
[01:58] Tankdown: i cant see it...
[01:58] jav: hi everybody!
[01:58] MadHatter: nice!
[01:58] Zanarias: Yea :(
[01:58] Tankdown: someone tell me what it looks like!
[01:58] ErikJDurwoodII: 3d Studio MAX
[01:58] Mellvarr: hello?
[01:58] Oliveman: Awww
[01:58] Daniel: 1 min to go
[01:58] MadHatter: good job Erik!
[01:58] Bloodbath: it's a wooden plaque
[01:58] Tankdown: :(
[01:58] digitalninja: ok is this party going to get into it or is there goona be some channelling
[01:58] peebrain: sure why not Vulcanis
[01:58] jakedahn: ErikJDurwoodII: fun!
[01:58] shinjikun34: hey
[01:58] * shenlon2 has joined #psipog
[01:58] Archaic: lmao, that is nice
[01:58] peebrain: we have what... 2 minutes?
[01:58] metalforever_: welcome.
[01:58] Fakiti: nice image
[01:58] * Oipo goes downstairs to grab fork
[01:58] Ratlord: Welcome back shenlon2
[01:58] Vulcanis: alrighty...
[01:58] metalforever_: yes
[01:58] Daniel: 30 sec
[01:58] RodrigoHarrtman: cool
[01:58] Oliveman: *Cry*
[01:58] shenlon2: dam... didnt think i could re-connect
[01:58] * jakedahn thinks that it would be nice for someone to bust out illustrator, and make some psipog vector art
[01:58] RodrigoHarrtman: its comin
[01:58] Vemorox: getting this weird feeling
[01:58] * Mellvarr has left #psipog
[01:58] Zanarias: Peebrain
[01:58] Vulcanis: Its been forever since I've bent anything
[01:58] Zanarias: One qestion
[01:58] Entih: you all act like its the appocalypse
[01:58] ErikJDurwoodII: awwww. but what happened to the transparent background
[01:59] GroovyGnome: get out of bed.
[01:59] Zanarias: Forum archive isnt done?
[01:59] shortpower24: Wow! I hadn't seen that sweet video on Fork-You's homepage!
[01:59] Zanarias: as im getting a 404 there.
[01:59] digitalninja: lol calm down guys
[01:59] Vemorox: close enough
[01:59] * Kamon has joined #psipog
[01:59] * Oliveman crys "I promised myself I wouldn't cry!" T_T XD
[01:59] * Drk_Pwnr has joined #psipog
[01:59] ErikJDurwoodII: jakedahn: 3d Studio MAX
[01:59] Niushirra: i club baby seals
[01:59] GroovyGnome: is anyone actually in a bed right now?
[01:59] * Mellvarr has joined #psipog
[01:59] * peebrain sets mode: +m
[01:59] * Psillama has left #psipog
[01:59] peebrain: I have an idea
[01:59] * psi001 has joined #psipog
[01:59] peebrain: let's all PM Roy and tell him how much we love him, all at once
[01:59] * peebrain sets mode: -m
[01:59] psi001: Wow
[01:59] RodrigoHarrtman: EMO psion?
[01:59] Ratlord: Hey Kamon and Drk_Pwnr and psi
[01:59] Oliveman: How do you PM?
[01:59] Roy: I hate you so much.
[01:59] psi001: Lots of people
[01:59] Kamon: hey
[01:59] binary: `access *
[01:59] Tankdown: I miss you all!
[01:59] peebrain: buahahaha
[01:59] metalforever_: lol
[01:59] Kamon: just in time
[01:59] Niushirra: i hate roy
[01:59] Tankdown: ...not really..
[01:59] Ratlord: Oliveman, double click on the persons name
[01:59] Daniel: 87 people
[01:59] * Grenin has joined #psipog
[01:59] Zanarias: Do it!
[01:59] amygdala: Haha.
[01:59] Ratlord: Hey Grenin
[01:59] Niushirra: roy is satan
[01:59] Oliveman: Cool
[01:59] Kurisa: hahaha
[01:59] GroovyGnome: dance
[01:59] GroovyGnome: is anyone actually in a bed right now?
[01:59] Grenin: sup guys?
[01:59] Tankdown: THE END
[01:59] Solet: olive try /timer 5 0 /msg roy I love you roy!
[01:59] GroovyGnome: seriously
[01:59] Daniel: 88 people, We are going to beat the record
[01:59] powdered_water: lol
[01:59] Ratlord: I'm sitting in my room on my bed...
[01:59] Vulcanis: So... roy, think your going to break your record
[01:59] Kamon: im near a bed, lol
[01:59] Oipo: I was until 5 minutes ago
[02:00] Vulcanis: ?
[02:00] amygdala: It is time.
[02:00] digitalninja: its time O.o !!!@!#@#
[02:00] GroovyGnome: KNEW IT!
[02:00] * Kaitou has joined #psipog
[02:00] Kurisa: oooooh i love apples :DDDD
[02:00] Tankdown: WAITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!
[02:00] Zanarias: Wait peebrain!!!
[02:00] Kurisa: NO U
[02:00] * Vulcanis trances
[02:00] Ratlord: Hey Kaitou
[02:00] Kurisa: ok me
[02:00] Oliveman: We should do it with Peebs too
[02:00] Brento: LOL\
[02:00] Oipo: Yay for naps.
[02:00] Zanarias: Question!!!
[02:00] peebrain: what's up?
[02:00] Tankdown: this deserves a good quote to end this..
[02:00] Kaitou: Hi
[02:00] powdered_water: Hi Kaitou.
[02:00] Zanarias: Is the forums archived yet?
[02:00] * Entih prepares
[02:00] RodrigoHarrtman: *drops to flor*
[02:00] psi001: When do we start?
[02:00] peebrain: no not yet
[02:00] Zanarias: As i got a 404 there.
[02:00] Daniel: 89 ppl
[02:00] Niushirra: 900!
[02:00] * Sabre has joined #psipog
[02:00] Zanarias: Alright, Just wondering
[02:00] Niushirra: 900!
[02:00] Sabre: ???
[02:00] Oliveman: Holy crap.
[02:00] Ratlord: Hey Sabre
[02:00] peebrain: let's see if we can break 100 people
[02:00] psi001: hi Sabre
[02:00] Niushirra: 900!
[02:00] Daniel: 90 ppl
[02:00] Zanarias: im getting excited ^_^
[02:00] Kurisa: : 9000 ?
[02:00] Solet: OMG Peebs, we should turn this into the last insomnia contest too :P those were effing fun :)
[02:00] Vulcanis: 88MILES PER HOUR!
[02:00] Sabre: Why are you guys shutting down?!?
[02:00] Fakiti: HURRAY 90 ppl
[02:00] * peebrain sets mode: +m
[02:00] * RodrigoHarrtman has left #psipog
[02:00] ErikJDurwoodII: "Milk, Milk, Lemonade, around the corner, fudge is made."
[02:00] peebrain: our record is 99 people, which we had at the Flare Party
[02:00] * peebrain sets mode: -m
[02:00] binary: .
[02:01] Kamon: lol
[02:01] powdered_water: Hi Sabre.
[02:01] harman: hi Sabre =P
[02:01] Oliveman: Insomnia contest?
[02:01] shortpower24: how many are here now?
[02:01] Sabre: Why are you guys shutting down?
[02:01] Entih: i hope we can break that record
[02:01] Oipo: Hmm. Not many people to go then.
[02:01] Niushirra: its 9 ocklock fuckers
[02:01] Zanarias: Why do i have a feeling you like doing that
[02:01] peebrain: 89 :-(
[02:01] Sabre: hi everyone
[02:01] Sabre: =P
[02:01] peebrain: oh well
[02:01] Kurisa: ADD 10
[02:01] Kurisa: EVERYBODY ADD 10
[02:01] peebrain: I suppose it's time to start
[02:01] Kaitou: 89 is still huge :O
[02:01] Daniel: Are we going to start now?
[02:01] * peebrain sets mode: +m
[02:01] peebrain: ALRIGHTY!
[02:01] peebrain: thanks everyone for showing up
[02:01] * BlackShadow has joined #psipog
[02:01] peebrain: hi BlackShadow, just in time
[02:01] peebrain: this is the game plan:
[02:01] * Mattz has joined #psipog
[02:01] ErikJDurwoodII: it's always time for BS
[02:02] MadHatter: haha
[02:02] peebrain: 1. PK Party, this will probably last maybe an hour
[02:02] * Vulcanis is now known as Vulc|Desktop
[02:02] peebrain: 2. I will talk about my new site and the ideas that I'm working with
[02:02] peebrain: 3. Erik will talk about some science stuff that has to do with psionics
[02:02] peebrain: 4. Everyone can hang out and spam after that
[02:02] peebrain: then eventually, 5. I close the chat
[02:03] * Vulc|Desktop is now known as Vulcanis
[02:03] peebrain: so, let's get started with #1... the PK Party
[02:03] peebrain:
[02:03] * Vulcanis is now known as Vulc|Desktop
[02:03] peebrain:
[02:03] peebrain: if you've never bent silverware, then use those two pages to help you learn how
[02:03] peebrain: if you've bent silverware, then do whatever works for you
[02:03] * Eldibs is now known as Eldibs_saving_logs
[02:03] peebrain: I'll outline the basic method here
[02:03] * FluxPK has joined #psipog
[02:04] peebrain: basically, you hold your piece of silverware
[02:04] peebrain: (do not use knives)
[02:04] peebrain: hold it loosely between your thumb and pointer finger
[02:04] peebrain: then you slow yourself down, and get into a relaxed state
[02:04] peebrain: get real relaxed
[02:04] peebrain:'s method is to visualize a golden ball of energy
[02:05] * NinjaKitsune has joined #psipog
[02:05] peebrain: wherever this ball goes, it makes you feel relaxed, and warm
[02:05] * Psillama has joined #psipog
[02:05] * BlueSprite has joined #psipog
[02:05] peebrain: and all mushey inside
[02:05] peebrain: this golden ball of energy never runs out, and you can draw as much power from it as you want
[02:05] * Vamp has joined #psipog
[02:05] * DamianM has joined #psipog
[02:05] * Bynw has joined #psipog
[02:05] peebrain: 97 people...
[02:05] peebrain: welcome
[02:06] peebrain: we were just going over's fork bending method
[02:06] peebrain:
[02:06] * Jake has joined #psipog
[02:06] peebrain:
[02:06] MadHatter: maybe if you set it as the topic
[02:06] peebrain: we haven't STARTED yet... but we are just reviewing it
[02:06] peebrain: good idea
[02:06] * peebrain changes topic to 'PK Party: Read these:'
[02:06] * peebrain sets mode: -b *!*@
[02:06] * DamianM has left #psipog
[02:06] * DamianM has joined #psipog
[02:07] peebrain: ok, after we visualize that golden ball, we visualize it moving to our finger
[02:07] peebrain: (where our silverware is)
[02:07] * Elija has left #psipog
[02:07] * Elija has joined #psipog
[02:07] peebrain: then we imagine the heat really picking up
[02:07] peebrain: then, on the count of three, we all shout BEND BEND BEND at the silverware
[02:07] peebrain: if you can, shout out loud
[02:07] peebrain: if you can't shout out loud, then think it really loud :-P
[02:07] * DamianM has left #psipog
[02:08] peebrain: after that, we all relax, chat, and have a good time
[02:08] peebrain: and check our silverware every once in a while to see if it's bendable
[02:08] peebrain: ONE more thing...
[02:08] * Choodooloo has joined #psipog
[02:08] peebrain: if you haven't already seen the video, check out:
[02:08] * Vulcanis has joined #psipog
[02:08] peebrain:
[02:08] peebrain: they have a video of a fork being bent
[02:08] peebrain: now, to me, it looks like they are using a lot of force with their fingers
[02:09] * Endrecoterius has joined #psipog
[02:09] peebrain: but if you actually try to bend silverware, it takes a LOT MORE force than what they're using
[02:09] * DamianM has joined #psipog
[02:09] ErikJDurwoodII: *and we officially broke the previous chat record*
[02:09] peebrain: ok
[02:09] JoeT: :-)
[02:09] peebrain: so, I'm going to unmod it, and we are going to start the meditation
[02:09] peebrain: no one talk
[02:09] peebrain: let's see how much self control we have as a group
[02:09] peebrain: meditate for about 10 minutes
[02:09] * Bob_stew has joined #psipog
[02:09] peebrain: get that nice hot golden ball going
[02:10] peebrain: get it on your silverware
[02:10] peebrain: and keep it there
[02:10] * somefatguy has joined #psipog
[02:10] peebrain: we'll meet back here at 9:21pm
[02:10] * MorfeuV has joined #psipog
[02:10] peebrain: and shout bend bend bend
[02:10] peebrain: sound good?
[02:10] peebrain: good
[02:10] JoeT: I'll inform everyone who comes in not to speak and meditate.
[02:10] peebrain: now - do not talk, and start meditating
[02:10] peebrain: ready set go
[02:10] * peebrain sets mode: -m
[02:10] Choodooloo: hello?
[02:10] * slinking_ferret has joined #psipog
[02:10] vivi342: shh
[02:11] binary: lol for the video
[02:11] * EnKi has joined #psipog
[02:11] binary: :D
[02:11] * jickow has joined #psipog
[02:11] * gravy has quit IRC (Exit: DarkMyst WebChat (Ping timeout))
[02:11] Choodooloo: holy crap! its bending!
[02:11] MorfeuV: Nazarak? Were are you?
[02:11] Choodooloo: =x
[02:11] * RodrigoHarrtamn has joined #psipog
[02:11] Choodooloo: no, its not bending i lied
[02:11] jickow: yo, where's the video?
[02:11] Mattz: Please don't talk :_
[02:12] Choodooloo: =x
[02:12] * BlackShadow slaps Choodooloo around a bit with a large trout
[02:12] Choodooloo: lol
[02:12] * stony1205 has joined #psipog
[02:12] Choodooloo: if you don't wana see me talk, just turn off you monitor silly
[02:12] * Choodooloo was kicked by AFX (No talking)
[02:12] * sanjula has joined #psipog
[02:12] * gravy has joined #psipog
[02:13] * Choodooloo has joined #psipog
[02:13] * Lit3 has joined #psipog
[02:13] Mattz: Pheebs unmuted the chat because he believed we could be silent. Please don't prove him wrong.
[02:13] Lit3: somefatboy
[02:13] * Goobs_store is now known as Goober
[02:13] Lit3: Oh shit
[02:13] jickow: but where's the video, if any?
[02:14] Goober: wow...112 people in the room
[02:14] Choodooloo: stfu
[02:14] Lit3: i forgot today is the party
[02:14] * JoeT sets mode: +m
[02:14] JoeT: You people have failed.
[02:14] JoeT: You are suppose to me mediatating.
[02:14] JoeT: Do so.
[02:14] * AyuleAway has joined #psipog
[02:14] ErikJDurwoodII: THe video is here in the home page
[02:14] ErikJDurwoodII: it is a YouTube stream
[02:14] JoeT: This is not the time to be social. Close your eyes and quiet your mind.
[02:15] * Guardian_Of_Death has joined #psipog
[02:15] JoeT: Let's try this again. Once again, no talking.
[02:15] * JoeT sets mode: -m
[02:15] RodrigoHarrtamn: ok
[02:15] Lit3: .
[02:16] * Nuvayah has joined #psipog
[02:16] Mattz: [avoids ping timeout]
[02:16] * JoeT sets mode: +m
[02:17] * MOTHERFUCKER has joined #psipog
[02:17] Roy: `ban motherfucker
[02:17] * ChanServ sets mode: +b *!mfmfmfmfmf@*
[02:17] * MOTHERFUCKER was kicked by ChanServ (You are banned)
[02:17] Roy: `ban choodooloo nice try, banned
[02:17] * ChanServ sets mode: +b *!john@*
[02:17] * Choodooloo was kicked by ChanServ (nice try, banned)
[02:18] * MadHatter is now known as MadHatter[Gone]
[02:19] * Eldibs_saving_logs has left #psipog
[02:20] peebrain: 30 seconds...
[02:20] peebrain: 3
[02:20] peebrain: 2
[02:20] peebrain: 1
[02:20] peebrain: BEND BEND BEND!
[02:21] * peebrain sets mode: -m
[02:21] peebrain: shout mofo's
[02:21] Oliveman: WOO!
[02:21] Mattz: do we bend yet?
[02:21] Ratlord: BEND BEND BEND!
[02:21] Vulcanis: BEND BEND BEND!
[02:21] cliffbizquit: bend!
[02:21] Mattz: or just shout at it
[02:21] Oliveman: BEND BEND BEND!
[02:21] shinjikun34: HEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYY!
[02:21] * Bobrobyn shouted
[02:21] Oipo: BEND
[02:21] Daniel: ABEND
[02:21] Zanarias: BEND BEND BEND
[02:21] metalforever_: bend
[02:21] Zyrisk: BEEN!!
[02:21] Daniel: BEND
[02:21] Daniel: BEND
[02:21] artace: bend!
[02:21] psi001: so we just talk now
[02:21] Roy: BEND BEND BEND!
[02:21] Lit3: BEND
[02:21] Genemi-Kun: BEND
[02:21] powdered_water: BEND BEND BEND
[02:21] Daniel: BEND!
[02:21] Oliveman: Yeeep
[02:21] psi001: ?
[02:21] Lit3: BEND
[02:21] Genemi-Kun: BEND
[02:21] Zanarias: BEND BEND BENNDDDDD
[02:21] * peebrain sets mode: +o stony1205
[02:21] Genemi-Kun: BEND
[02:21] Vemorox: bemd
[02:21] Brento: BEND BEND BEND!!
[02:21] Mattz: anwer my qeusssstion.
[02:21] Genemi-Kun: BEEEND
[02:21] Mance: Bend!!
[02:21] Genemi-Kun: \o\
[02:21] erosion84: bend! feckin bend!!
[02:21] Zanarias: BEND BEDN
[02:21] Inky: FORK...SO...STRONG
[02:21] Drk_Pwnr: BEND BEND BEND!
[02:21] Oliveman: My god,
[02:21] Psi_Ninja_: BEND!!!!
[02:21] Zanarias: BEND SO MUCH
[02:21] somefatguy: Bend...
[02:21] Kaitou: BEND BEND BEND
[02:21] digitalninja: .......
[02:21] Zanarias: BEND
[02:21] Vulcanis: fierabend?
[02:21] GroovyGnome: BEND AND SUCH
[02:21] Genemi-Kun: bend
[02:21] Mattz: don't we bend when we chat?
[02:21] metalforever_: bend
[02:21] Zanarias: BENDMYBEAR
[02:21] Ratlord: Got a little bending...
[02:21] Genemi-Kun: BEND \o\
[02:21] Lit3: FLOOD!! AH IM DYING
[02:21] Zectra: BEND BEND BEND
[02:21] Daniel: bend!
[02:21] peebrain: oooh mine is a little weak
[02:21] amygdala: Got one.
[02:21] Ratlord: Nothing spectacular...
[02:21] Genemi-Kun: BEEEND /o/
[02:21] peebrain: BEND BITCH BEND!
[02:21] GroovyGnome: BEND BEND BEND
[02:21] KatyKaty: bend
[02:21] psi001: bend bend bend!
[02:21] Genemi-Kun: POTATOES \o\
[02:21] Oliveman: Same here
[02:22] Lit3: FLOODING LOL ah
[02:22] TelekinesisBoy: BEND BEND BEND
[02:22] deny_tk: BEND BEND
[02:22] Guardian_Of_Death: THERE IS NO SPOON
[02:22] Lit3: FLOOD
[02:22] Daniel: BEND!
[02:22] RodrigoHarrtamn: bend!
[02:22] Lit3: AH
[02:22] Daniel: BENS!
[02:22] Lit3: FLOODERS
[02:22] RodrigoHarrtamn: bend
[02:22] Oliveman: SPPPPOPOOOON!
[02:22] Daniel: BEND!
[02:22] Inky: "It is not the fork that bends but youself"
[02:22] Lit3: BAN BITCHES
[02:22] Daniel: BEND!
[02:22] Genemi-Kun: OMG! I'VE LOST MY FORK!! :. "
[02:22] Lit3: BAN!
[02:22] psi001: mines tot bending
[02:22] RodrigoHarrtamn: bendddd
[02:22] Zanarias: I didn t get it to bend, but i can tell it isnt as solid as usual
[02:22] NinjaKitsune: why are you hurting cutlery :(
[02:22] Brento: I think, I should stick with the psi wheel..
[02:22] shinjikun34: of course yours is weak, you are the peebran
[02:22] Daniel: bend
[02:22] Genemi-Kun: bend ;x
[02:22] amygdala: One down, two to go.
[02:22] Daniel: bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddn
[02:22] Oliveman: Damn, I thought it ended
[02:22] Kaitou: didnt work =/
[02:22] Guardian_Of_Death: Poral opening AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
[02:22] Someone45: lol
[02:22] Daniel: bend
[02:22] Mattz: in that case
[02:22] Daniel: BEND
[02:22] etree8: Mine's a little weaker than normal! :D
[02:22] ErikJDurwoodII: great. I just ruined another piece of good cutlery...
[02:22] Mattz: since noboy wants to answer my fucking question....
[02:22] peebrain: mine is weaker
[02:22] Oipo: Failure. Bummer.
[02:22] Mattz: BEND GODDAMN YOU
[02:22] digitalninja: ok do we like still hold the fork and just talk?????????
[02:22] * peebrain sets mode: +m
[02:22] peebrain: ok for all that don't know...
[02:23] peebrain: your silverware doesn't HAVE to bend right now... in fact, in normal PK Parties, you just shout for a little bit, and then you just chat afterwarsd
[02:23] peebrain: *afterwards
[02:23] * DarkPsi has joined #psipog
[02:23] peebrain: the GOAL is to have focused inattention
[02:23] * neveza has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[02:23] peebrain: that means that you are somewhat distracted from wanting to have a bent spoon
[02:23] peebrain: but it's in the back of your head
[02:23] * Mlink has joined #psipog
[02:23] peebrain: that way it gets into your subconscious, and the conscious mind stays out of the way
[02:23] peebrain: and the subconscious mind bends it at some random time
[02:23] peebrain: so right now:
[02:24] peebrain: the goal is to just chat and have fun
[02:24] stony1205: I can do that.
[02:24] ErikJDurwoodII: the "charged" intent will be let loose to morph the metal in the utensil.
[02:24] * maddok has joined #psipog
[02:24] peebrain: if you think your silverware can bend, then give it a push/pull, and see
[02:24] peebrain: otherwise, just have fun
[02:24] peebrain: if you do bend it, then post a picture online
[02:24] ErikJDurwoodII: Then the metal will become easily pliable by hand
[02:24] peebrain: is good for that
[02:24] * Niushirra has left #psipog
[02:24] peebrain: stony, Erik, Joe... any last tips?
[02:25] * neveza has joined #psipog
[02:25] JoeT: One thought:
[02:25] JoeT: Focus more on actually bending the fork, spoon, whatever rather than typing.
[02:25] AFX: yeh
[02:25] JoeT: I saw a lot of members type pretty fast.
[02:25] * peebrain sets mode: -m
[02:25] peebrain: good tip
[02:25] Lit3: gf
[02:25] Brento: Yay! I'll eat my cheesecake with the spoon!!
[02:25] Wraith777: Question... Does this work at all for plastic utensils?
[02:25] peebrain: resume
[02:25] Zanarias: So should we be holding it the whole time? Or should we push it out of the way?
[02:25] Oipo: Btw, does silverware imply the object to be of silver? Or does any metal suffice?
[02:25] Mattz: well, I can hold the fork/spoon in a way that lets me type fast and not let go
[02:25] binary: .
[02:25] Tankdown: testing..
[02:25] RodrigoHarrtamn: WAIT
[02:25] * binary has left #psipog
[02:25] Vulcanis: typing onehanded sucks, but typing this fast requires little thought
[02:25] Bobrobyn: Chatting with one hand sucks, lol. I can't type fast at all.
[02:26] Vulcanis: Oipo, no
[02:26] Mattz: And we don't let go, right?
[02:26] Lit3: PEEBRAIN!!!!!!!
[02:26] Oliveman: But how can you hold the spoon while typing?
[02:26] GroovyGnome: For the sake of clarity, is it safe to let go of the silverware? Typing with the silverware in hand is probably annoying for a lot of people.
[02:26] gravy: can i bend a PENCIL?
[02:26] Zanarias: Wait!!! Should we be holding it the whole time!?!
[02:26] Oipo: Cool.
[02:26] Mattz: Flipt it, oliveman
[02:26] Oneta: If you have to use the restroom, make sure to take breaks for that also ;-)
[02:26] Vulcanis: olive, onehanded
[02:26] Lit3: PEEEBRAIN
[02:26] RodrigoHarrtamn: EVERYONE CAN BAN WHO ITS WANT?
[02:26] Mattz: Rest it backwards,
[02:26] Guardian_Of_Death: can someone send me a log of the entire party please i'd appreciate it
[02:26] Lit3: PEEBRAIN
[02:26] Sabre: Guys, how are we going to see each other after today?!? Are we just going to lose each other forever?!?!? *cries*
[02:26] Mattz: One second, I'll message you
[02:26] Lit3: PEEBRAIN
[02:26] Oliveman: I hate being left handed
[02:26] JoeT: I'll start bending my stuff now and post the pictures.
[02:26] Lit3: PEEBRAUB
[02:26] Tankdown: Ok...STORY TIME
[02:26] RodrigoHarrtamn: ?
[02:26] stony1205: Lit3: Stop.
[02:26] Oliveman: NOOOO
[02:26] peebrain: um what?
[02:26] Nuvayah: wow, i dont come for 9 months, dont even go to the site, and then come back on the day of a PK party
[02:26] Tankdown: Who wants to hear my story?
[02:26] Oliveman: Tank''s story time
[02:26] GroovyGnome: Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down
[02:26] thefantom: i do
[02:26] Oliveman: is death
[02:26] Zanarias: Peebs, must we hold it the whole time, or push it out of the way
[02:26] * TelekinesisBoy can i let it go or do i have to hold it?
[02:26] Guardian_Of_Death: same nuvayah
[02:26] RodrigoHarrtamn: cool
[02:26] Roy: `ban Lit3
[02:26] * ChanServ sets mode: +b *!misterme2@*
[02:26] * Lit3 was kicked by ChanServ (You are banned)
[02:26] peebrain: try to hold it as much as you can
[02:26] cliffbizquit: hahaha
[02:26] Sabre: Everyone say "WE'LL MISS YOU PEABRAIN" on 3
[02:26] Oliveman: *Eyetwitch*
[02:26] GroovyGnome: Nuvayah, it's called intuition
[02:27] Sabre: 1
[02:27] peebrain: `unban *!misterme2@*
[02:27] * ChanServ sets mode: -b *!misterme2@*
[02:27] EvilLaughKid: bel air'd?
[02:27] Sabre: 3
[02:27] Guardian_Of_Death: i just randomly showed up and landed in a pk party im so happy
[02:27] Zanarias: ok
[02:27] Tankdown: WE'LL MISS YOU PEABRAIN
[02:27] Sabre: oops
[02:27] * Vulcanis puts on music
[02:27] Sabre: 2
[02:27] gravy: im trying to bend my pencil :P
[02:27] * Psi_Ninja_ has quit IRC (Exit: )
[02:27] Mattz: I'll miss ALL the goddamn admins.
[02:27] Sabre: 3
[02:27] Oipo: Lol @ chaos
[02:27] Mattz: Everybody.
[02:27] DarkPsi: yeah we will....
[02:27] Tankdown: WE'LL MISS YOU PEABRAIN
[02:27] Vemorox: well miss you peebrain
[02:27] cliffbizquit: we'll miss you pee brain!
[02:27] vivi342: WE'LL MISS YOU PEABRAIN
[02:27] Zanarias: same here
[02:27] peebrain: thanks
[02:27] Oliveman: Yeah
[02:27] Daniel: Same
[02:27] ErikJDurwoodII: crappy pot-metal breaks...
[02:27] etree8: we'll miss you peebrain
[02:27] Oliveman: Ditto
[02:27] GroovyGnome: Well, if you migrate, you won't have to.
[02:27] DarkPsi: WE mISS U ALREADY!
[02:27] Mattz: I'll miss peebrain, Roy, ESS,
[02:27] NinjaKitsune: you are spelling his name wrong :(
[02:27] * Guest13302 has joined #psipog
[02:27] Draco_Platina: What they said
[02:27] Jspapp: well miss ya!!
[02:27] Zanarias: He wont be gone!
[02:27] * Oipo scratches head
[02:27] Sabre: I know. XD
[02:27] Mattz: every person here is quite important.
[02:27] Zanarias: the new site!
[02:27] Kamon: WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!
[02:27] Oliveman: Just missing
[02:27] Mattz: He won't be gone though.
[02:27] Tankdown: Okay...whos wants to hear a story
[02:27] psi001: peebrain, hold the spoon or the attenion?
[02:27] peebrain: aw schucks, thanks guys
[02:27] Mattz: YOUR MOM.
[02:27] Guardian_Of_Death: I would have liked for N_I to be here i've never met him
[02:27] Zanarias: me
[02:27] Wraith777: so does bending work the same way with the cheap, plastic variety??
[02:27] Mattz: :)
[02:27] peebrain: now let's bend some silverware
[02:27] Zanarias: ok llo
[02:27] Mattz: hehe
[02:27] Oliveman: Indeed
[02:28] NinjaKitsune: Peebs, I opened a beer wiht mine instead, sorry :(
[02:28] Tankdown: mine is on my ear like a pensil
[02:28] Roy: Peebrain, sign my boobs.
[02:28] Mattz: well you did start this from scratch quite a while ago
[02:28] amygdala: Does anyone know where Yump is?
[02:28] DarkPsi: lol i seen plastic bending on the internet
[02:28] powdered_water: Thanks for the crazy ride.. peebs
[02:28] Oipo: I thought we wouldn't never see Peebs again?
[02:28] Tankdown: I have spoons on the brian
[02:28] Vemorox: wow mine feels warm
[02:28] Entih: i wont miss much personally, but ill always appreciate this place for what it started
[02:28] Mattz: but look what it's turned into, eh?
[02:28] * Oliveman takes out the kareokee set
[02:28] EnKi: lol ray
[02:28] EnKi: roy*
[02:28] * Entih raises his soda
[02:28] EnKi: sorry
[02:28] ErikJDurwoodII: Wraith777: it can, so long as you do slow.
[02:28] Mattz: no dude.
[02:28] Mattz: He's got a new site.
[02:28] * neveza has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[02:28] Kamon: i'll miss everyone
[02:28] digitalninja: why does pk always happen when iam always distracted grrr!!
[02:28] Sabre: Guys, are we ever going to see each other again? ;_;
[02:28] slinking_ferret: My logs shall be huge -_-
[02:28] Wraith777: cool.
[02:28] Mattz: And he will be showing us later :)
[02:28] powdered_water: Roy... he only does that for his best fans
[02:28] powdered_water: Like me
[02:28] JoeT: Alright, let me take the picture of this distorted fork for you folks :-)
[02:28] Mattz: I refuse to say goodbye
[02:28] Kamon: is it ok to hold the spoon between your big and index toes?
[02:28] * Cryomaniac has joined #psipog
[02:28] Zanarias: ill miss you all
[02:28] Cryomaniac: damn
[02:28] Guardian_Of_Death: some one send me the log for the chat PLEASE!!!
[02:28] Mattz: lawl, toes.
[02:28] gravy: yeay
[02:28] stony1205: My tip: For those who are unsucessful with the fork-you "forced inattention" method, there is another way I have found sucessful. Used forced attention, and good melting visualizations. Things like lava, gallium, or mercury can sometimes help you if you're a visual practitioner. But try the fork-you method first! PM if you would like some help, i'll be glad to help you.
[02:28] Cryomaniac: only 113 people in here
[02:28] Oipo: Roy, mr. Awesome himself :P
[02:28] ika: back from med
[02:28] ErikJDurwoodII: Wraith777: plastic utensils are brittle so they have to be very soft or else the'll snap apart
[02:28] Wraith777: My spoon is quit estrong...
[02:28] Wraith777: *quite.
[02:29] Oneta: Focused Innattention*
[02:29] ika: i couldnt bend it
[02:29] Oliveman: No worries
[02:29] Melia42: god, it's like being on an aol chat, there's so many lines of pointless jabbering
[02:29] Oliveman: let's not talk about it
[02:29] Zanarias: and peebs, thanks for everything
[02:29] ika: :'(
[02:29] Mattz: May I have the links to the pages again, for Fork-You?
[02:29] Tankdown: I see you all in the near future!.....and you will join me in my I devour your flesh.......all of you will join be one...
[02:29] Mattz: omg
[02:29] Mattz: MELIA.
[02:29] Olesia: slinking_ferret??
[02:29] Mattz: bastage!
[02:29] Oipo: See topic
[02:29] digitalninja: hey i did it!!
[02:29] metalforever_: lol
[02:29] Oliveman: w00t!
[02:29] Oliveman: nice
[02:29] ika: no way
[02:29] digitalninja: i can bend it a bit
[02:29] ika: wicked
[02:29] ErikJDurwoodII: Melia42: yup
[02:29] Zyrisk: Go GO ninja!
[02:29] TelekinesisBoy: i did it...a little.
[02:29] Zanarias: really? sweet man!
[02:29] StuartR: Did Peebrain say what the new site is?
[02:29] Oliveman: Well, he IS a ninja XD
[02:29] Vulcanis: the end result will be it feeling like... putty
[02:29] stony1205: peebrain: Are we sending pictures to you?
[02:29] Mattz: not yet
[02:29] Zanarias: he will
[02:30] Zanarias: soon
[02:30] ika: I had my eyes clsoed and i could feel it bend and getting softer. but when i open my eyes it was still a normal spoon
[02:30] peebrain: or post them online
[02:30] JoeT: Okay, does anyone aside from me have pictures that they wish to share?
[02:30] ika: fork*
[02:30] Sabre: Upload pictures on the internet and post them here.
[02:30] TelekinesisBoy: but i feel that i forsed it too much
[02:30] ErikJDurwoodII:
[02:30] Mattz: I didn't have any success last time, not feeling anything this time
[02:30] digitalninja: dam i lost it now
[02:30] Tankdown: I feel putty, but it don't move
[02:30] Zanarias: peeb ur my hero!
[02:30] Tankdown: I feel it moving
[02:30] peebrain: if you want your picture hosted on psipog for the log, then send your pictures to me at:
[02:30] Tankdown: but Its not moving
[02:30] * peebrain sets mode: +m
[02:30] ErikJDurwoodII: can't get a pic in edgewise
[02:30] amygdala: I've got one, let me load it up.
[02:30] peebrain: if you want your picture hosted on psipog for the log, then send your pictures to me at:
[02:30] * peebrain sets mode: -m
[02:30] somefatguy: brb
[02:30] Daniel: Did anyone bend yet?
[02:30] * Serpentsounds has joined #psipog
[02:30] ErikJDurwoodII: yes
[02:30] * maddok has left #psipog
[02:30] Oipo: Erik did
[02:30] Daniel: Erik did you just bend?
[02:30] Zanarias: no
[02:30] Kaitou: I bent it a litte, but I was using alot of force =/
[02:30] JoeT: Okay, who's ready to see my stuff?
[02:30] Oliveman: It's getting weak, but it's just not there yet...
[02:30] Ally: I want to see Joe's pictures :P
[02:30] Melia42: my fork's still stiff and unyeilding.
[02:30] cliffbizquit: me!
[02:30] Ratlord: Post the link, Joe
[02:30] Brento: Nice erik!
[02:30] EnKi: ok joe
[02:30] ErikJDurwoodII: the spoon just now, the fork earlier before the party
[02:31] powdered_water: You'll get it, Melia
[02:31] Zanarias: nice man!
[02:31] Inky: Should we be expecting this on first try?
[02:31] AFX: Excellent job Erik
[02:31] Mattz: I've never had success D:
[02:31] JoeT: - This is the first fork I bended a little while ago.
[02:31] Serpentsounds: woah, gigantic channel.
[02:31] Oliveman: Aren't we supposed to not talk about bending so the rest of us cahn?
[02:31] Mattz: I don't think I visualized right. Can someone send me the links again?
[02:31] Oliveman: duh.
[02:31] Mattz: To the Fork-you?
[02:31] Oliveman:
[02:31] Ratlord: Read the topic, Mattz
[02:31] EnKi: it's in the channel topic
[02:31] * DarkPsi has quit IRC (Exit: DarkMyst WebChat (EOF))
[02:31] AFX: Joe:Excellent job man!
[02:31] Kaitou: It's my first time even meditating, so I;m not expecting anything...
[02:31] Mattz: er
[02:31] JoeT: - This is one of the forks I bended. Notice the skittles in my draw :-)
[02:31] BlueSprite: I would have tried but I feeling illish today :s
[02:31] Mattz: :_:
[02:31] shenlon2: oops, i just woke up from meditation...did i miss the shouting?
[02:31] Mattz: but I hate typing now
[02:31] Zanarias: nice joe
[02:31] Mattz: Quite, shenlon.
[02:31] Oliveman: no worries
[02:31] * Ratlord takes Joe's skittles
[02:31] ika: omg crazy
[02:31] Mattz: No worries though
[02:31] Mattz: :)
[02:31] Oliveman: yeah
[02:31] Oliveman: i know
[02:31] * Inky has left #psipog
[02:32] JoeT: - This is the third picture of the fork I bended.
[02:32] ika: dammit some hope tho
[02:32] * Tankdown grabs a pickel
[02:32] Oipo: Hehe, skittles
[02:32] * Cryomaniac has left #psipog
[02:32] * PsiKotic has joined #psipog
[02:32] Oliveman: Sour are the best
[02:32] Serpentsounds: That's crazy
[02:32] cliffbizquit: shiny
[02:32] BlackShadow: thats looks real nice eric
[02:32] Mattz: Ratlord, thief!
[02:32] EnKi: bended?
[02:32] Zanarias: yea
[02:32] Tankdown: its time....
[02:32] Zanarias: lol
[02:32] Tankdown: to duel....
[02:32] Vulcanis: ((the fork doesnt seem to want me bending it, its developed a bulge where I was holding it, but it doesnt want to go soft =( ))
[02:32] Oliveman: WITH CARDS!
[02:32] metalforever_: one of the op=lder ones:
[02:32] * Tankdown throws a pickel to Olivemaan
[02:32] Tankdown: no...
[02:32] * Ratlord throws the empty skittle bag at ChanServ...
[02:32] metalforever_: -p=
[02:32] Tankdown: WITH PICKELS
[02:32] Serpentsounds: I don't think I have enough sense of commitment to actually do any of this stuff :
[02:32] Ratlord: ChanServ stole the skittles from Joe's dirty drawer...
[02:32] * Oliveman EN GARDE!
[02:32] * Tankdown swings
[02:32] Mattz: brb?
[02:33] EnKi: serpent: that's the wrong way to think
[02:33] Tankdown: TAKE THAT"
[02:33] * Oliveman block
[02:33] ika: yea
[02:33] Oliveman: waha!
[02:33] * lore has joined #psipog
[02:33] * Tankdown throws sand in Oliveman eyes
[02:33] * Oliveman Stabs
[02:33] lore: Hey
[02:33] Zanarias: i dont got cam
[02:33] ika: i m going to keep this fork close and try again
[02:33] * Tankdown dodge
[02:33] Zanarias: sadly
[02:33] cliffbizquit: should you expect results from your fist try?
[02:33] * Lit3 has joined #psipog
[02:33] EnKi: and i could have worded that better
[02:33] peebrain: cliff - sure
[02:33] * Tankdown jumps and swings
[02:33] Zanarias: but i didnt do it yet
[02:33] peebrain: Daniel - you can
[02:33] BlackShadow: sure
[02:33] Oipo: YEZ, OMG
[02:33] Daniel: brb
[02:33] EnKi: Oipo, you did it?
[02:34] Tankdown: you give up Oliveman..
[02:34] Oliveman: Hmm, maybe I should do the visual for another minute
[02:34] PsiKotic: Hey i it possible to make a STiNKY psiball?
[02:34] Oipo: no, was replying to Dan
[02:34] * powdered_water has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[02:34] EnKi: oh
[02:34] metalforever_: lol
[02:34] Bladeslinger: Probably
[02:34] Oliveman: Yes, I die
[02:34] Oliveman: XD
[02:34] TelekinesisBoy: should i visualize again?
[02:34] Mattz: supper.
[02:34] lore: Possibly, Psikotic
[02:34] * Tankdown eats Oliveman pickel
[02:34] peebrain: my spoon is slightly mushy
[02:34] lore: ...
[02:34] TelekinesisBoy: cuz i dont think i did it right
[02:34] lore: damnit!
[02:34] peebrain: this is more than I've ever done
[02:34] PsiKotic: lol i should do it to one of my friends during school....
[02:34] * lore is now known as powdered_water
[02:34] peebrain: no bending yet though
[02:34] Tankdown: sour..
[02:34] somefatguy: Back
[02:34] etree8: Mine keeps going soft, then hard, then soft again.....
[02:34] PsiKotic: *hovers over nose*
[02:34] Zanarias: peeb
[02:34] Float: brb
[02:34] Zanarias: your lucky
[02:34] peebrain: me too etree
[02:34] EnKi: mine hasn't changed a bit
[02:34] Zanarias: you beat your mark~
[02:35] ika: same here..
[02:35] digitalninja:
[02:35] Zanarias: 112!
[02:35] Oliveman: mmm
[02:35] digitalninja:
[02:35] GroovyGnome: What do you mean by mushy?
[02:35] peebrain: ya, 113 at one point
[02:35] shinjikun34: i love the new record
[02:35] digitalninja: Belive it!!!!!
[02:35] Kaitou: I didnt do it right d:
[02:35] Oipo: 111 people in the room :)
[02:35] shinjikun34: ^_^
[02:35] amygdala: JoeT, can I get some help uploading an image?
[02:35] EnKi: i saw 115
[02:35] TelekinesisBoy: should i re visuailize again???
[02:35] Roy: I saw 115 as well.
[02:35] JoeT: Sure thing Amy :-)
[02:35] Guardian_Of_Death: yo peebs
[02:35] * peebrain sets mode: +m
[02:35] peebrain: hey guys:
[02:35] * liq3 has joined #psipog
[02:35] * Spieta has joined #psipog
[02:35] peebrain: please send your pics to as well, if you want them on after the archiving
[02:36] * peebrain sets mode: -m
[02:36] Kamon: heh, im doing 3 things at once, think im sufficiently unfocused on the spoon?
[02:36] Zanarias: k lol
[02:36] Brento: OMG! I was eating my cheesecake with a totally different fork than the oneI was holding! The one I ate with bent by alot...x.x
[02:36] Guardian_Of_Death: peebs
[02:36] Tankdown: I wish I had a camra
[02:36] * RodrigoHarrtamn has left #psipog
[02:36] Oliveman: indeed
[02:36] Oipo: Hey Spieta
[02:36] FluxPK: mushey is mushroom-like
[02:36] * Fakiti has quit IRC (Exit: DarkMyst WebChat (Ping timeout))
[02:36] digitalninja: lol iam keeping my pics secret
[02:36] Spieta: Hello.
[02:36] psi001: i think mine softened
[02:36] Oipo: You are late :)
[02:36] Kamon: chat, music, and cave story, woot
[02:36] * ircleuser has joined #psipog
[02:36] amygdala: JoeT, can you please pm me through a walkthrough?
[02:36] * ircleuser has left #psipog
[02:36] Daniel: I can't find a plastic fork
[02:36] Guardian_Of_Death: can you send me the log of the chat?
[02:36] EnKi: cave story?
[02:36] Tankdown: It is do what must be done....Oliveman! join me!
[02:36] cliffbizquit: i can't do this because of my parents tv and my brothers music :(
[02:36] JoeT: Sure thing Amy.
[02:36] PsiKotic: hey how can we host our own pk partys on here/?????????
[02:36] peebrain: GoD - I'm posting the log on the forums afterwards
[02:36] etree8: I'll send my pics once I can bend this thing more :D
[02:36] Oipo: Some game EnKi
[02:36] Guardian_Of_Death: ok thanks
[02:36] Oliveman: Yeah....
[02:36] * Tankdown throws a plasma rifle to Oliveman
[02:37] Lit3: Joet same here
[02:37] EnKi: oh
[02:37] Tankdown: SHOOT AT RANDOM!
[02:37] * shinjikun34 makes one hell of a shield
[02:37] PsiKotic: AHH TAKE COVER!
[02:37] Oliveman: You do that with an SMG...
[02:37] Daniel: Oh, my fork wont bend
[02:37] * shortpower24 has quit IRC (Exit: )
[02:37] powdered_water: poor dan
[02:37] digitalninja: cya guys
[02:37] Zanarias: :( give me a gun too!
[02:37] Daniel: BEND
[02:37] * Tankdown fires everywhere
[02:37] Kamon: HEAVY MACHINE GUN!
[02:37] EnKi: i thought it was an actual story :(
[02:37] Oipo: :(
[02:37] * Draco_Platina engages defense options.
[02:37] * ika is sad it didn't worked for him
[02:37] * Lit3 is cool.
[02:37] Melia42: neat, a moment of soft, but now it's solid again.
[02:37] * Oliveman Takes out katanas
[02:37] * Oipo needs music
[02:37] MorfeuV: Psychic battle sheild test???
[02:37] * digitalninja has left #psipog
[02:37] PsiKotic: hey i cant see my spoon!!!!
[02:37] Oliveman: Guns are for pooosies
[02:37] StuartR: #wonders
[02:37] * gravy im waiting for my pencil to bend XD
[02:37] * shinjikun34 pulls out diakatana
[02:37] * Tankdown throws a dyamiomite next to Lit3
[02:37] Daniel: beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend you fork bend!
[02:37] Oliveman: A pencil...
[02:37] PsiKotic: i think it turned invisible i swear
[02:37] Oliveman: Mmmmkay
[02:38] Oliveman: XD
[02:38] Lit3: lol
[02:38] somefatguy: *sigh*
[02:38] gravy: XD
[02:38] Someone45: lol
[02:38] Zanarias: SFG
[02:38] * Ally hugs Somefatguy
[02:38] PsiKotic: i can still feal it thouigh
[02:38] TelekinesisBoy: i didnt work...:(
[02:38] Lit3: somefatguy is fat really fat
[02:38] Zanarias: Will you go to the new site?
[02:38] Ratlord: Oooh...I got a bend...
[02:38] * Tankdown jumps into the air and shoots a round at Ally dirction
[02:38] TelekinesisBoy: it didnt even get soft
[02:38] Sabre: What's the new site?
[02:38] somefatguy: Hey is that you Ally?
[02:38] Zanarias: Really rat
[02:38] Bobrobyn: Ratlord - Congrats.
[02:38] Bobrobyn: *shakes fist*
[02:38] powdered_water: hm
[02:38] Bobrobyn: Mine won't bend.
[02:38] Vemorox: thats great
[02:38] JoeT: Alright, can I have everyone's attention real quick?
[02:38] JoeT: Thanks.
[02:38] Zanarias: Yea!
[02:38] Ratlord: Yeah, nothing special though, just got soft and went down...
[02:38] PsiKotic: ok
[02:38] * Vamp has quit IRC (Exit: )
[02:38] Ally: No, it's the ghost of the Schnoogler Monster, Somefatguy.
[02:38] Daniel: Rat, you got a bend?
[02:38] Someone45: yeah
[02:38] somefatguy: Ally: Oh.
[02:38] Oliveman: YO, LISTEN TO JOE
[02:38] Ally: Hehehe.
[02:38] PsiKotic: JOE T HAS SOMTHING TO SAY GUYS STOP TYPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[02:39] * Tankdown has a knife to Joe
[02:39] Tankdown: listen to who?
[02:39] Tankdown: o okay...
[02:39] Oipo: Lol.
[02:39] shinjikun34: if i just joined i would think this is the most perverted chat ever
[02:39] JoeT: Who here has _NOT_ had success with bending their fork/spoon?
[02:39] GroovyGnome: Im not sure of the normal consistency of my fork.
[02:39] Daniel: me
[02:39] * Vulcanis eviscerates JoeT
[02:39] PsiKotic: ME
[02:39] Lit3: me
[02:39] harman: me
[02:39] Mellvarr: me
[02:39] vivi342: me
[02:39] peebrain: me
[02:39] Guardian_Of_Death: in all the time i've been here i've never seen this many people active on psipog
[02:39] ika: i didn t not
[02:39] Olesia: me
[02:39] Vemorox: me
[02:39] * Bobrobyn raises hand.
[02:39] Zanarias: me, although im a first timer
[02:39] Tankdown: md...
[02:39] Lit3: lol
[02:39] Kaitou: I haven't :(
[02:39] Vulcanis: me, kinda
[02:39] Oliveman: auye
[02:39] Jspapp: d\me
[02:39] NinjaKitsune: joe: MEMEME
[02:39] deny_tk: me
[02:39] Lit3: me
[02:39] * EnKi has not
[02:39] Lit3: me
[02:39] peebrain: lol
[02:39] Lit3: me
[02:39] FluxPK: me'
[02:39] * shinjikun34 hasn't bent the spoon
[02:39] Lit3: me
[02:39] JoeT: Okay
[02:39] Mance: Me too
[02:39] Ratlord: Lmao
[02:39] * JoeT sets mode: +m
[02:39] JoeT: Alright, first thing first, please STOP PMing me.
[02:39] JoeT: I have litterally 29 windows flashing.
[02:40] JoeT: Sean, mind if I share a technique?
[02:40] peebrain: go for it... I have one comment:
[02:40] peebrain: the hand holding my silverware is all sweaty.. w00t
[02:40] peebrain: ok go ahead :-)
[02:40] JoeT: Hah, excellent
[02:41] AFX: Stop pming me aswell, please.
[02:41] JoeT: Alright, everyone please hold your fork/spoon and place it in front of you.
[02:41] JoeT: Visulization is the key.
[02:41] * MorfeuV has left #psipog
[02:41] JoeT: Everyone first close your eyes and slowly count down from 25.
[02:41] JoeT: Slowly
[02:42] JoeT: Alright, now: Put your fork/spoon in front of you and stare at it. Remember to pinch the fork using your thumb and pointer finger.
[02:42] ErikJDurwoodII: back
[02:42] JoeT: Then, I want you all to visualize your body on fire.
[02:43] JoeT: Try to 'feel' the heat of that fire.
[02:43] * Mattz is now known as Mattz|Back
[02:43] JoeT: Visualize the flames.
[02:43] JoeT: Now, look at your fork/spoon
[02:43] JoeT: Imagine the flames of the fire covering the spoon/fork.
[02:44] JoeT: See the fork begin to melt.
[02:44] * Vamp has joined #psipog
[02:44] JoeT: Try to 'smell' the fork melting.
[02:44] JoeT: Keep visualizing it.
[02:44] JoeT: Stare at the fork/spoon
[02:45] JoeT: Now, see that fork/spoon folding downwards.
[02:45] JoeT: Now, yell mentally or outloud "Bend!"
[02:45] JoeT: Slightly put pressure on the fork/spoon.
[02:45] JoeT: Repeat until you've done it.
[02:45] JoeT: It's a decent technique.
[02:45] JoeT: Anyone get it to bend?
[02:45] * JoeT sets mode: -m
[02:45] peebrain: that works awesome
[02:46] EnKi: nope.
[02:46] * Lit3 slaps JoeT around a bit with a large trout
[02:46] Mattz|Back: nope D:
[02:46] peebrain: no but I'm fucking hot as hell now
[02:46] Mellvarr: no
[02:46] Ratlord: Worked for me...Though not much
[02:46] Lit3: no i didnt
[02:46] shinjikun34: no
[02:46] PsiKotic: no
[02:46] NinjaKitsune: oh hell no
[02:46] * psi_lizard did for the first time
[02:46] ika: OMFG
[02:46] ika: no WAY
[02:46] ika: It work
[02:46] etree8: I just hosted my picture: here it is
[02:46] ika: IT WOKK
[02:46] amygdala: got it
[02:46] ika: OWKR
[02:46] ika: IT WORK
[02:46] Melia42: hah, while I was ignoring Joe, my fork bent :P
[02:46] Oliveman: Hard to do it when it's 40 degrees here....
[02:46] JoeT: lol Mel
[02:46] ika: Omfg
[02:46] FluxPK: negative
[02:46] ika: at like
[02:46] Mattz|Back: 40...F?
[02:46] ika: the visualise it melt part
[02:46] Oipo: C
[02:46] Oliveman: Yeah...
[02:46] Oipo: Lol
[02:46] Oliveman: lol
[02:46] Mattz|Back: haha
[02:46] ika: i bended it with my thumb
[02:46] Mattz|Back: I'm C
[02:46] Mattz|Back: .Stfu.
[02:46] JoeT: I'm glad some people got it. As for the others, keep the practice up.
[02:46] JoeT: You'll get it.
[02:46] Vemorox: cold here to
[02:46] * Mattz|Back is now known as Mattz
[02:46] Lit3: ETREE
[02:46] Vemorox: but not that bad
[02:46] Brento: I was eating with a fork, but has no intention on bending it, but I did have an intention with the other one...
[02:46] ika: i m all warm
[02:46] Zanarias: as other stated
[02:46] Elija: it snapped in half
[02:47] etree8: yes?
[02:47] PsiKotic: this is hard
[02:47] ika: dieing warm
[02:47] Zanarias: hot as hell, slight change
[02:47] Lit3: LOL
[02:47] Mattz: ?
[02:47] etree8: ok...
[02:47] Brento:
[02:47] Oipo: It's nearing freezing point here
[02:47] Lit3: and the same fork
[02:47] Sabre: But how can we practice without the guidance of people like you, JoeT!!!
[02:47] Lit3: and bended the same
[02:47] ika: my computer screen degaused randomly..
[02:47] PsiKotic: umm i think my fan is affecting y process
[02:47] Kamon: mines sorta, not completly
[02:47] TelekinesisBoy: ok...i tried joe's teq
[02:47] Vemorox: mine bent but
[02:47] Oipo: My fork got weaker
[02:47] * ika oes to get another one
[02:47] Kamon: it bent like, 15 degrees
[02:47] EnKi: -20 here. C and F -20 is the same
[02:47] Kaitou: It worked a little bit
[02:47] * DamianM has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[02:47] Oliveman: Rly?
[02:47] JoeT: Excellent :-)
[02:47] Tankdown: Mine didn't bend...but I do feel much warmer
[02:47] etree8: If I can get my fork to bend any more, I'll post another picture
[02:47] Oipo: Wow, way to cold
[02:47] Vemorox: i think i pushed a little to hard
[02:48] Tankdown: and so does the spoon
[02:48] Kaitou: same
[02:48] ErikJDurwoodII: etree8: you need to put your Panasonic DMC-LC43 digicam into macro focus mode
[02:48] * peebrain sets mode: +m
[02:48] * Sleepinglion has joined #psipog
[02:48] peebrain: another reminder, please send pics to me to be placed on
[02:48] * peebrain sets mode: -m
[02:48] jakedahn: Oh snap, I did it
[02:48] Oipo: :)
[02:48] StuartR: It's not supposed to bend by itself
[02:48] etree8: How?
[02:48] ErikJDurwoodII: it's the flower on the ring on the top.
[02:48] psi_lizard:
[02:48] Sleepinglion: ah... did I MISS IT?
[02:48] etree8: Oh, thanks!
[02:48] psi001: I did it! with my finger
[02:48] ErikJDurwoodII: ^__^
[02:48] Sabre: Yes, you did.
[02:48] stony1205: This is one I did in February of 2004. I am too tired to do one today.
[02:48] Sleepinglion: great.
[02:48] * ika has a new spoon
[02:49] stony1205: Some of you may remember when I did that one
[02:49] psi001: g2g
[02:49] psi001: gusy
[02:49] Oipo: Later
[02:49] somefatguy: Bye
[02:49] psi001: I'll cya all later.
[02:49] psi001: By psipog
[02:49] stony1205: later
[02:49] Bobrobyn: Okay.
[02:49] ika: my sister is trying to bend with his arms haha
[02:49] * psi001 has quit IRC (Exit: )
[02:49] Sabre: I'm kinda sceptical. is there any way to believe other than some pictures?
[02:49] Oliveman: I'm going to try to do Joe's tech in my room, my little bro is distracting
[02:49] Mattz: damnit D:
[02:49] stony1205: Sabre do it for yourself
[02:49] Mattz: done it twice now.
[02:49] ika: i have a webcam i can make a short movie
[02:49] Mattz: D:
[02:49] Bobrobyn: Some drunks pulled my fire alarm in residents. I'll be back in a little bit.
[02:49] etree8: Ika, your SISTER is trying to bend it with HIS arms?
[02:49] Bynw: bend your little bro
[02:49] PsiKotic: if i sitmy spoon down will it still bend maybe
[02:49] Mattz: Okay, this time, i will actually movitave myself...
[02:49] Oipo: Rofl
[02:49] ika: like justw it strengh
[02:49] * Kiter`an has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[02:49] jakedahn: Hmm, I just thought of something, does anyone here have solid chinese healing balls? It would be cool to put a big dent into a chinese healing ball, via pk
[02:49] ika: my forks are fucking hard
[02:49] * Goober wonders when Erik is going to give his speech...
[02:49] * Elija has quit IRC (Exit: DarkMyst WebChat)
[02:49] * peebrain does joe's method from the start
[02:50] Mattz: ika's sister is a hermaphrodite
[02:50] Tankdown: my head hurt....
[02:50] ika: ..
[02:50] peebrain: goober - probably about a half hour
[02:50] Oipo: Lol
[02:50] ika: my engish sucks mind you
[02:50] * Mellvarr is dissapointed
[02:50] Bladeslinger: I got some chinese healing balls
[02:50] Tankdown: and my spoon and body is warm..
[02:50] Mattz: hence why she/he can be called both a woman and a man
[02:50] Mattz: XD
[02:50] Mattz: it's okay
[02:50] Guardian_Of_Death: JoeT it didn't work for me yet but my body went into like this trance and felt really weird/amazing im gonna try your technique more
[02:50] * Sleepinglion has left #psipog
[02:50] EnKi: speech?
[02:50] Mance: Jake- I've got some chinese healing balls... but I cannot even bend the spoon, lol
[02:50] Zanarias: i think my forks are made of psi'less-Steel
[02:50] * ErikJDurwoodII almost lodged a fork into his brain doing something scientifically stupid just now
[02:50] * TelekinesisBoy is disapointed because his mother doesnt beleive he did that and is now mad at him
[02:50] Oipo: Talk is more like it really
[02:50] * TelekinesisBoy feels like giving up now
[02:50] jakedahn: yeah, I can imagine it would be really cool to dent a chinese healing ball, but it would be hard, as well
[02:50] Zanarias: DONT
[02:51] BlackShadow: stony that one is awsome looking
[02:51] Vemorox: sorry to hear it
[02:51] powdered_water: Never give up
[02:51] * slinking_ferret wonders if you could wipe someones hard drive with PK.
[02:51] Sabre: peebrain, where are you goin?
[02:51] Sabre: going*
[02:51] GroovyGnome: Sabre: try it yourself.
[02:51] Zectra: I bent mine before forward at the head and backwards at the two outer spikes(joints)... aswell as singed the skin on the back of my index fingure 0.o... (need to find a camera)
[02:51] StuartR: Speech!
[02:51] JoeT: One moment, folks. Uploading Amy's picture
[02:51] shinjikun34: i tried so hard i forgot to breathe
[02:51] StuartR: Speech!
[02:51] powdered_water: haven't you learned.. parents are silly.. lol : P
[02:51] Oliveman: Damn, the party's almost over
[02:51] * Elija has joined #psipog
[02:51] Zanarias: yea :(
[02:51] Ratlord: Fucking nice tech, Joe.
[02:51] StuartR: Don't we get a Speech?
[02:51] Wraith777: I think half of us are subconsciously scared of beinding the spoons because we know we'll be down one spoon and our parents will be mad at us...
[02:51] Draco_Platina: slinking_ferret, not wipe, but fork up really bad.
[02:51] Oipo: :P
[02:51] powdered_water: Hi Elija
[02:51] Ratlord: I just got a pretty decent bend
[02:51] Guardian_Of_Death: your late elija
[02:51] EnKi: my dad can do pk half as well as i can
[02:51] Zanarias: we get like 2 more man
[02:51] PsiKotic: my dads like what are u doin whith that spoon in ur hand son? im like uhhhhh
[02:51] Zanarias: OWNED:
[02:51] Brento: PeeBrain, I sent you my photos!
[02:51] * Nuvayah is now known as Airrick
[02:52] * Airrick is now known as Nuvayah
[02:52] Vulcanis: Psi, tell him your spooning.
[02:52] Zanarias: lol
[02:52] Ratlord: PsiKotic, stick the end in your ear and say you were getting earwax out
[02:52] StuartR: lawl
[02:52] Oipo: Rofl
[02:52] Solet: Vulcanis: win!
[02:52] * TelekinesisBoy thinks his mom thinks he is mentally retarted and she is yelling at him
[02:52] slinking_ferret: XD
[02:52] Mattz: holy shit
[02:52] PsiKotic: lol
[02:52] Mattz: are you fucking serious.
[02:52] Solet: 5 internets for Vulcanis
[02:52] Tankdown: Iknow how that feels Telekinesisboy..
[02:52] Daniel: brb
[02:52] PsiKotic: ok!!! he will prob say somthing one sec...
[02:52] Tankdown: I know how that feels all to well...
[02:52] TelekinesisBoy: i give up
[02:52] Mattz: my spoon is actually getting weaker.
[02:52] Zanarias: No deal Solet! i give him TEN internets!
[02:52] ika: you all like 15 years old ?
[02:52] powdered_water: like i said tk boy, parents are silly
[02:52] shinjikun34: i am hiding in my room
[02:52] Mattz: yay first psi experience :D
[02:52] Sabre: I'm 13. =P
[02:52] Kamon: im 19
[02:52] Wraith777: Does anyone else agree with my theory...?
[02:52] StuartR: I'm 5
[02:52] Oipo: Psipog PK party @ 3 AM FTW!!
[02:52] ErikJDurwoodII: I put my fork into a specially wound coil attempting to soften the metal electromagnetically and while looking in one end of the tube the fork was yanked through the tube like a rail-gun and stabbed me in the forehead...
[02:52] Mattz: I am 15, why yes
[02:52] Tankdown: I think my spoon is getting stronger..
[02:52] * JoeT sets mode: +m
[02:52] JoeT: Taking a poll, how many people now have indeed bent or have made their metal weaker. Press 123
[02:52] * JoeT sets mode: -m
[02:53] ErikJDurwoodII: I need a band-aid
[02:53] * Duggers4 has joined #psipog
[02:53] Oipo: 123
[02:53] Kaitou: 16 heere
[02:53] Ratlord: 123
[02:53] metalforever_: 123
[02:53] EnKi: lol erik
[02:53] Kamon: 123
[02:53] PsiKotic: 17 here
[02:53] amygdala: 123
[02:53] Mattz: 123
[02:53] Solet: Zanarias: my internets have bigger tubes, and Vulcanis knows it :)
[02:53] Vulcanis: 123
[02:53] Sabre: 1234
[02:53] Oliveman: 123
[02:53] powdered_water: by the way, if you have grumpy parents, I'd suggest using one spoon and everytime you want to bend it, use the same one.
[02:53] TelekinesisBoy: 123
[02:53] powdered_water: 123
[02:53] ika: 123
[02:53] * digitalninja has joined #psipog
[02:53] peebrain: weaker, yes "123" ;-P
[02:53] Zanarias: Nooo! not bigger tubes!
[02:53] Vulcanis: They do indeed, solet
[02:53] StuartR: for hawt man secks press 123
[02:53] Mattz: Age does not determine maturity nor intelligence, though.
[02:53] jakedahn: 123
[02:53] peebrain: you suck for winning at my own game
[02:53] Mattz: Why do you ask if we are 15?
[02:53] Oipo: 123
[02:53] JoeT: - amygdala picture!
[02:53] psi_lizard: 123
[02:53] Sabre: 123
[02:53] Tankdown: Age can determine experiecne...
[02:53] vivi342: 123
[02:53] jakedahn: I will have a picture, as soon as Ic an get the camera
[02:53] Ratlord: Nice, amygdala
[02:53] Oipo: Nice !
[02:53] ika: mattz cos yu re all like my parents a re pised and stuff
[02:53] Zanarias: 123, BUT only on the first attempt. As i did the second attemt it didnt work as well
[02:53] Oliveman: Age is realative
[02:53] JoeT: Very nice picture, Amy.
[02:53] Draco_Platina: The internet is a series of tubes...
[02:53] Mattz: I've been here at least 2 years.
[02:53] AFX: Nice job amy.
[02:54] Kamon: mmm, tubes
[02:54] stony1205: Sorry these are so small : (
[02:54] ErikJDurwoodII: - Amygdala picture!
[02:54] amygdala: Thanks guys
[02:54] Sabre: How do we know that you didn't just bend the fork with force?
[02:54] ika: nono i m not saying you re worse than other fr experience. iw as just wonder why you re parents are all living at your place
[02:54] JoeT: Sean, I'll send you mine in a few minutes. AOL is sucking tonight for me :(
[02:54] Kamon: i eat my yogurt through a tube
[02:54] PsiKotic: umm i have a question does the tv effect your concentration????
[02:54] peebrain: ok cool
[02:54] vivi342: lol @ sabre
[02:54] GroovyGnome: ...
[02:54] Mattz: I tried that earlier, sabre
[02:54] JoeT: Yes, PsiKotic.
[02:54] GroovyGnome: i dont know, does it?
[02:54] Mattz: Believe me, it's really hard
[02:54] JoeT: Turn it off.
[02:54] AFX: PsiKotic:Yes, it does.
[02:54] Mattz: I had to find one that was hard in order to do this
[02:54] Jspapp: amygdala has the same silverware as me
[02:54] Kurisa: I think i have ADD D:
[02:54] * DamianM has joined #psipog
[02:54] Mattz: if it wasn't, then I would be tricking myself
[02:54] PsiKotic: oh ok well my dads watching it no wonder i havent any luck...
[02:54] Oliveman: If you have a lil brother to distract you LET HIM
[02:54] Kaitou: Maybe I'm too tired...
[02:54] stony1205: Sabre: try it yourself. We're not trying to prove psionics to you.
[02:54] PsiKotic: the comps in the living room :(
[02:54] stony1205: We believe, and that's all that counts. If you dont, that's fine.
[02:54] Oliveman: Spoon, bend!
[02:54] DamianM: hey
[02:55] Oliveman: You're so weak, why do you resist!
[02:55] erosion84: can't turn off my gf.. that's a slight problem when trying to bend cuttlery
[02:55] Daniel: I tried putting hot water on my fork and imagining the water to be lava
[02:55] Mattz: haha
[02:55] ika: pli pli pli pli pli pli pli pli pli
[02:55] Tankdown: ANGER!
[02:55] powdered_water: Way to make us not sound like a cult Stoney. : P
[02:55] JoeT: erosion84, give her money.
[02:55] Zanarias: Tank
[02:55] Oipo: Emo song, awesome
[02:55] JoeT: She'll go away.
[02:55] Melia42: Well, my fork's bent in half now. It's at a structurally weak point, so I've no idea how much was me, body heat, and weak metal.
[02:55] * JoeT snickers
[02:55] erosion84: haha
[02:55] Lit3: PEEBRAIN can you make them be quiet and talk to us the failurs who didnt get to bend it
[02:55] Sabre: Hmm
[02:55] * Tankdown grabs Oliveman and throws him off a cliff
[02:55] Zanarias: Is your spoon owning you tank?
[02:55] Ally: Ask the spoon/fork nicely, people. It's how I started out with psiwheels.
[02:55] erosion84: think it'll take more than that
[02:55] EvilLaughKid: my hand is getting sweaty, thats it
[02:55] ika: okay i cant do it twice or what .. bb
[02:55] Mattz: my spoon's owning mie
[02:55] Sabre: Does anyone remember a Sabre2552 from like 3 years ago?
[02:55] Oliveman: WAHH!
[02:55] Mattz: No.
[02:55] Mattz: D:
[02:55] * Tankdown jumps in his tank and runs over the spoon
[02:55] PsiKotic: * Throws spoon across the room* BEND!
[02:55] Sabre: =(
[02:55] * Mellvarr hates his fork
[02:55] Daniel: Peebrain please help
[02:55] Mattz: because I wasn't here then
[02:55] stony1205: Lit3: Clam down dude.
[02:55] Mattz: rofls.
[02:55] Tankdown: DIE SPOON
[02:55] powdered_water: but ally.. you're... special
[02:55] Sabre: That was me. =P
[02:55] powdered_water: : P
[02:55] Zanarias: OMFG yea i do sabre
[02:55] Vulcanis: [21:55] Ally: Ask the spoon/fork nicely, people. It's how I started out with psiwheels. -- I've killed peoples shields that way...
[02:55] etree8: Peebrain: I just sent you my picture.
[02:55] Sabre: Really?
[02:56] peebrain: thanks etree
[02:56] * shinjikun34 rips his fork in half....if only did that with my mind
[02:56] Zanarias: Slightly
[02:56] psi_lizard: erosion84: lol, my gf got bored, crawled into bed and started watching tv before the party even started, lol
[02:56] Zanarias: i think
[02:56] Guardian_Of_Death: anyone remember G_o_D from about 2 years ago
[02:56] * Tankdown grabs a flamethower and sets the spoon on fire
[02:56] Lit3: plz peebrain
[02:56] ErikJDurwoodII: I'd talk about my technique, but I'd probably make it harder to do for some people....
[02:56] Tankdown: BEND!!!!
[02:56] Sabre: My friend told me psipog was shutting down, so I came back, after having been here for 3 years.
[02:56] Oliveman: I just stared really hard at my psiwheel
[02:56] Mattz: Yes
[02:56] Mattz: I remember you, God.
[02:56] Mattz: XD
[02:56] Oliveman: I talked to it and gave it presents
[02:56] EnKi: Talk about it anyway.
[02:56] * gravy has quit IRC (Exit: DarkMyst WebChat (Ping timeout))
[02:56] Mattz: you were in my bed
[02:56] Sabre: Hmm, I kinda remember a Mattz.
[02:56] Kaitou: THey say it only works for about 1/2 of the party, I guess I;m in the unlucky 1/2
[02:56] Lit3: whens the next pk party
[02:56] Mattz: And I was like NO DON'T TOUCH ME THERE
[02:56] Guardian_Of_Death: wow 2 years and i still cant bend a damn fork___sad
[02:56] Oliveman: Never.
[02:56] Mattz: My ass is still sore man.
[02:56] Oliveman: Duh.
[02:56] Oipo: I'm interested in your technique Erik
[02:56] * Tankdown grabs Oliveman like a bat and hits a wall over and over...
[02:56] Guardian_Of_Death: why would he make another website?
[02:56] Zanarias: he is
[02:57] PsiKotic: IDK
[02:57] vivi342: nice..that was fun bending it
[02:57] StuartR: If it didnt work for you, put it in a microwave and turn it on
[02:57] metalforever_: lol
[02:57] Sabre: XD
[02:57] Daniel: Help please
[02:57] Zanarias: lol
[02:57] ika: wtf do you gys do wit the smashed fork now .. ?
[02:57] Zanarias: nice
[02:57] metalforever_: pics coming y'all
[02:57] stony1205: Guardian_Of_Death: it is explained on the home page
[02:57] PsiKotic: LMAO!!!!
[02:57] Mattz: 57 seconds is the key
[02:57] erosion84: lol
[02:57] * Tankdown Hits Zanarias with oliveman
[02:57] PsiKotic: ROFL
[02:57] Mattz: rofl
[02:57] Zanarias: OH JESUS
[02:57] GroovyGnome: did any of you read the news updates?
[02:57] Guardian_Of_Death: kk
[02:57] Oliveman: WAHHH!
[02:57] Ratlord: ika, the real challenge is bending it back to its original shape
[02:57] GroovyGnome: did any of you read the news updates?
[02:57] Zanarias: OLIVES NOOOO
[02:57] GroovyGnome: did any of you read the news updates?
[02:57] Mattz: I'M JESUS ON ECSTASY.
[02:57] GroovyGnome: did any of you read the news updates?
[02:57] Oipo: OH___________YES
[02:57] powdered_water: ika, you could try to make it resemble a fork again..
[02:57] ika: fuck
[02:57] Zanarias: THATS IT TANK
[02:57] * shinjikun34 is going to do this at school
[02:57] ika: okay
[02:57] Melia42: .. my fork broke
[02:57] stony1205: GroovyGnome: Please do not spam.
[02:57] PsiKotic: ANYONE WANT TO ADD ME TO AIM????
[02:57] * Tankdown Grabs Mattz and body slams him
[02:57] * Zanarias grabs tanks spoon
[02:57] * gravy has joined #psipog
[02:57] Mattz: no
[02:57] Tankdown: ME ANGRY!
[02:57] ErikJDurwoodII: eat curly fries
[02:57] Float: no
[02:57] Mattz: wtf
[02:57] Lit3: BYE PARTY
[02:57] ika: this wont fit in the dish washer anymore
[02:57] * digitalninja has left #psipog
[02:57] Mattz: no hurt me
[02:57] cliffbizquit: bye bit
[02:57] Mattz: bastage.
[02:57] EvilLaughKid: Despite popular belief, we have recieved reports caps lock is not the cruise control for cool
[02:57] cliffbizquit: lit
[02:57] * Zanarias throws th spoon into tanks eye
[02:57] PsiKotic: I NEED BUDDIES::::
[02:57] * powdered_water hugs melia
[02:57] Tankdown: MY EYE
[02:57] * Clover has joined #psipog
[02:57] EnKi: eating curly fries is your technique?
[02:57] Oliveman: This was so going to end up like this,
[02:58] Sabre: asdfjkl;
[02:58] peebrain: lol evil
[02:58] * BlackShadow runs around circles
[02:58] * thefantom has quit IRC (Exit: )
[02:58] Oliveman: I knew it.
[02:58] GroovyGnome: just assuring i caught someone attention
[02:58] Daniel: PLEASE!
[02:58] * peebrain sets mode: +m
[02:58] peebrain: goddamn
[02:58] peebrain: distraction is good, but there comes a point when it's just annoying :-P
[02:58] amygdala: Get it peebs?
[02:58] ErikJDurwoodII: hey Roy; Would your apprentice be Viceroy ?
[02:58] peebrain: stop typing in caps
[02:58] ErikJDurwoodII: oop
[02:58] * peebrain sets mode: -m
[02:58] Roy: No.
[02:58] Mattz: Fine
[02:58] Sabre: bold is the way to go
[02:58] Roy: He would not be.
[02:58] Sabre: j/k
[02:58] * Tankdown takes out a ray gun
[02:58] powdered_water: lol
[02:58] Tankdown: DIE SPOON!
[02:58] Mattz: all my text is autobold
[02:58] * Roy throws a pie in Erik's face.
[02:58] Kamon: HOLY CRAP
[02:58] Mattz: so yours is UNBOLD. bahaha.
[02:58] * Zanarias saves spoon
[02:58] * gravy is now known as Guest16929
[02:58] * Lit3 slaps peebrain around a bit with a large trout
[02:58] peebrain: :-P
[02:58] Kamon: mine just bent
[02:58] ika: my gf s gonna flip when i l show her that
[02:58] Entih: soz Clover, you are just too late, SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN ON EARLIER
[02:58] * Tankdown shoots Mattz/Oliveman/Kamon/Everyone else
[02:58] * Mellvarr is being nice to the fork...too nice...
[02:58] Mattz: Why me?
[02:58] Mattz: I thought we were allies.
[02:58] Zanarias: WAit!!!
[02:59] Mattz: ...T_T
[02:59] Zanarias: Guys!
[02:59] Mattz: ;_;
[02:59] Kamon: like, all the way around, twice
[02:59] Daniel: Kamon, you got a pic??????????
[02:59] Zanarias: I have an idea!
[02:59] * Tankdown zaps Zanarias
[02:59] Zanarias: guys!!!!
[02:59] Sabre: What?
[02:59] Zanarias: ow
[02:59] Mattz: thanks alot tankdown...
[02:59] Kamon: one sec, i'll make one
[02:59] * fakiti has joined #psipog
[02:59] Zanarias: ok guys
[02:59] Zanarias: in commemoration
[02:59] Mattz: Hold on, everybody shut up
[02:59] Draco_Platina: My spoon is too big.
[02:59] ika: okay i ll log and try to bend other stuff
[02:59] Zanarias: of this party
[02:59] fakiti: i'm back what did i miss
[02:59] metalforever_: lol
[02:59] metalforever_: hang on
[02:59] Clover: LIKE SHOOTING NAZI'S
[02:59] Zanarias: I believe we should all right click peebs name
[02:59] metalforever_: finding scanner icon
[02:59] Zanarias: and slap him with trout
[02:59] Guardian_Of_Death: now i see why Psipog is Dying
[02:59] Zyrisk: well.. i've achieved making my palms hot. But that always happens when I attempt anything psi.
[02:59] Zanarias: WHos with me!
[02:59] Mattz: No
[02:59] * Tankdown zaps Zanarias again
[02:59] Zanarias: Damnit tank
[02:59] Mattz: No x infinity, factorial.
[02:59] Ratlord: Zanarias, wanna do GoW coop now?
[02:59] Tankdown: the spoon is attacking me!
[02:59] Solet: Zanarias: not everyone in here uses mirc...
[02:59] peebrain: I have a fun right-click game
[02:59] * Mattz zaps Zanarias
[02:59] * Tankdown zaps Zanarias
[02:59] * Sabre slaps peebrain around with a large trout
[02:59] amygdala: haha
[02:59] * Zanarias was kicked by peebrain (peebrain)
[02:59] Tankdown: die spoon!
[03:00] EvilLaughKid: I believe we should all act like individuals and not do group things which flood the chat annoying everyone else.
[03:00] AFX: LMAO
[03:00] * Mattz hugs Tankdown
[03:00] amygdala: peebs, pm?
[03:00] * shinjikun34 kicks mellvarr
[03:00] * Zanarias has joined #psipog
[03:00] peebrain: ok amy
[03:00] Zanarias: ok
[03:00] Sabre: XD
[03:00] Tankdown: DIE SPOON
[03:00] Ratlord: Lol. Welcome back Zanarias
[03:00] Roy: I believe in aliens.
[03:00] Zanarias: dont say that to peeb.
[03:00] * Tankdown zaps Mattz
[03:00] EnKi: is it called kicking random people?
[03:00] ErikJDurwoodII: all together now!
[03:00] * Mattz Why?
[03:00] * Lit3 is now known as NOTABLETOBENDSPOON
[03:00] Zanarias: Roger that peebrain
[03:00] peebrain: heh
[03:00] somefatguy: *sigh*
[03:00] Vulcanis: [22:00] Roy: I believe in aliens. -- they cross the boarder every day.
[03:00] Zanarias: Ok anyway i was getting zapped right
[03:00] Mattz: hey sfg.
[03:00] fakiti: i like aliens
[03:00] * GroovyGnome slaps peebrain around a bit with a large trout
[03:00] * Tankdown gets the spoon out of his eye
[03:00] * NOTABLETOBENDSPOON slaps peebrain around a bit with a large trout
[03:00] Guardian_Of_Death: Peebrain : Zanarias
[03:00] Tankdown: there...
[03:00] Tankdown: I got it out..
[03:00] Roy: *rimshot* Vulcanis
[03:00] ika: wow i m gone purpose here is fullfiled i bend ma fork
[03:00] fakiti: oh hi sfg
[03:00] * NOTABLETOBENDSPOON slaps peebrain around a bit with a large trout
[03:00] ErikJDurwoodII: somefatguy: hello
[03:00] * Zanarias shoves the spoon back in
[03:00] ika: byes now
[03:00] ika: : )
[03:00] * NOTABLETOBENDSPOON slaps peebrain around a bit with a large trout
[03:00] * thefantom has joined #psipog
[03:00] * NOTABLETOBENDSPOON slaps JoeT around a bit with a large trout
[03:00] * Tankdown jumps in his tank
[03:00] Zanarias: Ahahaha
[03:01] Tankdown: SHOOT MUST DIE
[03:01] somefatguy: Hello guys
[03:01] Roy: I have pretty good ban instincts, peebs.
[03:01] Wraith777: Well... I failed. Back to the practice.
[03:01] Solet: lit3 stop
[03:01] * NOTABLETOBENDSPOON was kicked by peebrain (peebrain)
[03:01] * Zanarias pulls out pilum
[03:01] TelekinesisBoy: well im having bad luck
[03:01] Tankdown: SPOON*
[03:01] Wraith777: Later, guys.
[03:01] * ika is now known as Ikaway
[03:01] Guardian_Of_Death: hahaha
[03:01] * Wraith777 has quit IRC (Exit: )
[03:01] * Zanarias fires pilum at tanks weak spot
[03:01] peebrain: yeah yeah yeah
[03:01] Zanarias: KAboom!
[03:01] Kamon: one sec still, uploading to imageshack
[03:01] * Tankdown has shields
[03:01] Zanarias: ..
[03:01] Zanarias: Emp time!
[03:01] Guardian_Of_Death: ok to much Fluff for one room to take
[03:01] * Zanarias calls down emp on tank
[03:01] * Tankdown tank has 5 grams of anti matter as fuel
[03:01] Roy: :D peebs
[03:01] Oliveman: Ya think?
[03:01] * Zanarias fires ANOTHER pilum at tank
[03:01] * peebrain sets mode: +m
[03:01] stony1205: Finally
[03:01] peebrain: in another 5 minutes we'll end the PK Party, and I'll talk about my next project
[03:01] * Kiter`an has joined #psipog
[03:01] ErikJDurwoodII: *gasps for air*
[03:01] * peebrain sets mode: -m
[03:01] Sabre: !!!!!!!
[03:01] Oliveman: Darn.
[03:02] EvilLaughKid: my spoon is weaker, but it still takes too much force to bend I trhink
[03:02] Kurisa: -_- e-battle
[03:02] somefatguy: Finally
[03:02] * Bladeslinger shoves a beaver ith a bomb strapped to it's tail in the tank
[03:02] Zanarias: ill miss you all
[03:02] Oliveman: Yeah...
[03:02] Zanarias: Nice move blade!
[03:02] slinking_ferret: Sabre: Succes?
[03:02] Guardian_Of_Death: could all the people who fail (me) try again one last time together?
[03:02] * peerain has joined #psipog
[03:02] Vulcanis: Theres still #upc_chat and #psiclub, and many of us hang out around there
[03:02] * WindShifter has joined #psipog
[03:02] powdered_water: this isn't the end of us all zanarias lol
[03:02] stony1205: `ban peerain
[03:02] * peerain has left #psipog
[03:02] Sabre: XD
[03:02] WindShifter: hi all, did I miss anything?
[03:02] Guardian_Of_Death: peerain? hahahaha
[03:02] Zanarias: i know
[03:02] Oliveman: ROFL!
[03:02] slinking_ferret: XD
[03:02] Mattz: Hey.
[03:02] Kaitou: =/
[03:02] Zanarias: ill be on the next site as well
[03:02] Mattz: Can someone PM me the site?
[03:02] * Lit3 has joined #psipog
[03:02] Mattz: Please?
[03:02] Mattz: I have to leave now, unfortunately.
[03:02] * Jake has quit IRC (Exit: DarkMyst WebChat (Ping timeout))
[03:02] Sabre: No, no success. I was just gasping at peebrain's big unvailing.
[03:02] Zanarias: which one
[03:02] Lit3:
[03:02] StuartR: Erik wheres your speech?!
[03:02] GroovyGnome: astral projection is pretty interesting anyways
[03:02] Mattz: I haevn't had any success though.
[03:03] Kamon: ok here
[03:03] * stony1205 hmms
[03:03] Kurisa: *gasps for air* mmmm..air
[03:03] Mattz: Anybody?
[03:03] * AFX slides a pencil
[03:03] Zanarias: matt
[03:03] Sabre: I know peebrain's new project. He's going to door to door selling toasters!!! HE'LL MAKE MILLIONS!
[03:03] Mattz: ?
[03:03] Zanarias: Peebs new site isnt here yet
[03:03] shinjikun34: hahaha
[03:03] Zanarias: he hasnt told us
[03:03] slinking_ferret: Millions!
[03:03] Mattz: I know
[03:03] Mattz: I'm leaving
[03:03] Zanarias: BUT
[03:03] Vulcanis: Bold is so five minutes ago
[03:03] Oipo: No luck here yet :(
[03:03] Mattz: I'm asking for someone to tell me
[03:03] Zanarias: the log will be on the site
[03:03] metalforever_: lol
[03:03] Mattz: You're serious?
[03:03] Mattz: Thanks.
[03:03] cliffbizquit: Its a psychic toaster
[03:03] Bladeslinger: Toasters?...BRILLIANT!
[03:03] Daniel: I CANT SEE THE PIC
[03:03] GroovyGnome: #b hi
[03:03] Mattz: I really have to go,. I had to go a few minutes ago.
[03:03] ErikJDurwoodII: StuartR: after Sean's
[03:03] * Niushirra has joined #psipog
[03:03] Mattz: Righty, I'm gone.
[03:03] Sabre: Bye Mattz.
[03:03] Zanarias: matt
[03:03] Mattz: Goodbye everybody
[03:03] Zanarias: log will be on site
[03:04] Sabre: WE LOVE YOU
[03:04] powdered_water: cya
[03:04] JoeT: Sean, can I send you the links to my pictures through the email or do you actually want to attachment?
[03:04] Kurisa: mmmm....psyoasters
[03:04] Zanarias: that includes the new site
[03:04] Niushirra: new site?!
[03:04] * Mattz hugs everybody
[03:04] Guardian_Of_Death: ahh FLUFF from room lowering I.Q ahhhhhhh
[03:04] Kamon: everyone can see that, right?
[03:04] etree8: Bye Mattz!!!
[03:04] Mellvarr: i: italics ftw!! i:
[03:04] EvilLaughKid: my spon feels hot but its not bending
[03:04] Vulcanis: switching comps. Again. Biatch.
[03:04] Jspapp: bye Mattz
[03:04] Olesia: bye!
[03:04] JoeT: Take care, Mattz.
[03:04] Bladeslinger: O gawd it's Niushirra...
[03:04] * Vulcanis has quit IRC (Exit: )
[03:04] * shenlon2 gives up spoon bending after falling asleep twice
[03:04] Zanarias: goodbye mat
[03:04] * Tankdown has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[03:04] WindShifter: aah, everythings so fast. I came in at a busy time.
[03:04] Mellvarr: i: italics ftw!! /i:
[03:04] jakedahn: - 3 pics 1 vid
[03:04] jakedahn: - 3 pics 1 vid
[03:04] Kurisa: bai mattz
[03:04] * Mattz I guess I'll be seeing you all around on the new site?
[03:04] jakedahn: oops, sry for spam
[03:04] Guardian_Of_Death: later Madttz
[03:04] powdered_water: oh dear.. a hug
[03:04] Niushirra: i love bladey
[03:04] Lit3: peebrain you have msn?
[03:04] * Tankdown has joined #psipog
[03:04] Niushirra: hes my butt buddy
[03:04] jakedahn: grr, I need to crop one
[03:04] peebrain: hey I got a super small bend!
[03:04] * Bladeslinger shuffles away
[03:04] Mattz: and...I'm out. D:
[03:04] Tankdown: Bladeslinger...
[03:04] fakiti: has he said yet what the new site is?
[03:04] * liq3 has quit IRC (Exit: Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox])
[03:04] Draco_Platina: Away I go before I break down and attempt to A) eat someone or B)commit psychophagery on everyone here.
[03:04] GroovyGnome: * Testing
[03:04] Oliveman: Nice
[03:04] Sabre: bye. D:
[03:04] Ratlord: Cool, peebrain
[03:04] amygdala: Go Peebs!
[03:05] Lit3: peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeBRAINNNNNNNNNN
[03:05] * fakiti is now known as Fakiti
[03:05] Tankdown: my head feels funny..
[03:05] GroovyGnome: *eats tiger
[03:05] * Draco_Platina waves to peebrain.
[03:05] Tankdown: Fakiti MUST DIE!
[03:05] GroovyGnome: ....
[03:05] Lit3: Tankdown
[03:05] Oliveman: *Kicks spoon with head*
[03:05] Zanarias: Oh yea peebs work that spoon/fork
[03:05] Niushirra: new site?!
[03:05] * GroovyGnome meow
[03:05] JoeT: Awesome Sean
[03:05] GroovyGnome: Aah.
[03:05] * Tankdown aims ray gun
[03:05] peebrain: you can't really tell by looking at it, but it's about 10 degrees
[03:05] Tankdown: what?
[03:05] Fakiti: no don't kill fakiti
[03:05] ErikJDurwoodII: Tankdown: looks funny too
[03:05] Draco_Platina: Good luck with your new project, peebrain.
[03:05] peebrain: yo Draco
[03:05] gobdrat: hey does anyone try to explain why can someone actually bend the thing? this like, transfering your conciousness to the fork or something?
[03:05] Lit3: Maybe you can bend it :)
[03:05] Draco_Platina: Out I go!
[03:05] Zanarias: Nice! at least you got a bend T_T
[03:05] * Jake has joined #psipog
[03:05] EnKi: i'd be happy if i bent mine 2°
[03:05] Tankdown: that hurts Erik...
[03:05] Guardian_Of_Death: WOAH look at the channel list we have the most users right now 109!!!
[03:05] * Tankdown crys
[03:05] Kamon: mine bent like mad
[03:05] * Draco_Platina has left #psipog (Delicious!)
[03:05] Melia42: There went a tine :)
[03:05] FluxPK: become one with the fork
[03:05] Niushirra: i know about consciousness fusing
[03:06] Kamon: no effort either
[03:06] metalforever_: lol
[03:06] Zanarias: Tank, youll be at the next site i suppose?
[03:06] Sabre: NO, DANIEL
[03:06] Brento: The video os not.
[03:06] * peebrain sets mode: +m
[03:06] * Guest16929 has left #psipog
[03:06] JoeT: Looks like the fire technique worked fairly well.
[03:06] peebrain: alllllrighty
[03:06] peebrain: one last reminder to everyone:
[03:06] amygdala: I just thought we were applying the propere activation eneergy to help the ecess electrons overcome their bonds and shift from their current crystal lattice to a new Martnsitic form.
[03:06] * Jake is now known as Guest16930
[03:06] peebrain: if you have pictures, and you want them on for everyone in the world to see for eons and eons, then email them to me:
[03:06] amygdala:
[03:06] amygdala: That's my last pic for the night.
[03:06] * DamianM has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[03:06] * Vulc|Desktop is now known as Vulcanis
[03:07] * Lit3 is now known as Number1Fan
[03:07] peebrain: now I want to talk about my next project
[03:07] * BlueSprite is now known as BlueSprite|out
[03:07] * Roy readies the nailgun
[03:07] peebrain: before I do that...
[03:07] peebrain: thanks to everyone for coming to the PK Party
[03:07] peebrain: it was a lot of fun, and this is the most people we've ever had in this chat room
[03:07] * Guest16930 is now known as Jake
[03:07] ErikJDurwoodII: a record-breaking evening for a record-breaking group
[03:07] peebrain: ... :-P
[03:08] peebrain: ok... now about my next project
[03:08] peebrain: I know I said before that I wanted to work soley on OBEs
[03:08] * Bloodbath has quit IRC (Client closed connection)
[03:08] peebrain: but, in the past 6 months, or however long it's been, I changed my mind
[03:08] * Bloodbath has joined #psipog
[03:08] peebrain: in fact, about 3 ago, I was done with paranormal stuff all together
[03:09] peebrain: believe it or not, running psipog can take a lot of energy out of you :-P
[03:09] peebrain: it felt good to be done, and I didn't really want to do anything paranormal
[03:09] peebrain: but I ran into a problem
[03:09] peebrain: reality didn't really care if I wanted to stop experiencing paranormal things
[03:09] * UltimaRage has joined #psipog
[03:09] peebrain: reality just kept giving me weird shit day after day
[03:09] peebrain: I still had OBEs
[03:09] peebrain: I still predicted things
[03:09] peebrain: I still read people's minds and emotions
[03:10] peebrain: I still heard voices (maybe I'm crazy on that one...)
[03:10] * thegeek has joined #psipog
[03:10] peebrain: so... while it did feel good to take an extended break from psipog and talking about paranormal stuff all the time, ultimately...
[03:10] * WingedWolf has joined #psipog
[03:10] peebrain: I do paranormal shit, and I enjoy the paranormal
[03:10] * blackbeard has joined #psipog
[03:10] * DrFrankenstein has joined #psipog
[03:11] peebrain: but... like I said before... psipog is going to be archived
[03:11] * gravy has joined #psipog
[03:11] * thegeek has left #psipog
[03:11] * thegeek has joined #psipog
[03:11] peebrain: I still stand by that decision because psipog has it's own image
[03:11] peebrain: I don't control the image of psipog, it has a life of it's own
[03:11] * DamianM has joined #psipog
[03:11] peebrain: and what I want to do next does not fit in the image of psipog
[03:11] * blackbeard has left #psipog
[03:11] peebrain: what I want to do next is to tackle all things paranormal
[03:11] * trumpam has joined #psipog
[03:12] peebrain: instead of just psychic abilities, I also want to branch out into ghosts/hauntings, and UFO/aliens, and basically anything weird
[03:12] * Ikaway is now known as sucksthatisfoundthissitesolate
[03:12] * sucksthatisfoundthissitesolate is now known as ika
[03:12] * Shablulz has joined #psipog
[03:12] * neveza has joined #psipog
[03:12] * nfield has joined #psipog
[03:12] peebrain: and instead of taking a scientific perspective, I want to take a different perspective
[03:12] peebrain: science is great, but I feel it shouldn't be the MAIN focus
[03:12] peebrain: it should be something we can use now and then to help us along
[03:13] peebrain: the MAIN focus should be just to have a good time - to have fun, and enjoy ourselves
[03:13] peebrain: I think the reason psipog was successful wasn't because we focused on psionics from a scientific perspective
[03:13] * trumpam has left #psipog
[03:13] peebrain: there are lots of sites that do a much better job at that than psipog
[03:13] peebrain: and they are:
[03:13] peebrain: boring
[03:13] peebrain: why?
[03:13] * Sabre is now known as BECAUSE-WE-LOVE-PEEBRAIN
[03:13] peebrain: because, science is great and all, but shit... reading an 800 page document about crap I can't understand or internalize just isn't fun
[03:13] * BECAUSE-WE-LOVE-PEEBRAIN is now known as Sabre
[03:14] peebrain: the paranormal is something that needs to be experienced
[03:14] peebrain: then, if after we are done experiencing it, we may choose to look at it scientifically
[03:14] peebrain: or we may choose to use religion
[03:14] peebrain: or we may just to just say "wow, that was fucking weird" and move on
[03:14] * Daniel is now known as I_Must_Go
[03:14] peebrain: so
[03:14] peebrain: my new site is going to be focused on everything paranormal
[03:14] * Number1Fan is now known as PEEBRAIN-I-LOVE-YOU
[03:15] * Bob_stew is now known as lmao_at_Sabre
[03:15] JoeT: Enough with the name changes.
[03:15] peebrain: it's going to put the emphasis on HAVING FUN
[03:15] JoeT: Listen.
[03:15] * lmao_at_Sabre is now known as Bob_stew
[03:15] * PEEBRAIN-I-LOVE-YOU is now known as PEEBRAINS-Number1Fan
[03:15] Float: Sean, got a name yet?
[03:15] Float: :)
[03:15] * Shablulz is now known as GOD-PRAY-THE-COWS
[03:15] * PEEBRAINS-Number1Fan was kicked by AFX (get out)
[03:15] * I_Must_Go is now known as I_Will_see_you_all_later
[03:15] * GOD-PRAY-THE-COWS was kicked by JoeT (JoeT)
[03:15] peebrain: yes, I have the domain ready to go :-)
[03:15] peebrain: now, nothing is really on the site just yet
[03:15] * PEEBRAINS-Number1Fan has joined #psipog
[03:15] Float: And that is why I love you
[03:15] peebrain: but a nice little place holder
[03:16] peebrain:
[03:16] * I_Will_see_you_all_later is now known as Daniel
[03:16] stony1205: Peebs: is your inviatation to for the moderators to migrate to your new site still valid?
[03:16] Float: hah, :) I'm feelin' it
[03:16] * Daniel has left #psipog
[03:16] peebrain: stony - I assume so, but we shall see when the site actually opens
[03:16] peebrain: so, those are my thoughts
[03:16] JoeT: Love the name, Sean.
[03:16] JoeT: :-)
[03:16] * Vulcanis is now known as Vulcanis|Changingcomps-bbs
[03:16] ErikJDurwoodII: very much so
[03:16] * Vulcanis|Changingcomps-bbs has left #psipog
[03:17] peebrain: I thank everyone for being a part of this, and I hope everyone who wants to join me on my next project will do so when the site fully opens
[03:17] * peebrain sets mode: -m
[03:17] amygdala: If you need help with anything, I'm here to help.
[03:17] * Oliveman Applaudes, loudly, very loudly, *LOUD CLAPS*
[03:17] peebrain: any questions let them rip
[03:17] cliffbizquit: *Applause*
[03:17] Goober: hah, that's catchy, Peebs.
[03:17] * PEEBRAINS-Number1Fan slaps AFX around a bit with a large trout
[03:17] Oipo: wtf lol
[03:17] etree8: I love it.
[03:17] PEEBRAINS-Number1Fan: PEEBRAIN IM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU HAVE MSN???????
[03:17] gravy: was that the website just now?
[03:17] EnKi: any idea of a date of opening?
[03:17] Brento: OMG, the feelings like...the Ps4 has been revealded! Goo luck Pee!
[03:17] ika: good job peebrain : )
[03:17] * Jspapp gives a standing ovation
[03:17] * Niushirra has quit IRC (Exit: Quit)
[03:17] * Guardian_Of_Death applauses
[03:17] Kurisa: awesome Peebrain
[03:17] * shenlon2 loves it
[03:17] UltimaRage: Nice.
[03:17] etree8: Will there be forums eventually on the new website?
[03:17] peebrain: EnKi - no, not sure
[03:17] EnKi: wow, i suck at english today
[03:17] slinking_ferret: Wow all calm and nice then BAM floods
[03:17] Oipo: And how will you notify everyone of when it opens?
[03:17] Zanarias: Ill be there man!
[03:17] peebrain: etree - yes
[03:17] Kurisa: I cant wait til the site is constructed
[03:17] * PEEBRAINS-Number1Fan was kicked by stony1205 (stony1205)
[03:17] * Solet bows deeply
[03:17] Duggers4: Great job *applause*
[03:17] Kamon: awesome peebs
[03:17] etree8: yay!
[03:17] Zanarias: Your awesome!!!
[03:17] Bladeslinger: I'll be there.
[03:17] psi_lizard: any estimate on when the new site will be up?
[03:17] Melia42: Aliens... I don't know about that...
[03:17] * ChanServ sets mode: -b *!mfmfmfmfmf@*
[03:17] somefatguy: That's a weird name...
[03:17] * PEEBRAINS-Number1Fan has joined #psipog
[03:17] Guardian_Of_Death: I bet it took you like an hour to think of that speech LOL
[03:17] Zanarias: Same here man
[03:17] Oliveman: Must... Bend
[03:17] * Kurisa stands next to Solet and follows his lead *
[03:17] jakedahn: peebrain: have an estimate, on when it'll be fully up and running?
[03:17] peebrain: Oipo - there is a yahoo group you can sign up for
[03:17] PEEBRAINS-Number1Fan: PEEBRAIN IM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU HAVE MSN???????
[03:17] Drk_Pwnr: I like it. Well, not the unfinished site, but the concept behind it. You=win :)
[03:17] * Sabre cheeres
[03:17] * Entih salutes, "good luck"
[03:17] metalforever_: i wish you all the luck in the world with your new project, and i hope it turns out well
[03:17] PEEBRAINS-Number1Fan: PEEBRAIN IM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU HAVE MSN???????
[03:17] Oliveman: Ahahah
[03:17] * ika has quit IRC (Exit: zimzalabim !)
[03:17] Oliveman: Anyway.
[03:17] Zectra: Very Awsome.
[03:17] Float: holy hell
[03:18] * Entih has left #psipog
[03:18] Brento: BAN HIM!
[03:18] Sabre: Ban PEEBRAINS-Number1Fan
[03:18] Kurisa: spam cit
[03:18] Kurisa: city even
[03:18] * PEEBRAINS-Number1Fan has left #psipog
[03:18] Oipo: I see.
[03:18] PsiKotic: Peebrain have u heard of jack houck???
[03:18] Oliveman: Yes, very awesome
[03:18] * Mellvarr stil hates his fork
[03:18] Guardian_Of_Death: Will this Room still be here?????
[03:18] BlackShadow: I'll keep an eye out for the new, can help with it.
[03:18] * Lit3 has joined #psipog
[03:18] metalforever_: im sure he has.
[03:18] peebrain: GoD - no
[03:18] Roy: I nominate this time for all the mods to go insane and just start kicking people they don't like.
[03:18] EnKi: the flooding continues
[03:18] Roy: :D
[03:18] Guardian_Of_Death: awwwww
[03:18] * Firestorm has joined #psipog
[03:18] PsiKotic: oh
[03:18] Sabre: Sorry about starting that whole namechanging thing. I just did it once for kicks.
[03:18] peebrain: PsiKotic - yes
[03:18] ErikJDurwoodII: peebrain: He started the PK parties
[03:18] Float: lol Roy
[03:18] Oipo: Yay for random kicking :B
[03:18] thefantom: great
[03:18] ErikJDurwoodII: oh
[03:18] * stony1205 sets mode: +b *!*
[03:18] PsiKotic: oh kool
[03:18] Guardian_Of_Death: Im gonna miss all you guys
[03:18] TelekinesisBoy: alright guys its time for me to say a good-bye
[03:18] * Lit3 was kicked by stony1205 (stony1205)
[03:18] * shinjikun34 broke his spoon, with his hands OWNAGE!!!!!!!!!!
[03:18] Zanarias: Same here
[03:18] amygdala: peebs, will thee still be a scientific section?
[03:18] Kamon: this is the first PK party i went to
[03:18] * ChanServ sets mode: -b *!john@*
[03:18] * Oliveman pours the wine in the glasses
[03:18] UltimaRage: Peebrain, I have a serious question for you. I tried to OBE the other night, but I felt like I wasn't breathing enough, and could not continue. Have you experienced this? Almost felt I was suffocating.
[03:18] * Ally has quit IRC (Detected probable drone/spambot (SpamBot 884 (a)). If this is in error, please email
[03:18] Sabre: We should go to the new website when it's up. =D
[03:18] cliffbizquit: mine too
[03:18] Kamon: and it was a success
[03:18] Float: Bah
[03:18] powdered_water: Ok peebs, since you're taking a less scientific approach towards this, are you going to be more lentient on people's views being on the site in the form of articles and such, as long as they arne't of offesnive nature?
[03:18] peebrain: amygdala - probably not a section on it... science will be more just part of the bigger picture
[03:18] NinjaKitsune: Peebs, you are doing stuff about aliens - do you know much about the shared motifs with alien abuction stories and older fairy abduction ones?
[03:19] Brento: I liked this room when it was on mute...x.x
[03:19] Solet: wtf
[03:19] Guardian_Of_Death: except for the spamming n00bs i wont miss you at all
[03:19] Float: this is going to be the first time during the superbowl that I haven't been in pog, the first in a LONG time
[03:19] Float: :P
[03:19] Duggers4: I will definitely move to the new site. I haven't been part of this community that much, but I will try to go to that community and be a bit more involved.
[03:19] Solet: ally got klined!?
[03:19] Float: Was my ritual
[03:19] PsiKotic: Peebrain are u sending emails on the new site?
[03:19] peebrain: powerdered_water - there won't be articles, there will be blogs
[03:19] ErikJDurwoodII: lol now everybody gets a chance to leave before I talk...
[03:19] etree8: So, when are you planning to open the site completely?
[03:19] * TelekinesisBoy says goodbye to everyone and tells peebs that ill visit his site everyday till its done :P
[03:19] * thefantom has left #psipog
[03:19] Zanarias: Peebs-will you have a section related to dream articles?
[03:19] Bob_stew: A toast to Peebrain - For being "a little wierd". ^^ Yay!
[03:19] Zanarias: or blog
[03:19] * TelekinesisBoy says see ya!
[03:19] * TelekinesisBoy has left #psipog
[03:19] * Kamon thinks that 108 users is too many...
[03:19] Oipo: Lol, I have NEVER seen that quit message before.
[03:19] Tankdown: Do not worry everyone....because I will be there
[03:19] Tankdown: :)
[03:19] Guardian_Of_Death: yo Peebs i have a great idea
[03:19] * Vulcanis has joined #psipog
[03:19] powdered_water: Ok, well in my question, replace the word articles with blogs.
[03:19] harman: what about LDs peebrain?
[03:20] Oneta: Roy, you here?
[03:20] Oipo: Blogs. Wow.
[03:20] Firestorm: wow...looks like EVERYONE came to give pog a send-off
[03:20] * Sabre breaks into singing "I'll be there" by the Jackson 5.
[03:20] * gravy has quit IRC (Exit: DarkMyst WebChat (EOF))
[03:20] Oneta: ROY!
[03:20] Guardian_Of_Death: on Psipog you should make one last page that lists all the members
[03:20] peebrain: harman - lucid dreams qualify under "weird", so I'll be talking about them
[03:20] Sabre: I'LL BE THEEEEEERE
[03:20] EnKi: peebrain, i like the idea of simply experiencing weird shit, rather than trying to understand it scientifically. although i think science CAN eventually explain everything...
[03:20] Sabre: JUST CALL MY NAME
[03:20] Mance: UFO's... My specialty, I have done so much research into this at Uni :)
[03:20] Zanarias: Yea
[03:20] Brento: Peebrain - Will you be dabbling into Ouiji boards? I hear their paranormal...but dangerous.
[03:20] NinjaKitsune: Mance, what is your degree?
[03:20] Zanarias: Im going to be there!
[03:20] peebrain: Brento - perhaps
[03:20] Oliveman: Hauntings... Cool, my specialty
[03:20] Guardian_Of_Death: HEY PEEBS on Psipog you should make one last page that lists all the members
[03:20] metalforever_: eh.. oiuja boards.., i dont touch those anymore
[03:20] Zanarias: and Peebrain, any estimated opening time??
[03:20] peebrain: GoD - maybe
[03:20] harman: peebrain, I can probably get you into collaboration with ld4all, we could talk about it
[03:20] Guardian_Of_Death: that would be really cool
[03:20] peebrain: there is no estimated time of opening
[03:20] harman: I am a chat mod for the channel
[03:21] EvilLaughKid: I liked Penn and Tellers Ouji board experiment
[03:21] * sanjula has quit IRC (Exit: )
[03:21] Mance: NinjaKirsuneDouble
[03:21] EnKi: peebrain, have you ever experienced a sort of 'haunting' or whatnot?
[03:21] * Someone45 has quit IRC (Exit: Leaving)
[03:21] Zanarias: Alright alright
[03:21] peebrain: EnKi - no, not yet :-)
[03:21] Grenin: I gotta go guys
[03:21] * jav has quit IRC (Exit: leaving)
[03:21] psi_lizard: well, bye everyone, thanks for the great party
[03:21] PsiKotic: Everyone check out he does pk partys all the time
[03:21] Oipo: Later.
[03:21] NinjaKitsune: mance: what?
[03:21] * DrFrankenstein has quit IRC (Exit: Speech is over)
[03:21] * Jake has quit IRC (Exit: DarkMyst WebChat (Ping timeout))
[03:21] Goober: Sean, PM?
[03:21] metalforever_:
[03:21] EnKi: i see
[03:21] * peebrain sets mode: +m
[03:21] peebrain: don't leave just yet
[03:21] amygdala: Thankyou gentlemen for the fun party and thankyou Sean for the fun times. I look forward to helping with the new site. Also, if you need/want help with opening/operating it, you have my email.
[03:21] peebrain: in about 5 minutes I'm handing the microphone over to Erik to talk about science and psionics
[03:21] peebrain: any last questions about my next project?
[03:21] * Grenin has left #psipog
[03:21] * peebrain sets mode: -m
[03:21] Sabre: Microphone? Where?!
[03:21] stony1205: Peebrain: I am glad you are persuing what you want to you. However, I feel that mixing this many paranormal things into one area could get very messy, very quickly. If it is as popular as PsiPog, then there will be circle-jerks and arguments everywhere, becase everyone is comming from a diffrerent background.
[03:21] Oipo: Har har, the moment I have been waiting for :D
[03:21] BlackShadow: PEebrain, can you send a Psipog newsleter to tell of the Grand opening?
[03:22] NinjaKitsune: Peebs, you are doing stuff about aliens - do you know much about the shared motifs with alien abuction stories and older fairy abduction ones?
[03:22] powdered_water: peebs, uhm... so will you be so strict on views on the blogs, as long as they aren't offensive?
[03:22] Zanarias: Yea a few questions here
[03:22] peebrain: stony - we shall see :-)
[03:22] EnKi: I'm just going to patiently await the opening.
[03:22] * slinking_ferret has quit IRC (Exit: )
[03:22] * psi_lizard has quit IRC (Exit: )
[03:22] stony1205: Peebrain: Whatever you do, I'll support you.
[03:22] Guardian_Of_Death: Anyone Agree with me for the ALL MEMBERS PAGE on psipog?
[03:22] etree8: I'll wait, but it probably won't be patiently.
[03:22] Oipo: Of course, I assume there are going to be enough mods and the like to handle it all.
[03:22] Firestorm: peebs: permission to PM?
[03:22] peebrain: pw - you'll have to see how it ends up - it won't be structured how psipog's article system was though
[03:22] Zanarias: How will the site be split? Meaning like sections dedicated on this or that or what?
[03:22] * amygdala has quit IRC (Exit: Goodnight, invoke the scape of time. Give the reason to my rhyme.)
[03:22] Goober: Sean, PM?
[03:22] Oipo: So I'm not worrying :)
[03:22] Float: With that many different topics, it will be far more popular than psipog could have ever been
[03:22] neveza: GOD, what are you talking about?
[03:22] Brento: Will it be open this year?!
[03:22] Brento: Lol
[03:22] peebrain: you guys can PM me if you want, but I might not be able to answer them all
[03:22] Roy: Yes, I'm here.
[03:22] Jspapp: Peebrain: What about your other 2 websites? Codetank and HowIovercame?
[03:22] Roy: What Float, Oneta ?
[03:23] peebrain: Jspapp - I still plan on developing them, they will use the same backbone as alittleweird
[03:23] Tankdown: Code what?
[03:23] Oneta: Look who stole my idea for site colors...
[03:23] Float: eh?
[03:23] * Oneta coughs
[03:23] Tankdown: Who named a code after me!?
[03:23] AFX: Oneta!
[03:23] Tankdown: I never gave any perminted!
[03:23] jakedahn: Roy: what's your site, again?
[03:23] Oliveman: Shh...
[03:23] Vemorox: never heard of those sites
[03:23] FluxPK: oneta we love you
[03:23] Melia42: *sigh*
[03:23] Roy: Who ?
[03:23] Oipo: I believe.
[03:23] EnKi: tank is a reference to a container of sorts...
[03:23] Oneta: I just layout the best Ideas one after another
[03:23] Float: Roy, what?
[03:23] powdered_water: Ok peebs, thank you for answering my question, you'll be sure to see me attempting to express my views and ideas lol.
[03:23] PsiKotic: Yeah
[03:23] Tankdown: This makes me angry...
[03:23] PsiKotic: exactly
[03:23] Oneta: Roy
[03:23] Tankdown: very very very very very very angry..
[03:23] UltimaRage: Oneta that is Peebrains site
[03:24] * slinking_ferret has joined #psipog
[03:24] Roy: Wasn't your color scheme a horrible purple ?
[03:24] Oneta: No no
[03:24] * Tankdown picks up his spoon
[03:24] Tankdown: anger..
[03:24] Oneta: When I was coming up with ideas for your site
[03:24] Oneta: Lol
[03:24] ErikJDurwoodII: with a tacky logo that nobody but you would come up with?
[03:24] Oneta: I said Black and orange!!
[03:24] Oipo: Lmao
[03:24] Tankdown: AHHH
[03:24] Oneta: Orangish/yellow
[03:24] EnKi: halloween colors :)
[03:24] Oipo: Typical of Oneta :P
[03:24] * peebrain sets mode: +m
[03:24] peebrain: ok
[03:24] * GroovyGnome has left #psipog
[03:25] peebrain: now who wants to hear Erik talk about some ground breaking scientific ideas relating to psionics?
[03:25] * peebrain sets mode: -m
[03:25] cliffbizquit: ME
[03:25] deny_tk: me
[03:25] Oneta: Exactly, First erik steals my logo! then peebs stole my colors!
[03:25] * Oipo raises hand
[03:25] * Jake has joined #psipog
[03:25] * Tankdown jumps and stabs the spoon into Oneta eye
[03:25] Melia42: ME!
[03:25] * EnKi does.
[03:25] Zanarias: me
[03:25] Guardian_Of_Death: me
[03:25] Duggers4: me =)
[03:25] * peebrain sets mode: +m
[03:25] peebrain: ok sweet!
[03:25] peebrain: go ahead Erik
[03:25] ErikJDurwoodII: lol okay
[03:25] ErikJDurwoodII: this is not going to be a long dissertation or anythign so you can put your notepads down
[03:25] ErikJDurwoodII: and forgive the typos ^__^
[03:25] * Vulcanis_ has joined #psipog
[03:25] ErikJDurwoodII: Alright.
[03:26] * thegeek has quit IRC (Client closed connection)
[03:26] * PsiKotic has left #psipog
[03:27] ErikJDurwoodII: When I first came to the Pog, I was met by a community that for the most part had problems finding their butts even with the prober documentation.
[03:27] ErikJDurwoodII: scientifically that is,
[03:27] ErikJDurwoodII: ^__^
[03:27] ErikJDurwoodII: I was in the same boat, so I was able to bland in pretty well
[03:27] ErikJDurwoodII: blend*
[03:27] * Vulcanis has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[03:28] ErikJDurwoodII: as time went by I leaned the techniques and did the practice and with what little results I got, I found the confidence I needed to move on
[03:28] ErikJDurwoodII: learned*
[03:28] * NullAshton has joined #psipog
[03:29] ErikJDurwoodII: Regardless of where we start out, we all need confidence
[03:29] ErikJDurwoodII: that gives us the emotional support we need to be brave and sure of ourselves.
[03:29] * EvilLaughKid has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[03:30] ErikJDurwoodII: we can establish confidence in a lot of ways
[03:30] ErikJDurwoodII: delusion
[03:30] * EvilLaughKid has joined #psipog
[03:30] ErikJDurwoodII: wisdom
[03:30] ErikJDurwoodII: and from the confidence of others
[03:30] * Vulcanis_ is now known as Vulcanis
[03:31] ErikJDurwoodII: when I see the state of the online communities today, I see one common thing.
[03:31] ErikJDurwoodII: experience
[03:31] * nfield has left #psipog
[03:31] ErikJDurwoodII: I see people trying their best to spin wheels and move straws and form consctructs and shields
[03:32] ErikJDurwoodII: they make progress at first, but after a while progress slows
[03:32] * Ally has joined #psipog
[03:32] ErikJDurwoodII: and as progress slows, confidence wains
[03:32] * Seanattikus has joined #psipog
[03:32] * Mellvarr has left #psipog
[03:33] ErikJDurwoodII: whatever it was they got you there in the first place, the source of your confidence and the knowledge you gained
[03:33] ErikJDurwoodII: that*
[03:33] ErikJDurwoodII: looses the "punch" it had a while ago
[03:33] * Kiter`an has left #psipog
[03:33] ErikJDurwoodII: Sean had mentioned that a major goal in the paranormal is to have fun
[03:34] ErikJDurwoodII: this is very true.
[03:34] ErikJDurwoodII: what is fun to some may not be for others. (I myself think science is fun *rubs fork wound on forehead*)
[03:34] ErikJDurwoodII: nevertheless,
[03:35] * Elija has left #psipog
[03:35] * Fakiti has left #psipog
[03:35] ErikJDurwoodII: *checks clock*
[03:35] ErikJDurwoodII: okay
[03:35] ErikJDurwoodII: my point is, we don't know what the hell we are doing
[03:36] ErikJDurwoodII: we have ideas and theories, but nothing that can be applied to everyone
[03:36] * Rhenna has joined #psipog
[03:36] ErikJDurwoodII: The ambition of science is to improve humanity
[03:36] ErikJDurwoodII: and the ambition of scientists is to leave the science to them
[03:36] ErikJDurwoodII: ^__^
[03:37] ErikJDurwoodII: scientists will spend years investigating the simplest things to make them understandable and useful to the lay-mans.
[03:37] ErikJDurwoodII: I am no different
[03:38] ErikJDurwoodII: like the Q to your James Bond, I and my colleagues work to understand things to you don't need to
[03:38] ErikJDurwoodII: I will be establishing a web-community as the public frontend to a 7 year running project to investigate psionics and the paranormal.
[03:39] ErikJDurwoodII: located at
[03:39] ErikJDurwoodII: there, we will work with everybody willing to contribute to develop theories, create experiments and produce results
[03:40] ErikJDurwoodII: this is not entirely about science as much as it is about what WORKS
[03:40] ErikJDurwoodII: and we hope to find what works.
[03:40] * Clover has left #psipog
[03:40] * jakedahn has left #psipog
[03:41] ErikJDurwoodII: My site will be finished at or before June 19th to celebrate the anniversary of the infamous Geiger-Counter Experiment
[03:41] * Elitesinkes has joined #psipog
[03:41] * ika has joined #psipog
[03:41] ErikJDurwoodII: we are working on plans for toold you can build and schematics you can construct to make your own tools for practice and experimentation
[03:41] ErikJDurwoodII: your own way to verify your results
[03:42] * Jake has left #psipog
[03:42] ErikJDurwoodII: in time, we will establish with physical verifiable results that tat psionics is nothing to sneeze at and that we are here to stay
[03:43] * jickow has left #psipog
[03:43] * Elitesinkes has left #psipog
[03:43] ErikJDurwoodII: from our work we will develop clearer and more effective practice techniques and the scientific support for it (if you want)
[03:43] ErikJDurwoodII: and with that we will usher in a new field of study and be the pioneers that will engineer the future.
[03:44] ErikJDurwoodII: *corny fanfare*
[03:44] ErikJDurwoodII: okay. I've drug this on long enough
[03:44] JoeT: I'm looking forward to this greatly :-)
[03:44] peebrain: so in conclusion, all that scientific stuff that 99.99% of the population doesn't understand, Erik DOES understand
[03:44] peebrain: and he can build shit to help us
[03:44] ErikJDurwoodII: Peebs, you should know that you and your community was pivotal in creating the future we want
[03:45] AFX: Yes..
[03:45] * Kurisa has left #psipog
[03:45] stony1205: Erik: You said something about things we "dont need to know". Care to elaborate on that? I would be quite happy with knowing what I'm working with. On a second note, what kind of new verifiable experiments will produce these new verifiable results?
[03:45] ErikJDurwoodII: well "don't need to know" was very general and probably poor word choice. What I mean by that is that you may not need to understand it to be capable OF it.
[03:46] * peebrain sets mode: -m
[03:46] peebrain: any questions?
[03:46] slinking_ferret: WOOT
[03:46] * EnKi applauds ErikJ and his colleagues. As well as peebrain.
[03:46] ErikJDurwoodII: but that information, if understood, can only help
[03:46] Duggers4: I love this idea, I think it's really great ^-^
[03:46] somefatguy: Interesting...
[03:46] Zanarias: yes
[03:46] * Oliveman Claps loudly and hard and fastly like
[03:46] JoeT: It'll work reguardless if you know _how_ it works. Basically.
[03:46] Zanarias: very
[03:46] * Guardian_Of_Death gives Oscar Award to ErikJDurwoodII for best and longest speech ever
[03:46] Tankdown: Erik....I just have one thing to time your going to say a long to it me....also I hope and try with my heart to understand the ways of reality...I know I may not be the best of people...I know I may not be the smartest...but I have a will.. So I have a way...From this free well that was given to me from the burning heart of our frightful sun...I try to help you..all
[03:46] metalforever_: lol
[03:46] shinjikun34: i have a question i would like your research to cover
[03:46] etree8: It's a great idea, and I very much look forward to the opening of this site.
[03:46] stony1205: I thought he was comming from another angle, my mistake.
[03:46] StuartR: Dont go crazy in the chat, let them answer questions
[03:46] Brento: I got lost during the speech...x.x
[03:46] shinjikun34: can I PM you real quick erik?
[03:46] Oliveman: One site's death, two sites births
[03:46] Zanarias: Ill still miss ya all
[03:46] shenlon2: what experements have you already conducted that give good evidence of psionics?
[03:47] EnKi: Erik, what sort of 'schematics' are you suggesting?
[03:47] * UltimaRage has quit IRC (Exit: Disconnect)
[03:47] * peebrain sets mode: +m
[03:47] peebrain: (not sure if you know how to do that Erik... /mode #psipog +m and /mode #psipog -m )
[03:47] ErikJDurwoodII: sure
[03:47] ErikJDurwoodII: oh okay.
[03:48] * ErikJDurwoodII sets mode: +m
[03:48] ErikJDurwoodII: yay
[03:48] ErikJDurwoodII: without going into a long speech about the projects and their implications, here's the jist
[03:49] ErikJDurwoodII: Evidence can be anything, and you need to have a critical eye to identify the data you seek.
[03:49] ErikJDurwoodII: sometimes it is not there and you have to move on, sometimes there is more than you can handle.
[03:50] * KatyKaty has left #psipog
[03:50] ErikJDurwoodII: for the last three years I as well as some colleagues of mine have been performing experiments to test small parts of a field of modern physics called Scalar Electromagnetics.
[03:51] * stony1205 has quit IRC (Exit: Leaving)
[03:51] ErikJDurwoodII: the tests have been aiming to support "problems" with psionics in regards to how it plays with classical physics
[03:51] * Kaitou has left #psipog
[03:51] ErikJDurwoodII: we work with theories and develop experiments to test them.
[03:52] * Olesia has left #psipog
[03:52] * Olesia has joined #psipog
[03:52] * Brad-The-Great has joined #psipog
[03:52] * Merticus has joined #psipog
[03:53] ErikJDurwoodII: as of June 19th of 2006, we feel we have enough theories and to draft a framework for psionics that can explain how the mind-matter interaction and the manipulation of energy at superluminal velocities is even possible WITHOUT defeating or breaking the laws of established physics.
[03:53] * DamianM has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[03:53] * Brad-The-Great has left #psipog
[03:53] ErikJDurwoodII: but theories and hypothesis are nothing without experiments
[03:53] peebrain: (and plans to use Erik's ideas in the field to try and find some paranormal shit with things we can build)
[03:54] ErikJDurwoodII: that too.
[03:54] ErikJDurwoodII: ^__^
[03:54] ErikJDurwoodII: this is how we found the atom
[03:55] ErikJDurwoodII: we didn't SEE it until we built a framework on educated guesses then built devices that let up operate at that level.
[03:55] ErikJDurwoodII: afterwards, we verified our estimates
[03:55] * ErikJDurwoodII sets mode: -m
[03:55] EnKi: You're talking about Zero-Point Energies, correct? (scalar energy)
[03:55] ErikJDurwoodII: next question ^__^
[03:55] Oliveman: What Gieger counter experiment are you talking about?
[03:56] shinjikun34: are you going to research what energy bracket that psi energy belongs to
[03:56] EnKi: electromagnetic longitudinal waves
[03:56] Float: bah
[03:56] * Olesia has left #psipog
[03:56] peebrain:
[03:56] Oipo: Will the site provide knowledge about it, for people who do want to know about these things we do not need to know?
[03:56] ErikJDurwoodII: EnKi: Zero-point is in there, but the whole field is much larger than just that.
[03:56] JoeT: Please, stop writing hate mail to myself and Erik. For the love of GOD we’re scared!
[03:56] peebrain: geiger counter experiment ^
[03:56] * JoeT snickers
[03:56] Roy: lol
[03:56] Solet: hey was anyone around way back in like... summer of 02 when i started the t-shirt ninja thing?
[03:56] Zanarias: JoeT
[03:56] Float: lol joe
[03:56] Zanarias: what about love main
[03:56] Zanarias: :P
[03:56] * Guardian_Of_Death wakes-up
[03:56] ErikJDurwoodII: Oipo: yes and with vast references for you to go researching
[03:56] Zanarias: mail*
[03:57] Oipo: Awesome.
[03:57] somefatguy: Excuse me, I have a question.
[03:57] somefatguy: No biggy really.
[03:57] somefatguy: :)
[03:57] ErikJDurwoodII: you see I can't tell you anything
[03:57] * shinjikun34 has left #psipog
[03:57] Tankdown: Can I ask you all a serious question?
[03:57] powdered_water: WEll I gotta get goin, cya later guys *hugs some of you less gross people*
[03:57] somefatguy: ...
[03:57] ErikJDurwoodII: nobody will accept answers given to them in the science world
[03:57] EnKi: This may just usher in a whole new age of human existence.
[03:57] Brento: ..
[03:57] * Psillama has left #psipog
[03:57] StuartR: Erik: Can you Elaborate on how your going to use Scalar Electromagnetics with Psionics?
[03:57] somefatguy: Well, I just wanted to know if any more important things are going to be discussed.
[03:57] Zanarias: EnKi, to make this sound coo
[03:57] Zanarias: l
[03:57] powdered_water: I can't wait to see your projects, Erik and peebs, and you can be sure to see me breaking into them.
[03:57] Tankdown: Who do you think of the person I am? and am to be?
[03:57] powdered_water: Cya
[03:57] * powdered_water has quit IRC (Exit: )
[03:57] ErikJDurwoodII: what needs to be done is that the information is provided to you to allow you to reach the same conclusions.
[03:58] Zanarias: We will also add- We are the pioneers of psi!
[03:58] BlackShadow: It already has started to enki
[03:58] cliffbizquit: Good Stuff!
[03:58] Oliveman: Oh, okay, I read that before
[03:58] ErikJDurwoodII: that way you are intimatley knowledgeable in the question you just answered yourself
[03:58] * slinking_ferret has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[03:58] * Genemi-Kun has quit IRC (Exit: )
[03:58] Oliveman: Coool
[03:58] EnKi: but FTL communication...
[03:58] EnKi: it's obviously happening on some unseeable level
[03:58] Melia42: this is the age of aquarious... Erik ushers in the new new-age. One of knowledge, experimentation, and techno-hippies
[03:58] EnKi: hense telepathy
[03:58] * Brento has left #psipog
[03:58] EnKi: hence*
[03:58] * Goober has quit IRC (Exit: Trillian (
[03:58] * ErikJDurwoodII sets mode: +m
[03:59] * metalforever_ has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[03:59] * Rhenna has left #psipog
[03:59] ErikJDurwoodII: okay. Stuart first
[03:59] * Bynw has left #psipog
[03:59] * artace has left #psipog
[04:00] * NullAshton has left #psipog
[04:00] ErikJDurwoodII: Scalar EM is basically an underlying energy framework that fuels the external EM reactions we observe in the physical
[04:00] ErikJDurwoodII: scalar waves are vibrations of energy carrying information.
[04:00] ErikJDurwoodII: thought
[04:01] ErikJDurwoodII: one moment, Peebs takes the floor
[04:02] * JoeT has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (KILL requested by ShadowMind)))
[04:02] * Hodovsky has joined #psipog
[04:02] peebrain: we're getting into specifics on erik's theories, which can be pretty complicated
[04:02] * JoeT has joined #psipog
[04:02] peebrain: if you want the specifics, then by all means keep asking
[04:02] peebrain: but I want to move the conversation of specific details over to another room
[04:03] peebrain: so, if you are a scientific kind of person, who wants specifics from erik, then please move to #megatronic
[04:03] peebrain: otherwise, I'm going to unmod this chat so everyone can talk and have fun before it gets closed (at some point later in the night)
[04:04] peebrain: when I unmod the chat, I know a lot of people have their own chat rooms, or websites - feel free to advertise your websites or channels as well
[04:04] peebrain: try not to spam!
[04:04] * Seanattikus has left #psipog
[04:04] peebrain: but you can post the same link once every couple minutes if you want
[04:04] peebrain: thank you all for coming!
[04:04] peebrain: if you have questions for me, then PM me
[04:04] AFX: Thank you.
[04:04] peebrain: and before everyone leaves
[04:05] peebrain: let's all PM Roy one more time to tell him how much we love him, all at once
[04:05] * Roy sets mode: +o JoeT
[04:05] * peebrain sets mode: -m
[04:05] * Drk_Pwnr has left #psipog
[04:05] peebrain: thanks!
[04:05] Roy: YOU SUCK!!!
[04:05] Vulcanis: #psiclub and #upc_chat are the two fairly active channels over on darkmyst... there are more on other servers.
[04:05] Sabre: | #ld4all
[04:05] somefatguy: Hehe
[04:05] EnKi: lol
[04:05] Zanarias: I gotta do this---GOODLUCK PEEBRAIN!!!!!!!!
[04:05] Guardian_Of_Death: as much as i wanna leave, i never wanna leave now that its actually over
[04:05] Oipo: Been a good time in here.
[04:05] * Melia42 ass-slaps Roy one last time
[04:05] Zanarias:
[04:05] Merticus: Ok everyone (with PeeBrain's permission). If you have not heard of the VEWRS & AVEWRS we'd really appreciate you taking the time to visit and participate in this soon to be year long study on energy work, psionics, and vampirism. Don't let the name throw you - study deals with both the OEC and OVC. We've gathered over 307 VEWRS responses and 120 AVEWRS and would like as many returned as possible.
[04:05] etree8: One last question.... How do I save this chat log?
[04:05] Oipo: Certainly, alittleweird won't be much worse :)
[04:05] Tankdown: Can I ask you all a question before I go?
[04:05] Oipo: etree8 -: log is going to be posted on the site
[04:05] NinjaKitsune: I miss knowing Pog was there, dammit.
[04:05] Oliveman: Yeah
[04:06] JoeT: Massive lag.
[04:06] Oliveman: Nice name kitsune
[04:06] Tankdown: What do you think of me?
[04:06] NinjaKitsune: ty
[04:06] * demonslayer242 has joined #psipog
[04:06] Zanarias: on dream Phoenamama
[04:06] etree8: I know, I'd just like to grab it right now, if I could.
[04:06] Oliveman: Anyone STILL trying to get their spoon to bend?
[04:06] * peebrain changes topic to 'PK Party is over - Thanks for coming! Chat will be closed probably around 3AM EST tonight'
[04:06] Duggers4: I'll have to visit that site zanarias
[04:06] harman: is better, come to #ld4all on for the irc channel
[04:06] harman: we're a good community
[04:06] JoeT: Before we all say our goodbye, I’d like to first remind everyone on how appreciative we all should be towards Sean (Peebrain). He’s given all of us a little home away from home, gave us something to ponder, support and overall company with a lot of issues.
[04:06] JoeT: I’d like to say I’m truthfully thankful that I’ve came across PsiPog years ago. This community has been my second home. I’m sad to see it inactive. However, I’m greatly looking forward to what Sean has to offer all of us with this new community as well as Erik‘s. I hope I’ll have the opportunity to contribute to these new communities.
[04:06] * Tankdown has left #psipog
[04:06] Guardian_Of_Death: is alittleweird a site where member can join?
[04:07] * Oliveman Raises glass
[04:07] Oliveman: To peebrain!
[04:07] Mance: Sounds fascinating... can't wait to contribute to both new sites :)
[04:07] JoeT: Thanks for everything, Sean.
[04:07] peebrain: thanks Joe
[04:07] Oipo: Stop using the unsupported characters...PLEASE
[04:07] * McBulba has joined #psipog
[04:07] etree8: To Peebrain!
[04:07] JoeT: :-)
[04:07] Ratlord: IF he's not banned that is...
[04:07] JoeT: LMAO Rat
[04:07] Sabre: I say we say thank to to Peebrain on 5!
[04:07] neveza: Heh.
[04:07] Sabre: 1
[04:07] Bobrobyn: Ratlord - LOL
[04:07] Sabre: 2
[04:07] Sabre: 3
[04:07] Sabre: 4
[04:07] * Archaic has left #psipog
[04:07] Sabre: 5
[04:07] * Mance has quit IRC (Exit: )
[04:07] somefatguy: Thanks!
[04:07] Oliveman: Thankyou!
[04:07] Guardian_Of_Death: WE LOVE YOU PEEBS
[04:07] Guardian_Of_Death: !!!!
[04:07] etree8: Thank you Peebrain!
[04:07] cliffbizquit: Thanks MAAAAN!!!
[04:07] Oliveman: MERFLE!
[04:07] Ally: Thankya, Peebs, for everything =)
[04:07] Jspapp: THANK YOU SEAN!
[04:07] erosion84: thanks peebrain!
[04:07] Roy: I have to second that, Joe. I have to thank Peebs for letting me be a mod at Psipog and putting up with me most of the time.
[04:07] Guardian_Of_Death: W00T W00T
[04:07] Zanarias: THANKSSSS
[04:07] Zanarias: WOOTTTO
[04:07] erosion84: ya legend!
[04:07] Guardian_Of_Death: AND ALL THE OTHER OPS TOO
[04:07] Oipo: Lol, you weren't too bad Roy :P
[04:07] Duggers4: Thanks for the great site, and thanks for the next great site to come!
[04:07] Firestorm: Thanks for all the memories, peebs
[04:08] NinjaKitsune: thanks for having a badass website, peebrain. I am sad.
[04:08] Merticus: Yep thanks for everything.
[04:08] * AWMC has joined #psipog
[04:08] * Mlink has quit IRC (Exit: )
[04:08] peebrain: thanks - you guys awesome - don't let anyone tell you that hanging out with 73 psions on IRC is weird!
[04:08] Oliveman: I wish I was in the community more, but hey, I was here, I don't mind
[04:08] peebrain: ;-)
[04:08] Guardian_Of_Death: ROAR WHERE the hell is ESS
[04:08] cliffbizquit: Long live Peebrain!
[04:08] Duggers4: =]
[04:08] Jspapp: Im so sorry PsiPog has to go down... it feels like watching someone drown....
[04:08] Roy: To all the people I've banned, I really do like you, but I will not hesitate to come to your house and punch you in the head.
[04:08] Bladeslinger: Yea, where is ess....
[04:08] * Oliveman empties liquor bottle
[04:08] Oliveman: See you at the crossroads.
[04:08] AyuleAway: Roy - you do?
[04:08] Oipo: Psipog has done much for me, in psionic terms really.
[04:08] Oipo: These days I can just switch my telepathy on and off at will.
[04:08] EnKi: Me as well.
[04:08] AyuleAway: Thought you thought I was too much of a kid. :)
[04:08] Bobrobyn: peebrain, thanks for making psipog. You have helped me become a better person, directly and indirectly, by doing so. You helped me challenge my world-views, philosophy, and discover realms of possibility that I never thought possible. your site was the first I found...and if it wasn't for it, I probably wouldn't be the person I am today. Thanks, Sean.
[04:09] EnKi: err...on the 1st comment, not the 2nd
[04:09] neveza: Everybody wonders where ESS is at, but nobody thinks of Mannen.
[04:09] Firestorm: roy: you've permabanned me twice, yet i'm only one county away and you haven't shown up g:
[04:09] Oipo: Thought so :P
[04:09] peebrain: thanks for being an intelligent person to hang out with Bob :-)
[04:09] cliffbizquit: I took psipog for granted and now its closing on me :( i got to start practicing.
[04:09] WindShifter: well, since I assume this will be immortalised. I'll take the bandwith (:P) to say thanks for the awesome first psionics site from me. twas fun for getting started, and the chat was great. I'll be reffering newbs here for the rest of my life, or at least untill the archive dissapears :P
[04:09] Bladeslinger: Yea Sean, thanks alot man...Psipog was a huge part of my life.=)
[04:09] Guardian_Of_Death: im glad i finally got to catch a PK party and best of all the last one
[04:09] Guardian_Of_Death: im also gald i got to be here for the final moments of psipog
[04:09] Vulcanis: Nev, what about yumps?
[04:09] AFX: Peebs:We all appreciate what you've done immensely.
[04:09] shenlon2: thanks for a great couple of years peebrain
[04:09] Oipo: I'm wondering what I would've been like, would I have not stumbled on Psipog.
[04:09] AyuleAway: Thank you, Sean. Psipog was a big part of my life, especially when I really had nothign better to do. Doubt I would've found the OEC without it.
[04:10] neveza: Vulcanis, yeah, Yumper..forgot about him.
[04:10] * JoeT has quit IRC (Exit: )
[04:10] Oliveman: I can't believe I'm actually witnessing the ending of Psipog...
[04:10] etree8: PsiPog is... WAS... fucking awesome.
[04:10] Melia42: I'm appreciative to most of the chat community of Pog. I've learned and grown quite a bit in the last couple years. Most of you were fascinating personalities to meet, and the rest of you were stimulating.
[04:10] Ratlord: nev, what about Sheep?
[04:10] Oipo: Don't think I'd be as confident etc. as I am now.
[04:10] Guardian_Of_Death: same oliveman
[04:10] neveza: Ratlord, no sheepfucking!
[04:10] Ratlord: Lol
[04:10] Oliveman: What?
[04:10] * AyuleAway is now known as Ayule
[04:10] Bobrobyn: peebrain - LOL. No problem :-)
[04:10] * JoeT has joined #psipog
[04:10] Oipo: Heh, where is Sheepking anyway?
[04:10] EnKi: I dreamt i'd find this place. then it happened 3 days later.
[04:10] JoeT: Bah, pardon my connection.
[04:10] cliffbizquit: I got to go now. Bye!
[04:10] * cliffbizquit has quit IRC (Exit: )
[04:10] Oipo: Later.
[04:10] Guardian_Of_Death: this is like the Greatest moment of all of my 2 years i've seen in Psipog
[04:10] * AFX sets mode: +o JoeT
[04:10] * Firestorm wishes some of the other former ops could have been ehre, like yumper, ess, and anniesocks
[04:10] Duggers4: This site is what started me off so many years ago, I don't like to see it be archived, just for that reason... But thank you peebrain, again, for this. It changed me =]
[04:10] Ratlord: Oipo, not coming on IRC anymore he said
[04:10] Vulcanis: Oh god, not annie.
[04:10] * Ayule agrees with Firestorm.
[04:10] * neveza sprays "Neveza was here and killed many noobs!" on the wall of the chat and forums! "MWHAHAHA!"
[04:11] * Vulcanis hated anne
[04:11] peebrain: I also want to remind everyone: If you want to get updates on, then JOIN THE YAHOO GROUP - just enter your email at the bottom of to join
[04:11] Oipo: :(
[04:11] Vulcanis: annie*
[04:11] Oliveman: Yep, just did
[04:11] * DamianM has joined #psipog
[04:11] Zanarias: I did!!!
[04:11] NinjaKitsune: Vulcanis, she was cool. You are mean.
[04:11] EnKi: lol
[04:11] BlackShadow: already done :)
[04:11] somefatguy: *Somefatguy wishes he could make purple writing as well.
[04:11] * shenlon2 loves you all
[04:11] Oipo: Shall do so.
[04:11] Vulcanis: Kits, its a long story
[04:11] Bladeslinger: Awww...I wanted to learn more Sheepfacts...
[04:11] BlackShadow: I like Roys idea better thoughj
[04:11] EnKi: somefatguy: /me
[04:11] Ratlord: somefatguy, do /me actionhere
[04:11] Zanarias: OMFG Roy thats an awesome idea! and since your so sxy ill stalk you too #
[04:11] Zanarias: 3
[04:11] DamianM: what are you guys doing?
[04:11] Zanarias: :P
[04:11] Merticus: Ok last time I'm going to mention this - I promise :) If you have not heard of the VEWRS & AVEWRS we'd really appreciate you taking the time to visit and participate in this soon to be year long study on energy work, psionics, and vampirism. Don't let the name throw you - study deals with both the OEC and OVC. We've gathered over 307 VEWRS responses and 120 AVEWRS and would like as many returned as possible.
[04:11] Roy: Super awesome!
[04:11] JoeT: Thanks AFX
[04:12] JoeT: My connection is dying :(
[04:12] NinjaKitsune: your connection sucks
[04:12] Oliveman: You know, we're all going to end up in alittleweird's chatroom like, 6 months later.
[04:12] * EnKi steals Ratlord's bacon.
[04:12] * neveza gives JoeT's connection a shock of electrcity.
[04:12] * Firestorm is actually close enough to be a potential Roy-stalker
[04:12] * Merticus away now - enjoy the chat till 3 am :)
[04:12] Ratlord: NO!
[04:12] EnKi: that's for stealing my thoughts
[04:12] * Melia42 loves you all. Especially up the bum
[04:12] JoeT: brb, let me fix it.
[04:12] Oliveman: So we're not all never going to see that again
[04:12] * Ratlord beats EnKi in the head with a frying pan
[04:12] * Oipo steals Ratlord's cheese
[04:12] EnKi: lol melia
[04:12] Ratlord: You can have the cheese
[04:12] Roy: Makeup and stickers and ponies and!
[04:12] * Ratlord steals Oipo's soul
[04:12] Oliveman: I hope I see you all when the new sites come up.
[04:12] Ratlord: But I get your soul
[04:12] * Ayule needs to read up because she was doing HW the entire time ... :(
[04:12] Oipo: I didn't have one to start with
[04:12] Bob_stew: Peebrain, I wonder if you remember my nick.. I would also like to thank you. Your site introduced me to psionics, which added a lot of openmindedness to my life. Magic and psionics has seriously changed me as a person, and your site sparked it. Thanks.
[04:13] * somefatguy purple
[04:13] somefatguy: Wow!
[04:13] peebrain: indeed I remember you Bob_stew, thanks for visiting :-)
[04:13] Zanarias: Peebrain, i forgot how i came across your site.
[04:13] somefatguy: me/blue
[04:13] Zanarias: I know it was in a forum one day
[04:13] EnKi: yeah. i miss your blog, peebrain
[04:13] Zanarias: Wait!~
[04:13] Vulcanis: My comment is basically the same as bob's.
[04:13] somefatguy: Hey, no blue...
[04:13] Zanarias: I know now!
[04:13] EnKi: it was most always interesting
[04:13] Zanarias: I was on a runescape forum...
[04:13] Ratlord: Lol
[04:13] JoeT: We had a lot of good times here.
[04:13] Zanarias: (rat, it was long ago)
[04:13] Guardian_Of_Death: indeed
[04:14] Ayule: peebrain: Yeah. I wanna thank you ... without psipog I'd not be anywhere today, because I found a bunch of other sites and materials through it. :D And not to mention, it probably stopped me from delinquency at age 11.
[04:14] AFX: Yeh definitly.
[04:14] somefatguy: Word.
[04:14] Float: rawr
[04:14] Zanarias: yea
[04:14] neveza: I was on the Elderscrolls forum when I found psipog. :_:
[04:14] * Vulcanis proposes a toast to Peebrain and psipog
[04:14] Zanarias: haha
[04:14] Guardian_Of_Death: im suprised most of you still remembered me
[04:14] Jspapp: Lol, I remember how I found Psipog... I was looking for stuff about paper airplanes.
[04:14] Zanarias: i was on the runescape forums
[04:14] * Duggers4 raises a glass
[04:14] etree8: Well, I'll have to go sonn. Before I do, though, I'd REALLY like to get this chat log. Any help? I'm impatient and don't want to wait for it to be on the site.
[04:14] Ayule: Guardian_Of_Death: Um, yeah. I actually TALKED to you, unlike most people.
[04:14] Ratlord: My brother was doing aerokinesis in the front lawn when I found psipog...
[04:14] Guardian_Of_Death: i was looking for tk stuff when i found it
[04:14] Zanarias: the discussion was actually just like the site, but not stolen
[04:14] * Firestorm raises his glass to Sean and Psipog and all the memories
[04:14] Guardian_Of_Death: lol ayule
[04:14] peebrain: and I propose we toast the members and moderators, because if you guys weren't here, this site would have died long ago
[04:14] Firestorm: Ratlord: its macro-pk
[04:14] neveza: Ratlord, farting?
[04:14] * Ayule finds some water and raises it symbolically. :)
[04:14] * etree8 raises a glass, too.
[04:14] Vulcanis: Ayule: Yeah, but did you talk to him in english? grins:
[04:15] somefatguy: * Somefatguy raises his chicken on a stick*
[04:15] WindShifter: I found psipog when I saw a friend experimenting with some of the same stuff, then I decided maybe I'm not the only one. nearly a year later I'm here
[04:15] Vulcanis: Ayule: I wasnt implying anything. It didnt even have to be liquid
[04:15] Ayule: Vulcanis: Oh sha. No need for talking about that now.
[04:15] erosion84: i must have found psipog through the svencoop forums... god knows how i managed that.. lol
[04:15] Zanarias: Peebrain, you didnt know it but i set a fire on the edge of your webpage 2 years ago.
[04:15] Ratlord: I know, Firestorm, my brother called it aerokinesis, i put it in google, found pog, and quickly dropped it for macro-pk
[04:15] JoeT: Glad to have helped contribute to it. I'll miss this greatly.
[04:15] Zanarias: But someone stepped on it :(
[04:15] Firestorm: ah, ok
[04:15] * Psi_Ninja_ has joined #psipog
[04:15] Guardian_Of_Death: RATLORDS HERE!!!!!
[04:15] Ayule: Yeah. And you all were really patient when I didn't know as much English as I do now.
[04:15] * shenlon2 slaps peebrain around a bit with a large trout
[04:15] Ratlord: GOD'S HERE!!!!!!
[04:15] Guardian_Of_Death: wait were you here the whole time?
[04:15] Guardian_Of_Death: lol
[04:15] Ayule: Even though I know that I annoyyed the hell out of a lot of you.
[04:15] Zanarias: CAPS ARE HERE!
[04:15] Ratlord: Yep, all day pretty much
[04:15] Oipo: xD
[04:15] * Melia42 toasts all the new members who joined recetly and killed the communit
[04:15] * Jspapp slaps peebrain around a bit with a large trout
[04:15] Psi_Ninja_: whats the link to the new site?
[04:15] Firestorm: Ratlord: where have you been, i've been here for nearly an hour
[04:15] Guardian_Of_Death: wow i completely missed you
[04:16] Ratlord: At the bottom of the nicklist
[04:16] etree8: ...Anyone who would like to help me get the chat log, please PM me....
[04:16] Oliveman: I'll ask again, Anyone STILL trying to bend their spoon?
[04:16] JoeT: Ninja,
[04:16] NinjaKitsune: I remember Pog 3 years ago. I named a triops after Yumper and there was a wakeathon which was a really dumb idea, and yet the most awesome thing ever.
[04:16] EnKi: well, there was 115 people, it's hard to catch them all
[04:16] Bob_stew: One question: What is the history of your nick, Peebrain?
[04:16] Zanarias: ROFL At olive!!!!
[04:16] Spieta: I think the link to the new site should be put in the chat title/topic, incase anyone missed it.
[04:16] Bobrobyn: Kit - LOL.
[04:16] Duggers4: I agree with spieta
[04:16] peebrain: 42 hours, ftw
[04:16] peebrain: no caffeine
[04:16] Oipo: Omg.
[04:16] Spieta: Lol.
[04:16] NinjaKitsune: and also Dragonball Z was bannable
[04:16] Oipo: Get some sleep :P
[04:16] * Ayule laughs.
[04:16] Bobrobyn: I actually go to the same university as Yumper...however, I still haven't met him yet :-P
[04:17] NinjaKitsune: Peebs: I was close, I was like 36
[04:17] Ayule: I'd actually been wondering that, peebrain, but never got the chance to ask. LOL.
[04:17] Oliveman: I decided to take a break
[04:17] JoeT: Bob, really?
[04:17] Oliveman: The spoon was getting sweaty. T_T
[04:17] Bobrobyn: JoeT - Yes, really.
[04:17] JoeT: Wow, get on that.
[04:17] Bobrobyn: I should.
[04:17] JoeT: Ever see a picture of him?
[04:17] Bobrobyn: Lol.
[04:17] Bobrobyn: Yeah.
[04:17] Bobrobyn: On his MSN.
[04:17] JoeT: Just spot him out.
[04:17] * shenlon2 wounders why peebrain is called beebrain
[04:17] Bobrobyn: He's actually an RA in my residence.
[04:18] Bobrobyn: Which is amusing...LOL.
[04:18] Vulcanis: Well, incase I fall asleep on my laptop, good night Ally, Ayule, peebrain, erik, bob, and those not worth mentioning
[04:18] Vulcanis: I may still be here, but semiafk
[04:18] Bobrobyn: G'night, Vulcanis
[04:18] peebrain: cya Vulcanis
[04:18] * Firestorm pokes Vulc
[04:18] * Vulcanis pokes Fs
[04:18] * DamianM has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[04:18] Zanarias: night
[04:18] Sabre: bye
[04:18] * Zectra has left #psipog
[04:18] Psi_Ninja_: peebrain, since i missed basically missed all of this stuff, whats up with the new site
[04:18] Guardian_Of_Death: Guten nacht
[04:18] Guardian_Of_Death: *gute
[04:18] Psi_Ninja_: whats it supposed to be about
[04:18] neveza: Not good?
[04:18] somefatguy: Everything paranormal.
[04:18] Sabre: it's not just focused on one thing
[04:19] peebrain: Psi Ninja - I'm focusing on everything paranormal, and dropping the obsessive scientific mindset
[04:19] Sabre: it's everything magical, like Disney and Peter Pan.
[04:19] Sabre: =P
[04:19] Melia42: Peebs will be hunting crop circles, anal probes, and boogermen
[04:19] Sabre: j/k
[04:19] Psi_Ninja_: ok
[04:19] Psi_Ninja_: lol
[04:19] somefatguy: So, is there anymore important things to discuss or what?
[04:19] peebrain: Melia - yes that's right :-)
[04:19] Solet: one more thing of importance....
[04:19] * Ayule gasps.
[04:20] Bobrobyn: peebrain - Curious: When did you become interested in stuff that was paranormal besides psionics and OBE's?
[04:20] * Solet raises glass to pog
[04:20] Psi_Ninja_: its still going to have psionics, right?
[04:20] JoeT: Yes, Ninja.
[04:20] * Zanarias raises glass of psi to pog
[04:20] Bladeslinger: Psionics IS paranormal so...
[04:20] Vemorox: see you guys on the new sites
[04:20] * Vemorox has left #psipog
[04:20] peebrain: Bob - about 2 months ago, watching Sci-Fi investigates on TV, and realizing that the show really sucks, when it could really be awesome if they just did it right
[04:20] * Solet drinks
[04:20] * Ayule raises glass of psi to pog as well, and then looks around for a bottle to break.
[04:20] Roy: Oh god, that show is horrible.
[04:20] peebrain: I know
[04:20] peebrain: but they have a good idea
[04:20] Melia42: Honestly, where do aliens fit with the paranormal thing? They're extra-terrestrial, not spooky and mysterious.
[04:20] Roy: It is a good idea.
[04:21] EnKi: I agree with melia
[04:21] Guardian_Of_Death: I MISS ONETA T.T
[04:21] * DeathMinister has joined #psipog
[04:21] Zanarias: same
[04:21] Zanarias: :(
[04:21] DeathMinister: I'm here!
[04:21] FluxPK: me too
[04:21] Zanarias: ..
[04:21] Oneta: Yeah! I miss Oneta too!
[04:21] Bobrobyn: It's an interesting idea. Too bad I'm skeptical of the whole UFO/alien and such, ideas =P
[04:21] EnKi: lol
[04:21] Zanarias: ONETA :O
[04:21] Guardian_Of_Death: woah!!!!!!
[04:21] Zanarias: HI!
[04:21] Zanarias: lol
[04:21] neveza: Melia, you never know, THEY may know the secrets!
[04:21] DeathMinister: Is it over?
[04:21] WindShifter: hey oneta, long time no see :)
[04:21] WingedWolf: Melia--Read The Mothman Prophecies.
[04:21] Psi_Ninja_: well, peebrain, the way you made it sound like was that the new site was just about obe and stuff, so i was worried
[04:21] * Oliveman Listening to: Jefferson Aero Plane
[04:21] Psi_Ninja_: so im not gonna miss psipog as much
[04:21] * somefatguy Purple- *sigh*
[04:21] Guardian_Of_Death: oh an op no wonder i missed your name
[04:21] Guardian_Of_Death: lol
[04:21] Zanarias: Somefatguy
[04:21] somefatguy: Yes?
[04:22] Melia42: Nev, their secrets seem to involve the asses of humanity and the stomachs of cattle. They can't be all that brilliant.
[04:22] Oliveman: Psipog will forever hold a place in my psionic memories ^^
[04:22] Zanarias: Your posts amused me often
[04:22] Zanarias: :p
[04:22] Oneta: Yep yep, I've been busy with life, but then I noticed that life is not as interesting as the cost
[04:22] neveza: Melia42, That's what they want us to thinK!
[04:22] somefatguy: Heh, thanks.
[04:22] Zanarias: Your sarcasm was very good.
[04:22] Oneta: So I'll become a hermit for a few more years
[04:22] Zanarias: as well as your signature.
[04:22] JoeT: Sean, did you get my email of pictures? My AOL has been weird latley.
[04:22] somefatguy: Hmm? I didn't use any...
[04:22] peebrain: yes Joe, I'll check to make sure they sent correctly
[04:22] Guardian_Of_Death: i wanna be here to th last minute of psipog just so i could know i was there
[04:22] JoeT: Thanks bro
[04:22] somefatguy: What sarcasm, I'm curious.
[04:22] Zanarias: Yes you did SFG
[04:22] etree8: Did you get my picture to, Peebrain?
[04:22] peebrain: yep, I got the links, thanks man
[04:22] Zanarias: hm
[04:22] somefatguy: Elaborate.
[04:23] Zanarias: must find some
[04:23] Zanarias: one sec.
[04:23] somefatguy: Okay
[04:23] peebrain: etree - yes, thank you
[04:23] etree8: thanks
[04:23] Zanarias: Maybe not sarcasm
[04:23] Zanarias: i havent read your posts
[04:23] Zanarias: in over
[04:23] Zanarias: ..5 months?
[04:23] somefatguy: Aha!
[04:23] somefatguy: I don't even know you...
[04:23] Zanarias: but it was irony or something
[04:23] JoeT: :-)
[04:23] Zanarias: I know you dont
[04:23] somefatguy: (no offense)
[04:23] Zanarias: But i know you
[04:23] Zanarias: bwahaha
[04:23] Oneta: Well the tattoo on my wrist and I kinda can't help but remember where I've spent the last 6 years of my life. :)
[04:23] somefatguy: Who are you then!?
[04:23] Dilando: I got to go, bye guys, it was a real pleasure to meet all of you
[04:23] deny_tk: Good night & Farewell :)
[04:23] * EnKi is now known as EnKi-brb
[04:23] Zanarias: Im Zanarias.
[04:23] Oipo: Later.
[04:23] somefatguy: ...
[04:23] Zanarias: I never posted on the forums
[04:23] somefatguy: I see.
[04:23] * Ayule can't even remember her forum logon.
[04:23] Zanarias: but i was an avid readr
[04:24] Zanarias: :p
[04:24] * deny_tk has quit IRC (Exit: )
[04:24] * Dilando has left #psipog
[04:24] Zanarias: Reader*
[04:24] somefatguy: That explains it then.
[04:24] Ayule: I couldn't remember getting in to the chat either.
[04:24] Zanarias: Yep
[04:24] somefatguy: Nice meeting you.
[04:24] erosion84: lurker? same
[04:24] Ayule: Roy had to invite me in the last six or seven times I came in.
[04:24] etree8: Well, it's time for me to go now :(
[04:24] * Ayule misses the days where she was actually active.
[04:24] Zanarias: The forums are still online ROFL
[04:24] Duggers4: I have to go for now, I might be back later =P
[04:24] * Ayule waves at etree8
[04:24] Zanarias:
[04:24] * Duggers4 has quit IRC (Exit: )
[04:24] etree8: It's been real fun. See you all on Peebrain's new site!
[04:24] DeathMinister: Which is?
[04:25] * etree8 waves goodbye after hugging everyone. Except Roy.
[04:25] Oipo:
[04:25] Guardian_Of_Death: i joined W00T W00T
[04:25] Bob_stew: Wow!
[04:25] Vulcanis: Oneta, what is the tat of?
[04:25] Guardian_Of_Death: im a member yessssssss
[04:25] etree8: just kidding :P
[04:25] Oneta: Join the revolution!!!
[04:25] Melia42: I suppose I should delete the old pog chat client, since there's no use for it in any way anymore.
[04:25] * etree8 has quit IRC (Exit: )
[04:25] Bob_stew: I just logged on the psiscape boards: You last visited on Tue Nov 28, 2006 6:24 am
[04:25] Bob_stew: The time now is Sat Jan 27, 2007 6:24 am
[04:25] Bob_stew: :P
[04:25] Spieta: The revolution of Vanilla wafers!
[04:25] Ayule: Melia42: I still have that client on my windows box too.
[04:25] Oneta: Vanilla Wafers are the shiznit!
[04:25] Ayule: I think I got it about ten days after it showed up on the site.
[04:25] neveza: Vanilla Wafers?
[04:25] Guardian_Of_Death: i still have the client too lol
[04:25] peebrain: sweet tat
[04:25] Firestorm: just to let you guys know, there are going to be a lot of lost and confused newbies floating around the internet. I urge you all to support them and help them find a new home amongst the community; some have said that without psipog they would stop practicing psionics, and that would be a sad waste of talent
[04:25] Oipo: Har...but I'm not going to set a tattoo :P
[04:26] neveza: And Kiss?
[04:26] Ayule: And then I lurked around in the chat for half a year.
[04:26] neveza: Hurshy's Kiss*
[04:26] Zanarias: AHA! somefatguy i found the word for it
[04:26] Zanarias: Dry humor!
[04:26] somefatguy: Bring it then.
[04:26] Zanarias: Roy wrote:
[04:26] Zanarias: People who quote themselves are really very stupid.
[04:26] Zanarias: What about people who quote you?
[04:26] Guardian_Of_Death: 9th to join peebs site w00t w00t
[04:26] Melia42: ONETAR!! How's your hat holding up?
[04:26] somefatguy: ...
[04:26] * Ayule laughs. :)
[04:26] Oliveman: I'm 5th!
[04:26] Oliveman: HA!
[04:26] Oipo: I was 7th :P
[04:26] Zanarias: ok maybe not dry humor.
[04:26] somefatguy: That's dry?
[04:26] Zanarias: you know what
[04:26] Oneta: Ummm, I haven't seen that hat in a month, it got lost in my closet
[04:26] somefatguy: I don't.
[04:26] Oipo: Onetar...sounds so pokémon like =\
[04:26] Zanarias: I dont know what the hell it is
[04:26] Guardian_Of_Death: who wants to make the top ten better hurry one spot left
[04:26] Zanarias: its funny damnit
[04:26] Zanarias: and THATS the point
[04:27] somefatguy: Roy and I are buddies, we are expressing our friendship. :)
[04:27] Melia42: Ah, your hat couldn't stand your emo-ness.
[04:27] Zanarias: yes i know
[04:27] Oliveman: Poor hat.
[04:27] Zanarias: its still funny.
[04:27] Oliveman: Got bombarded with too much angst
[04:27] neveza: I must go! I need the sleep!
[04:27] neveza: SLEEP!
[04:27] Oneta: Well I was recently fighting crime in Disney World while wearing the hat
[04:27] Firestorm: And as a reminder to everyone, the doors are always open at the Psion Guild, and we're prepared to handle an influx of new people. We can be found at , or on IRC at #psion_guild on
[04:27] neveza: Bye guys.
[04:27] Oipo: So do I :(
[04:27] Oipo: @ 5 AM in the morning
[04:27] Ayule: Later, ahole nev.
[04:27] Oneta: Me and the White ranger living it up
[04:27] Oipo: Sleep tight.
[04:27] neveza: Guild sucks!
[04:27] * neveza has quit IRC (Exit: Ooooh a fag am I? *pounds your ass* that "fag" enough for you? - Ratlord)
[04:27] Zanarias: LOL! NICE.
[04:28] Oipo: xD
[04:28] Oneta:
[04:28] AFX: LMAP
[04:28] AFX: LMAO
[04:28] Oneta: There is your hat's last appearance melia
[04:28] Roy: Dude, why are you dressed like a grifter ?
[04:28] Oneta: Since then, I am not sure where it is
[04:28] Melia42: Oneta: I was interested in whether the thing could hold up. I never trust the durability of my crap.
[04:28] * somefatguy Purple! Okay, last time, are we just having brief conversations right now, or is there going to be something important coming up. Because I should really go now.
[04:28] WingedWolf: I love folks who are brave enough to throw an insult before they flee. :)
[04:28] somefatguy: *?
[04:28] Oipo: Lol @ picture
[04:28] Zanarias: Somefatguy
[04:28] somefatguy: I'm not insulting anyone.
[04:28] Guardian_Of_Death: wow that is the saddest pic ever
[04:28] AFX: Awesome party
[04:28] Ayule: WingedWolf: Agreed. But they'e always findable.
[04:28] Zanarias: I think
[04:28] AFX: I'm going out for a bit
[04:28] Zanarias: before you go
[04:29] * Ayule is sad that she missed most of the party.
[04:29] AFX: Take care everyone
[04:29] Zanarias: you should tell me something awesom
[04:29] Zanarias: e
[04:29] Oipo: Later.
[04:29] Zanarias: about something
[04:29] AFX: And goodluck in life.
[04:29] Zanarias: bye AFX
[04:29] * Sime has joined #psipog
[04:29] Zanarias: You too
[04:29] Oliveman: Bye bye
[04:29] * AFX is now known as AFX_Away
[04:29] somefatguy: Am I really that misunderstood?
[04:29] * WingedWolf eyes Sime.
[04:29] Oliveman: Maybe
[04:29] Sime: don't look at me like that
[04:29] * EnKi-brb is now known as EnKi
[04:29] * WingedWolf wonders what the origin of Sime's name is. :D
[04:29] Oipo: wb
[04:29] Ayule: WingedWolf: Who is Sime?
[04:29] Melia42: Oneta, that chick in the black shirt... she has my youngest sister's face..
[04:29] Sime: Simeon Sheef the writer
[04:29] * JoeRoger has quit IRC (Exit: )
[04:29] shenlon2: ahhhhhh...Its 04:40am
[04:30] somefatguy: Okay then, I think I should go now.
[04:30] WingedWolf: Sime--Ah, ok. NM then. :)
[04:30] Oliveman: Yeah, it's getting late here too.
[04:30] Zanarias: B
[04:30] Ally: Gotta go
[04:30] Oneta: Ahh scary...she was the one stalking me recently...the one in the black shirt
[04:30] * Oliveman sighs
[04:30] EnKi: thanks
[04:30] Zanarias: B
[04:30] Zanarias: Y
[04:30] Zanarias: E
[04:30] Zanarias: Oneta
[04:30] DeathMinister: N
[04:30] * Oneta waves
[04:30] DeathMinister: I
[04:30] somefatguy: Bye guys, I had a nice time. I hope to see you around the net.
[04:30] Zanarias: will you be on the new site as well?
[04:30] Ayule: later Ally.
[04:30] * Ally hugs everyone
[04:30] * Ayule huggles.
[04:30] Zanarias: bye :(
[04:30] * Oipo hugs back
[04:30] shenlon2: c ya
[04:30] Bladeslinger: Cya
[04:30] * Zanarias hugs all around
[04:30] Ayule: Can I call you tomorrow, Ally?
[04:30] Ally: I'll miss you guys. Catch me on AIM - Omfg it Ally185
[04:30] Sime: Is everyone leaving?
[04:30] Ally: Sure, Ayule
[04:30] Zanarias: Oneta
[04:30] * Ally has quit IRC (Exit: )
[04:30] somefatguy: Okay, bye guys.
[04:30] * Bob_stew has left #psipog
[04:30] Zanarias: Will you be on the next site or not
[04:30] * somefatguy has quit IRC (Exit: )
[04:30] Oneta: Yeah
[04:31] Zanarias: cool.
[04:31] Psi_Ninja_: im not leaving until peebs kicks me out at 3AM
[04:31] Guardian_Of_Death: same
[04:31] Ayule: Well, it's again time for me to go afk ...
[04:31] Oipo: Har har.
[04:31] Oneta: I am peebs' little tag along for life, whether he likes it or not!
[04:31] Ayule: I have to take a bath, and immerse myself in water.
[04:31] Guardian_Of_Death: im gonna be here till the last millisecond
[04:31] peebrain: nooooo
[04:31] Sime: could anyone sum up what I missed
[04:31] peebrain: ;-)
[04:31] Guardian_Of_Death: everything
[04:32] * Oneta dawns the "Peebs 4 lfe" shirt!
[04:32] Oipo: xD
[04:32] Ayule: peebrain: It takes more than trying to ban me because I was too young to get rid of me.
[04:32] * Psi_Ninja_ bows to peebs
[04:32] * Vulcanis dons the "peebs4lyfe" shirt
[04:32] Vulcanis: fixed it.
[04:32] Melia42: pog could have used a cafepress...
[04:32] Spieta: Totally.
[04:32] * Ayule distinctly remembers peebrain discussing banning her for being 11 in the chat room, and somehow avoiding it.
[04:32] Solet: pog should do cafepress to help fund hosting
[04:32] peebrain: perhaps alittleweird will have one, since the name is actually readable and useable ;-P
[04:32] Psi_Ninja_: for being 11?
[04:32] * Zanarias grabs the bazooKA of uber
[04:32] Zanarias: its been a blast guys
[04:33] Sime: Everyone seems to be so young
[04:33] * Zanarias shoots self.
[04:33] Ayule: Psi_Ninja_: I was "too young" for the chat.
[04:33] * Zanarias cannot leave.
[04:33] Psi_Ninja_: heh
[04:33] Oliveman: I'm just right for the chat
[04:33] Vulcanis: [23:33] Zanarias: its been a blast guys -- PSIBLAST!!! ?
[04:33] Zanarias: Damn addiction. Ok welll
[04:33] Ayule: Technically. Though COPPA wasn't around until I was 12.
[04:33] Psi_Ninja_: nobody can tell that im too young
[04:33] Zanarias: Lol Vulcanis
[04:33] Melia42: You'll need a catchy logo then, Peebs.
[04:33] Oliveman: Age is relative anyway.
[04:33] Zanarias: YES IT HAS
[04:33] Guardian_Of_Death: wow Zanarias you actually said that
[04:33] WingedWolf: Olive--age is relative to when you were born. G:
[04:33] Guardian_Of_Death: hahahahahahaha
[04:33] Solet: Psi_Ninja_: everyone can tell that you're too young
[04:33] Vulcanis: [23:33] Ayule: Psi_Ninja_: I was "too young" for the chat. -- I just lied and said I was 13
[04:33] * Hodovsky has left #psipog
[04:33] Ayule: Oh - and peebrain - one question. My english is better than it was when I first came in, right?
[04:33] Solet: Wolf: rofl smart ass
[04:33] Guardian_Of_Death: !!!!!!!1
[04:34] Oliveman: Ah well.
[04:34] Guardian_Of_Death: LAWL
[04:34] Ayule: Vulcanis: My english sucked too much for me to lie about it.
[04:34] Endrecoterius: gnight everyone.
[04:34] Zanarias: OWnanated.
[04:34] Oliveman: You think Peeb's left?
[04:34] * Endrecoterius has quit IRC (Exit: )
[04:34] Oipo: Peeb got killed
[04:34] Oipo: :-O
[04:34] Oliveman: Damn
[04:34] Oliveman: There goes the new site XD
[04:34] Psi_Ninja_: yay! now he cant close the forum or the chat
[04:34] Vulcanis: Ayule: Your language is better than most of the people in any non-psionic chatroom =P
[04:34] Zanarias: Darn
[04:34] peebrain: Ayule - you sound like english is your primary language :-)
[04:34] Guardian_Of_Death: what if he sent us al a virus at 3:00 am lawl
[04:34] Zanarias: Nice
[04:34] * WingedWolf eyes Merticus and pokes for signs of life.
[04:34] Ayule: peebrain: Yeah, it is now. When I came in here I spoke sort of half-cherokee.
[04:34] Oipo: I wouldn't be affected G O D ^_^
[04:34] FluxPK: i know php so i cna host the site and keep it updated
[04:34] WingedWolf: Take that guy's survey, guys. I wanna see the results.
[04:34] peebrain: oookey, time to shut down the forums
[04:34] Psi_Ninja_: peebs:its not?
[04:34] Zanarias: Peebrain, this is like the third time ive said this
[04:34] Psi_Ninja_: lol
[04:34] FluxPK: just incase he dies
[04:35] Zanarias: Goodluck!
[04:35] peebrain: right after I post this log
[04:35] Zanarias: lol
[04:35] Sabre:
[04:35] Oipo: Pssht, PHP is easy.
[04:35] WingedWolf: PB--are you going to archive the forums?
[04:35] Guardian_Of_Death: Peebs at 3:00 am " oh btw guys, psi is all fake muahahahahaha" that would be funny as hell
[04:35] FluxPK: html is easy PERL is hard
[04:35] * shenlon2 asks if all this will be loges as well?
[04:35] JoeT: I think I got the last post ;-) It was my "Goodbye" post.
[04:36] Ayule: *wonders if she is still logged in to forum*
[04:36] Ayule: *hopes*
[04:36] Zanarias: MUST LOG IN QUIC
[04:36] Oipo: Lmao Sabre, nice link :P
[04:36] Sabre: =P
[04:36] DeathMinister: So was any crucial information released that I missed? I was expecting some sort of dramatic episode change where you found out that Roy was actually peebrain and that he planed to take over the world, but was stoped by Oneta his one true lover.
[04:36] Ayule: JoeT: I responded, HAH.
[04:36] Guardian_Of_Death: im logged in
[04:37] Guardian_Of_Death: lol DeathMinister
[04:37] Zanarias: Goal!
[04:37] DeathMinister: Then they all go back to earth and fight Freeza
[04:37] DeathMinister: You know...something around those lines
[04:37] Bloodbath: are they still on namek?
[04:37] Guardian_Of_Death: ok you FAILED right there
[04:37] Melia42: Death: Roy isn't actually a Jew or a Satanist. He's a 7th Day Adventist.
[04:37] JoeT: To but it better: I was the last _Good_ person to have posted, so far.
[04:37] JoeT: :-P
[04:37] Zanarias: Last GOODBYE POST! eat t woot!
[04:38] Ayule: Joe ...
[04:38] * JoeT jokes of course
[04:38] Oipo: Lol :P
[04:38] Ayule: You'd better be, lol. :D
[04:38] Zanarias: Nah
[04:38] JoeT: :-)
[04:38] Guardian_Of_Death: it was cool up until you said freeza then it just died
[04:38] Zanarias: i posted just now
[04:38] Zanarias: :)
[04:38] Jspapp: I posted just now
[04:38] Jspapp: Ha!
[04:38] Zanarias: NO!
[04:38] * SirPaxil has joined #psipog
[04:38] FluxPK: NOte
[04:38] Zanarias: You.bitch.
[04:38] Zanarias: :(
[04:38] Oneta: Well umm
[04:39] * Disconnected
Session Close: Sat Jan 27 08:44:25 2007


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